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Start measuring without

"Changing paper is a hassle, and printing speed should be faster!"
No Problem!

One-touch design takes the hassle out of the process. 50mm/sec print speed

No more need for cumbersome and time-consuming steps such
as threading the paper between rubber rollers and the thermal
print head. Simply drop the paper roll in place, pull the tip out
slightly, and close the door. As easy as one, two, three.

"I need measurement results in hand right away!"
No Problem!

50 mm/s printing speed produces results in a flash

Printing is twice as fast compared to the performance of previous HIOKI products. No more waiting when printing out data on
site to show the client.
n Hard copy of the display screen, then and there
Observed waveforms, setup parameters,
processing values, AB cursor readouts
and more--a simple push of a button and
the high-speed thermal printer gives
you a hard copy of the entire screen
contents. Saving as a BMP file on a CF
card or USB memory is also possible.

n Print a complete A4 format report on site
If the customer requires a report, the MR8847 series can
deliver without delay. The A4 format printout shows waveforms with high resolution. Even minute details and changes can be detected easily, and measurement parameters
used for obtaining the data are also printed. Even in the age
of electronic communication, being able to produce a paper
document on the spot can be very effective and result in
enhanced credibility.

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