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From measurement to analysis

Applications in development evaluation and research
Ideal for use in R&D work requiring a wide range of measurement conditions
and for evaluation of devices under conditions of actual use
The IM3536 enables measurement conditions to be varied over a wide range, for example to analyze a coil’s
resonance point while varying the frequency or to perform measurement while changing the measurement
signal during evaluation of a sample that exhibits signal dependency.

Variable frequency

Variable voltage

Variable current

DC, 4 Hz to 8 MHz

10 mV to 5 V

10 μA to 100 mA

(V mode/CV mode)

(CC mode)

Example of measurement while varying the frequency from 1 MHz to 8 MHz
Graph created using a spreadsheet



USB connection

The IM3536 ships standard with application software that can save
measurement data as an Excel file while sweeping through a range of
frequencies pre-configured on a computer.
For more information, see page 5.
Frequency (Hz)