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Chapter 1
Chance Encounter

Conformity, A life I have chosen to accept , Until this very day I've been living my life
with fanatical desires of Anti-Conformity, to be different and to stand out. Reality hits
me that no matter how hard I try not to conform, I always end up in the same old
boring bus, going to the same old boring school.

"I need some change in my life", A mantra I tell myself everyday, but seems not to
serve me well. I look around and all I see is the same things, same people , Its
sickening to the very stomach, The putrid stench of Conformity.

Day 2 : I wake up and its the same old boring Life I have to endure, But today I get a
very peculiar feeling that something might change "Ahh just another build up of
absolutely nothing". Bus stop Number 6, The last bus stop till we head off to the
Wretched school. I look out the window as I always do and......"Who's this?"' With hair
as silky and shiny, with the Skin that of a Goddess and Eyes of an Owl, Piercing my
soul, Eyes that should be closed at all times, Eyes that don't deserve to be seen by
other Eyes and don't deserve to see the Disgusting, never ending wrongs of this world.

Hazel Brown, my favourite ,Never in my life have my Eyes seen such beauty, I feel as
if my Eyes should be burned for not being worthy to see such delicacy. Beauty, this
word doesn't even begin to explain her. She is that of a heavenly procreation, is she
even human? Why have I not noticed such elegance, comeliness and fairness before, I
feel I should be punished for not giving attention to such a wondrous inception.

This is bad, never I'm my life has my heart being placed in the hands of a stranger,
But she , She is an exception, A celestial exception. Chance Encounter? not really , this
more of a one-sided, unrequited thought of love, at that very moment I saw her,
Eradicated fascinations and sensual Infatuations fill my mind like a clogged drain, my
mantra changed from "I need some change in my life" to "I need her in my life". My
Addiction to her got to an extent whereby I could not endure a whole day without
seeing her, I knew I had to keep my infatuations about her secret because of my
slightly Judgmental friends.
Days pass,weeks "Whats her name?", I for one am not very fond of the opposite sex so
me asking her for her name is definitely out of the list, "Hmmmmmmm?" I'll just have
to use her personal attributes to identify her, Well she has a really awesome Marvel
Comic Book bag, so "Comic Book Bag Chick" No "Comic Book Girl?" no , Suddenly I get
a revaluation, it hits me , the perfect name for my newly found "Angel". "Comic Book
Chick" I found it, the one name that will be used to identify her Angelic being, Her
empyrean scent and her beauty of seraphic decent.