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Optional 802.11 Wireless

Call Processing: Unified Communications Manager Business Edition


Provides scalability to 500 IP Phones
Combines 3 application
Cisco communications manager
Cisco Unity Connection
Cisco Unified Mobility
Great but no redundancy!

Call Processing: Unified Communications Manager

Scales to 60,000 IP phones per cluster
Failover on to other servers for redundancy
Multi-Site Support

Video 4 - Unified Solutions Overview:
Cisco Voicemail Options : Unity

Runs on a windows platform, fully integrates into MS exchange and lotus domino
Painful to set up
Still has unique features but fading quickly
Currently 15,000 users per server

Cisco Voicemail Options: Unity Connections

Linux based appliance
Previously “Imap-Only” integration now integrates with MS exchange
20,000 users per server
Unlimited number of telephony integrations

Cisco Voicemail Options: Cisco Unity Express

Voicemail options integrated w/ cisco CME
AIM and NM form Factors
Up to 250 Users
Basic interactive voice response
Auto Attendant, email (exchange) integrations.

Understanding Cisco Presence

Provides status information
Integrates into nearly every IT faces (CUCM, IP phones, Unity, LDAP Server, etc)
Uses industry stander SIP to collect data
Integration with personal communications
Enterprise IM

Video 5 – Historic Voice:
Loop-start – When a signal received to a phone when the handset it picked up
Glare – calls get bridged by accident
Ground start- grounds ring line to signal that it needs a dial-tone
Analog Signaling: Supervisory Signal
On-hook – disconnects circuit
Off-hook – connects circuit
Ringing – Uses A/C rather than DC to not require a return line to trigger ringing
Analog Signaling: Information Signal

Dial Tone
Ring back