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Author: Jozanne Bolduc

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Powerful Law of Attraction Tips
5 Powerful Law of Attraction Articles
Compiled by: Guylaine Dion

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Article #1
Magnetism - Universal Law of Attraction By Jonathon E Smith
Everything we see in the outer world is crystallized thought, mental energy frozen into matter.
Science believes that what looks like matter is a solid, vibrating mass of atoms that are in
constant motion. The Law of Attraction or magnetism is the energy, or life-force that exist
between all atoms and gives them their cohesive unity, just as the planets spinning in the vast
An idea for a mansion, skyscraper, or an automobile is just as real, and solid on its own plane
as that of your arm. Einstein proved that mental energy and matter are convertible. He proved
that imagination is solid, real and has its own dimension which can be externalized into
material substance and expressed on the screen of space. Your mind is in reality a
tremendous atom splitting cyclotron, and has tremendous electrical power that can picture the
vibratory form of anything you desire. When we see a Lamborghini, you are actually seeing
the expression of an idea that was born in Ferruccio Lamborghini's imagination. The
financing, the labor, the means to build it all came naturally in the wake of this one idea.
Science says magnetism and electricity are an indivisible unit. Take an example in physics, a
piece of iron is wrapped with copper wire and electric current is passed through it. The bar of
iron becomes a magnet and can attract itself to any metal having the same molecular
structure or vibration as itself. This is the principle of the magnet.
Imagine your brain as the magnetic ball that picks up pieces of steel in a scrapyard. Electric
current passes through the wiring and the iron ball becomes magnetized. Your mind, may be
likened to this magnet. When you instill concepts of harmony, peace, right action, fame,
fortune or anything else you desire in your habitual thinking. Your mind is literally magnetized
by these thoughts.
Electric current flows from the brain to all parts of the body instantaneously through the
involuntary nerves, and the blood is mainly saline solution which is the greatest conductor of
electricity. The nature of your thought or belief sets the invisible atomic forces into motion and
radiate through your subconscious mind and body.
Once your conscious mind accepts the thought completely. It goes out as a vibrational
frequency like a wireless message out into the universe and throughout all phases of your life.
Through the sympathetic nervous system, this atomic frequency echos off the higher mind of
the universe in reaction to the nature of your thought like a boomerang, and impelling you in
the direction of the picture within your mind while attracting all the components you need in
the form of experience, circumstance, and event.
If you were on a deserted island and you prayed for guidance, freedom, or help. This mighty
force will supply and guide you. Get ready for that vacation. Spend the money, and get the
new furniture set. Keep creating sincere desires and impress the reality of them on your
subconscious mind, it will lead your mind to be resourceful and find the means for these
things. The inevitable law of harvest will take over and reproduce what you repeatedly tell it to
produce in the objective realm as harmony, peace, and order. As within, so without.
Harness the tremendous power of splitting atoms from within your imagination like Einstein
did to guide him in his scientific discovery's. Einstein fell in love with the universe and it
revealed its secrets to him. God is in every cell and atom throughout the entire creation. Your
subconscious will release the energy to bring your sincere desires into concrete realization
out in the objective world in ways that far transcends our intellect. If you can tenaciously hold

onto to the reality of it in your subconscious, you will receive it!
YOU ARE GREATER THAN YOU THINK. Attract a unique and different destiny from anyone
else in the world through the amazing power of disciplined imagination! Check out this cool
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jonathon_E_Smith
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9105848

Article # 2
Law of Attraction - Become a Living Magnet and Attract the Things You REALLY Want
Into Your Life
By Hartmut Eggert
Everyone knows that professional development is essential to succeeding in a career, but
have you ever stopped to think about PERSONAL development? Chances are you have gone
through extensive job training whether it was by attending a university, a trade school or have
been trained "on the job". Without it, you wouldn't be the skillful employee who you are today.
This is called, the "transactional" learning. The "how" we are performing our work.
What is not taught in schools are the transformational aspects. Especially, when it comes to
Why is it that some people seemingly have the Midas touch? Everything they set their mind
to, comes seemingly effortless. On the other hand you probably know someone who works
very hard, yet doesn't seem to move ahead at all? Virtually spinning their wheels, without
getting ahead?
Maybe you are feeling the same way... ?
This article provides a number of tips for personal development and will aid you in developing
yourself to the best of your ability.
The answer is: The Law of Attraction
To achieve successful personal development you need to do more than just set goals. You
should visualize them, too. You need to focus on what you want, rather than focusing on the
things that you want to avoid.
What do you want? Why do you want it? How will it feel when you achieve them? What will
the experience be like? This visualization process will motivate you by making your goals
seem more tangible. It is also a process you can repeat as often as needed to restore your
Analyze everything you do. If you're practicing a core set of beliefs, identify when you practice
them, how you stuck to your convictions and what this action means for both future actions
and your core beliefs. This enables you to keep a clear head on your journey to personal
Surround yourself with happy, positive people, who are supportive. Don't let yourself get
pulled down by your friends and family. Don't let yourself get discouraged to "try" something
new. Although the people around you mean well, their suggestions come from their own fear,
limitations and beliefs. By surrounding yourself with like-minded people instead, you will have
the support and encouragement you need to keep moving you towards your goal.
The Secret (Law of Attraction): It's only a secret to the "struggling" ones.
Listen and learn from the people who have achieved success, who have achieved personal
breakthroughs. For those, the law of attractions is as obvious as it gets:
You become and attract into your life who you are and what you think about.
When your thoughts and decisions are driven by anger, fear and worry, that's exactly who and
what you will attract.

