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Media Button .pdf

Original filename: Media Button.pdf
Author: Nanette

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This tutorial has been adapted from a previous one by Mustang2500.
Effects used:
Gaussian Blur
Outline Object
Align Object
AA's Assistant
1. Open a new Image, 800x600 and Fill it with the colour 0038AF.
2. Add a new layer and select the Gradient Tool
pick Radial and Color Mode with
color 7DD4F9 and set the secondary color to 0 Alpha. This will make it transparent.
Now, start to make a circle with the Light Blue on the 2nd Layer, starting somewhere
around 400,530. End at 400,300.
Select the Gaussian Blur tool
nicer blend into the Blue.

and set it at 7. This should give the gradient a much

3. Merge the two above layers, and call it orb. Select the Eclipse Select tool
and by
holding down the Mouse and Shift, make a circle, about 460x460 pixels wide. Select the

Move Selection tool
and move the circle so the bottom is somewhere in the center of
the Light Blue Gradient. Line it up as center as possible, but do NOT use the Align
Object tool, it will ruin it. As soon as you have it as good as it will get, Click CTRL + I,
and then DELETE. This will leave a Circle, with the Gradient in it.
Use AA's assistant at default.

4. Now, use the Object Align and make the orb in the center.
5. Duplicate the layer, and call it outer orb. Using the Rectangle Select tool
around the circle. Now grab onto the corner, holding down Shift, drag it a little bit, to
create the "Border" effect used on the orb. Repeat the Align Object.
6. Go back to the orb layer. Select the Outline Object effect. Set it so Width=10,
Softness=254, Color=R(109), G(211) B(255), Make sure Angled isn't checked. This will
make a nice glow on the orb. (Make sure you click out of the colors for it to accept the
Re-do the Align Center again on both layers.

7. Now to add the Shine. Add a new layer, call it shine orb.
With the Ellipse Select
draw a semi circle to cover half of the orb. With the primary
color white, set the 2nd color white to 0 opacity Alpha. Draw a linear gradient from the
top to the bottom.

8. Use Ellipse Select
to make a circle in the center, use Move Pixels Tool
to help
you and fill with a radial gradient white and alpha at 0. De-select and Align Center.

9. New Layer and draw two black lines in the center horizontally and vertically.
10. New Layer and with the Shape Tool set to a Circle and Draw Shape Outline, draw
two black circles.

11. Merge the two layers.

12. Make sure to erase any black lines that overlap onto the outside glow area.

13. With the magic wand

on the black lines layer, select the upper left quadrant.

Make a New Layer and fill it with two different colors of red with a linear gradient. With
the gradient still selected, make a new layer and Bevel Selection at default.
Merge the two layers and Gaussian Blur at default.

14. Do this with each quadrant, using a different color, each time going back to the lines
layer first to pick the quadrant, then make a new layer each time for the color gradient
and another for the bevel - then merging and blurring as the steps in 13.
15. When you've finished all the colors go to the lines layer and Gaussian blur twice.

16. Go to the lines layer and with Ellipse select draw a circle over the center lines and hit

17. Go to each quadrant layer and Gaussian Blur at default.
18. Flatten the image (uncheck your background if you used one).

19. New Layer for the Triangle. With a blue color 1F4BA1 and using Text Wingdings 3
with the letter P on your keyboard at size 216 draw a triangle.
20. Use the Rectangle Select
fit in the center.

and move selection tool

to manipulate the triangle to

21. With magic wand select the triangle.
22. Make a new layer below the blue triangle and fill with black for a shadow.
Using Rectangle Select

and Move Selected Pixels

pull and stretch the black

Gaussian blur at 6 and lower the opacity.

23. Flatten the image.
24. Make a new layer for a final shine.
25. With Ellipse select draw a circle over the orb and fill with a linear gradient with the
primary color black and secondary white at Alpha (0)

26. With Ellipse select and Move Selected Pixels make an oval over the black gradient
and hit delete.
27. Gaussian blur at default and lower the opacity to about 36.
Merge the layers.

28. You can add one more shine on a new layer over the triangle by adding a white spot
with the brush and using Gaussian Blur to 26.
Merge and you are done!

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