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How To Big Money With Roulette in 60 Mins 2015 Version .pdf

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Author: Lou

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© Fox Publications 2015

Roulette Slayer
How to Turn £25 into an Income of £2,000 an Hour!

COPYRIGHT © 2015 Fox Publications Inc.

All rights reserved. Except for brief passages used in legitimate reviews, no parts of this book
may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without
the written permission of the publisher.
Address all inquiries to the publisher:
Fox Publications Inc.
390 Baker St.
Flat 335
United Kingdom

The material contained in this book is intended to inform and educate the reader and in no way
represents an inducement to gamble legally or illegally. This publication is designed to provide
an independent viewpoint and analysis of the subject matter.
The publisher and the author disclaim all legal responsibility for any personal loss or liability
caused by the use of any of the information contained herein. Questions about this publication
may be addressed to: orders@foxpublications.com Published in the United Kingdom.

© Fox Publications 2015

This book explains roulette tips and some simple secrets so you know how to win
at Roulette, no matter if it is online or at real casinos. I’ve been playing roulette
for over 21 years, and training winners for almost 7 years. I originally started my
career in standard, real world casino tables, before moving to online casinos
when I realized their potential.
Whilst online and offline games are essentially the same game, there are some
important differences that the savvy player can leverage to create profits, very
quickly, and very easily. Known as a game of chance, Roulette is better
understood as a game of probabilities. Looked at in this way, we can begin to see
some interesting opportunities for bringing home the bacon!
First let’s take a look at some key points of online Roulette.

© Fox Publications 2015

Whilst this book will teach you how to win big at a real life table, the true
potential of this method lies online. Let’s take a look at a few of the key benefits
of online games.
 Ability to go from one casino to another with just a few clicks of a mouse
 The option to play Roulette in locations where land based casinos are not
 Less noisy distractions, often designed to induce excitement and higher risk
 A much higher number of Roulette variations
 More betting options – information on table limits and betting options is
easy to access and obvious
 Faster play – this one is very important, the speed you can play is down to
you, the player

The main points for our purposes here are the increased betting options and
faster play. We will use both of these to start raking in big money.

© Fox Publications 2015

First things first, you will need to get set up with some reputable online casinos.
Do not take this sentence lightly, remember we are going to be profiting on the
probabilities. When playing online the software is governed by a Random
Numbers Generator (RNG). All reputable online casinos subject their RNG to
rigorous testing by independent auditors and publish information regarding this
on their websites. Without this enforced randomness, online casinos can alter the
wheel to prevent your consistent winning, so choosing a casino is of the utmost
Most well-known, large online casinos will work with this method. It should be
noted that whilst this method is not illegal, it is certainly not approved of by
casino staff, online or otherwise. To lessen your chances of your casino accounts
being revoked (rare but fully possible) we recommend opening at least three
accounts at different casinos. You can start with one to get the feel of the method
but when you really start getting the cash in, switch to the next account. Aim not
to win more than £500 per day at any one casino.
The following casinos offer a well-regulated service, with public information on
their RNG audits, accept users from all countries, and have some excellent startup bonuses to boot. We have used our system in all of these without any issues.
Just click (or Ctrl+Click on some machines) to access the bonuses. If you are new
to online casinos, you will need to initially download the casino software to play
(free to download).

© Fox Publications 2015

Ok, so we now understand a little of the basic differences between various casino
types and the need for reputable casinos to make this system work for us. Let’s
get on with it and look at the system proper.
Through playing literally hundreds of games in land-based casinos, as well as
playing thousands of simulated games online. We determined that the hourly
winnings were pretty much dependent on:
A. The speed of the game and
B. The size of your bets
This means as long as you apply the strategy correctly, your hourly wins will fall
within a narrow average. Remember we mentioned the speed of online play as an
advantage? Well, this is because, assuming an average table speed of about 60
hands per hour in a land-based game and 300 hands per hour playing online, the
amount you can win per hour is strictly dependent on the size of your bets, which
is determined by your bankroll.
This concept is easy to understand and simply means that if you play with black
£100 chips, you should expect to win more than a player betting with green £25
chips. Likewise, the green chip player will average winning more than the red £5
chip player and so on.
The beauty of the Roulette Slayer system is simplicity – so let’s start at the