Choose to base your decisions and action on opportunity, abundance and appreciation and
that is what you will attract into your life.
There is a formula for success, just like there is one for failure. Which formula will you live by?
Daily steps:
To help yourself realize your dreams and ambitions, take the first few moments of every
morning to meditate or journal. Get in brief touch with your first feelings of the day to figure
out what you have to do but also what you hope to do each day. The lists are often different,
but the secret to true success is touching on both.
As you can see, personal development is extremely important not only in today's job market,
but also in society in general. People with good personal skills who are well-rounded
individuals tend to be more successful.
Keep in mind, I do not define success for you. I will leave that up to you.
What is success to you?
Is it living a happy and healthy life, free of worry and stress?
Is it helping people around you?
Is it pursuing a financially rewarding career or business?
The answer is different for each and everyone.
If you'd like to know more on this subject, watch this webinar/video
Hartmut Eggert has extensive experience as an Entrepreneur and coach.
He has trained and coached people in his line of business for many years and saw a need
that goes above and beyond his industry.
The "what" is easy. It's the "why" that is either moving us towards a goal, or holding us
hostage in a life we don't deserve. Many people have lost hope. Hope for themselves, their
families, and are struggling financially and emotionally.
Be grateful for who you are and what you have today. Strive to improve and be a better
person tomorrow. For yourself, your family and your friends.
Where you will be tomorrow and in the future is determined by your thoughts and actions
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Hartmut_Eggert
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9121485

Article # 3
How to Achieve Goals: Law of Attraction 4-Step Formula
By Nancy Harnell
Everyone wants to know how to achieve goals, although many of us our sabotaged by our
own limiting beliefs. This post will help you get your focus and keep it, simply by following
these four steps based on the Law of Attraction, as outlined by one of Bob Proctor's seminars.
How to Achieve Goals Step 1 - Make sure you have a CLEAR goal.
It's critical that you're clear of where you're going. Write it down. Get your pen in hand, and
write down one or more (could be several) goals you would like to achieve by the end of the
year. Can't think of anything? That's your first problem!
Many of us don't have a clue what we want because we won't allow ourselves to dream.
We're held back by thoughts given to us at an early age, and those thoughts are "stuck" in our
subconscious minds.
"Money doesn't grow on trees you know"... we hear it, we remember it, we believe it. And,
although money doesn't grow on trees, it is abundant and ready to come your way just as
soon as you let go of your limiting beliefs.
Be sure to make your goal specific... the more specific, the better. If you say, "I'd like more
money", what is that? Would an extra dollar bill make you feel warm and fuzzy? You're worth
more... state out EXACTLY what you want and when you want it.
How to Achieve Goals Step 2 - Put you focus on others.
Give freely - not to get, but to become a better person. Focusing on yourself will limit your
Once you have your goal written out - read it daily and then let it go. Instead of "trying so
hard" by working to achieve your goals, put your focus on others.
"The way to achieve your goals is to help other people get what they want first"... Zig Zigler
When you put your focus on others, something very interesting happens: You not only get
what you want, but more than you thought was even possible! This is also the key to
happiness, with the assumption that attaining extreme wealth is a goal for you. People who
have achieved financial success but have no deep personal relationships tend to become
dissatisfied fast with their lives.
But if you have built relationships with those around you as you help the people you care
about get what they want, your life becomes very gratifying.
How to Achieve Goals Step 3 - Gratitude
And that leads us to step 3 - gratitude. Next to love, gratitude is the highest level of vibration
on the "Secret" scale (based on Rhonda Byrne's book, "The Secret").
If you're not familiar with "The Secret", our emotions emit vibrations, and higher vibrations are
likely to bring us more of what we want, based on quantum physics.
The reason why gratitude brings such high vibrations is that it's impossible to feel true
gratitude for anything without bringing about a feeling a joy. That pure feeling of joy is exactly
what you're looking for!
It's important here to point out that you can't just force yourself to feel gratitude for the
purpose of getting what you want. It's really all about putting the focus on others. Remember
what Zig Zigler said? "Help others get what THEY want FIRST"... and that's the conundrum.
Most people will want to satisfy their own needs and wants first. But when you can put your

own needs aside and really put your focus on others, that's when the magic happens.
How to Achieve Goals Step 4 - Unwavering faith
Most of us lead our lives as we plow through worry, doubt and fear.
This is probably the most important step towards achieving your goals. Remember the
"Secret scale" and the vibration effect that gratitude has? Worry is at the other end! Worry is a
type of fear. If you're worried about anything, you're being fearful about a possible outcome.
And, fear is at the BOTTOM of the scale - even below hate!
If you're worried about paying bills, setup a repayment plan and don't focus on it.
If you're worried about keeping your job or finding a new one, try focusing on what to do to
help possible employers in your area. I once knew a man who found his dream job by
volunteering his time with the owner of a small business. This not only gave him the job, but
ultimately gave him the highest rank in that position... and, years later, handed the business to
Your doorway to miracles is here for the taking. Change in all of us is inevitable, so we must
welcome change in the most positive form imaginable! As you continue to listen to audio
recordings that heal your life, your mindset will begin to change, and you'll begin to see how
to achieve goals effortlessly, through the law of attraction.
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Nancy_Harnell
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9112115

Article #4
The Law Of Attraction - How You Can Apply It In Your Life
by Ewen Chia
Are you familiar with the law of attraction? It talks about how your current thoughts can
determine the outcomes of daily situations. You see, our thoughts and situations are made up
of energy, and this energy attracts like energy. That is just how the Universe works. Hence, if
you are an optimistic person, you tend to experience positive happenings, whereas if you are
a pessimist, you may tend to experience bad happenings. I will be talking about this in greater
detail in this article, so do stick around for what I am about to share with you. I believe it can
change your life, and not just your perspectives in life.
Always Stay Positive
For a start, you should always stay positive. Make it a habit to think positive thoughts, even
when you do not feel like. By doing so, the energy within you becomes positive, and you are
telling the Universe, €I have all this positive energy in me, so bring me more positive energy!
€ The Universe will respond, and you will experience good happenings, and you will become
happy. What if you are in a situation where it is difficult for you to be happy? Or what if
something bad happens to you instead? Don't stop staying positive! Your positive energy is
on the way. Plus, by you staying negative, you are merely going to attract more negative
energy into your life. You might as well turn things around and choose to stay positive in the
midst of a difficult situation. The law of attraction will kick in whether you have positive or
negative energy.
Help Others Because You Know You're Blessed
The law of attraction is not really like karma, but I do encourage you to help others. You are
not helping others so that you get good in return. You are helping others because you know
that you have all this positive energy in you, and you want to share it with others. It really is
like sharing the joy with other people, especially if they really need it. You could end up
brightening someone's day and even changing his or her perspectives in life. Besides, being
selfish is a form of negative energy. You do not just want to keep all that positive energy for
yourself. We live in a world full of negativity. In order for it to change, people who have an
abundance of positive energy need to share it with those who don't have it.
By now I hope you have a better understanding of how the law of attraction works and how
you can apply it in your life. So stay positive, and be sure to help others.
About the Author
To learn more about the law of attraction, visit SelfEnrichment.com today! It is packed with top
quality information about the law of attraction, personal development, self-help resources, and
much more!

Article #5
The Law of Attraction and Why It Doesn't Deliver

by Urbain Beck

It sounds so straightforward: Ask, expect, and receive.
For some, the Law of Attraction appears to work magically. Others repeatedly try and
receive no success. Without positive results, they wonder if 'the Law of Attraction' is a load
of bull.
There are reasons why no matter how many times a person asks for something, the Law of
Attraction fails to deliver.
Results May Not Be As Instantaneous as Expected
One explanation why the Law of Attraction may not work is that you might be wanting your
wish list to manifest immediately. You have to realize that the Law of Attraction involves
sending out positive energy around a subject. You must trust that the universe will send it
back to you in due time.
What you're seeking is generally something good and that is in some cases desperately
needed, like money that may save the day. You may find that you are impatiently drumming
your fingers and asking exactly when it is going to appear. If you do, it may mean that you
do not have faith that anything is coming. You are just going through the motions and not
willing to commit to a positive thinking routine.
Stifling the Universe's Creative Power
You might also be expecting the answer to your demands to come in one method, and one
way alone. As an example, you might ask for a financial windfall. Hoping to win, you drive to
the Rez and spend your last dime on the casino's progressive jackpot slot machines
because in your mind, the casino is the only source of fast cash in the universe. This may be
your conception of the Law of Attraction. However, if you are alert to your thoughts or to
messages that make their way to you, you may discover another means of fulfillment of your
request. An idea might come to you that would create the money you desire. Following up
on the inspired idea might involve some effort, but the end result would be the same... the
cash you need. If your energy is positive, you will look upon this circumstance with gratitude
and joy. By the Law of Attraction, acting on an inspired idea can only enhance the good in
your life.
Getting Frustrated and Quitting
Another mistake people make in practicing the Law of Attraction is placing too much
emphasis on current reality as they see it. When they see things that seem to prove that the
Law of Attraction is not working, they quit believing. They get frustrated and their thoughts
turn negative. This negativity will bring more of the same.
The fact of the matter is that if people genuinely understand the Law of Attraction and the
science behind it, what appears to be going on in current 'reality' will have little influence on
them. This is because they will have total faith and trust that the Law of Attraction has been
working all along. For instance, today's reality is only the manifestation of yesterday's
thoughts and the future will be different.
People who experience success with the Law of Attraction know that their new positive,

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