© Fox Publications 2015

Now we really get to the nitty-gritty of this system, which to be honest is actually
very simple when fully understood. As mentioned the secret lies in probabilities
so let’s look at this concept a little more.
1. In a sequence of 5 decisions of roulette, i.e. where the wheel will land, in
this example we will say Red or Black, either outcome could dominate
2. In a sequence of 10 decisions of roulette it is more likely neither will
3. In a sequence of 25 decisions of roulette it is almost certain neither
outcome will dominate
At first this may not make sense so let’s break it down a little.
With a game of chance, where the outcome is 50%, the longer the series, the
closer reality will come to the probability. This could be a coin toss or the red and
black of a roulette wheel, or equally even or odd numbers. Each will approach
closer and closer to the probably of 50% the longer the series of play.
Let’s say we spin the wheel and the result is RED, the next spin could be RED or
We spin again and the result is RED again, the next spin could again be RED or
BLACK but is slightly more likely to be BLACK.
Continue this logic up to 25 spins, the likelihood of the next spin being BLACK is
almost a certainty, and indeed in real play, the runs rarely reach more than 8 of
the same type before a change. Over a long sequence probability rules there will
be an equal number of both colours, head or tails, even or odd, etc.
But…how to we profit from this knowledge of probabilities?
The answer is by placing progressive bets.

© Fox Publications 2015

Right, pay close attention to this sequence and re-read it as many times as you
have to till it makes sense (but the simplicity is overwhelming when you get it!)
1. We place a £1 base bet on RED, spin and it lands on RED, we now have £2
2. We place a £1 base bet on BLACK, spin and it lands on RED, we lose (and
now have £1)
3. So..we double the bet and place £2 on BLACK and it lands on BLACK, we win
4. We then go back to our base bet and place £1 on RED
5. To carry this on, if we win we switch colour (or odd/even) and place the
same base bet for that level of play.
6. If we lose we keep betting on the same colour but we double the bets each
spin until we win. By the time we win we will cover any losses, earn a small
profit then go back to our base bet amount, in this example £1
7. Once we have earned enough bankroll to get to the next level, we increase
the base bet.
This may sound very simple but the power contained here is mind-blowing. The
possible pitfalls are getting too greedy and upping the base bets without having
the bankroll to cover bad runs. Remember we said that after 25 decisions of the
spin in roulette the probability is almost a certainty? Well the whole point of our
base bet levels and bankrolls is to make sure we have enough money to cover any
losses up to this level.
Let see a recording of a real world online game as an example of this play, starting
with £1 bets which we will arbitrarily call level 1, and a bankroll of £90 (see later
tables to understand the levels).
Base Bet

Level of play





© Fox Publications 2015

It should be realized by now that the power of this system is that it does not
matter whether you win a bet or lose, as long as you are keeping your base bets
within our calculated limits and playing with the right size bankroll, you will
continue to profit steadily at a rate that over a long period, is both easy to
estimate with a high accuracy and profit amount.
To sum up the important parts of the system:
 Only bet on 50% chance options, either RED/BLACK or ODD/EVEN
 Only EVER bet the correct base bet for your current level (decided by your
 NEVER bet of 0 or 00 depending on your table type
 If you win, switch colour (i.e. if RED then to BLACK) or to number type (i.e. if
ODD to EVEN) and bet the base bet amount
 If you lose, place another bet of the same type but double the previous bet,
until you win, then switch and return to the base bet.
This is so simple, but the ability not to lose in the long run lays in sticking strictly,
even mechanically to the strategy, even on a long string of losses. The whole point
of the bankroll is that it covers you to regain that win before losing your bankroll,
NEVER be tempted to bet beyond your level for quicker results, this is the play of
If you are not certain, all online casinos usually have practice wheels that involve
fake money and simulated play. Use the strategy of these until you are sure you
understand and are confident before risking any real money.
The information tables after this will look into the level calculations a little
further, use these tables religiously and you will be gaining £2000 an hour in no
A little word of advice also, in reality for whatever reason, most players seem
happy to play sensibly and follow the system for about an hour’s play at a time.
When playing for longer periods, either people start to make mistakes or take
unnecessary risks, the mark of a hopeless gambler and not a real ‘player’. Be sure
to try and keep your play confined to hour long sessions then take a break, or risk
learning the hard way.

© Fox Publications 2015

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