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110 Psychology Dissertation Topics .pdf

Original filename: 110_Psychology_Dissertation_Topics.pdf
Title: 110 Psychology Dissertation Topics

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110 Psychology Dissertation Topics
Entering a PhD program is one thing and finishing it is another. Before you could complete it,
you need a dissertation. For that matter, you also need a good topic that you can pick from a
list of 110 psychology dissertation topics we’ve prepared in the next section. Check them out.

Psychology PhD Research Ideas
Clinical Psychology Dissertation Ideas

1. A study on Alexithymia among patients with inflammatory bowel disease
2. How chemotherapy affects attention
3. What is the impact of trauma history on children’s depressive disorder?
4. What is illness perception among patients with hepatitis C?
5. What are the predictors of life quality in patients with multiple sclerosis?
6. A closer look into the psychological and psychosocial variables in patients receiving
Intrathecal Baclofen
7. What is the psychological impact of the 9/11 attack?
8. A study of the attachment influences in the population of gynecological cancer
9. Anger and cognition: How is it like in veterans who suffered from military sexual
10. Feeding practices and parenting styles: A cross cultural approach of study
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Dissertation Topics in Counselling Psychology
1. Pain: how emotions, awareness and belief affect it
2. Transgender and their major challenges in the modern society
3. What is the impact of deliberate abortion among women?
4. How can play therapy affect children with trauma
5. Gay teenagers: what are the signs of depression?
6. Middle aged patients and the effects of Ritalin in them
7. Ethnic minority: A closer look into their training experience perception

8. Middle-aged adults: how financial dependencies affect them?
9. How does the length of chemotherapy affect the emotional condition of cancer patients?
10. What is the effect of teenage pregnancy in the psychological and mental state of girls
between 13-17 years old?
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PhD in Counseling Psychology Topics
1. Can IQ be taught in children and lead them to long-term result for achievement?
2. How do speakers design their speech for their listeners?
3. How hard is self-control among teenagers?
4. How is visual working memory affected by length of time when working on high
cognitive tasks?
5. Ecology: can it contribute to counseling?
6. How does familiarity affect facial expression recognition?
7. How does the length of behavioral therapy and treatment affect the outcome?
8. Are self-help techniques on cognitive behavioral therapy effective for children?
9. Is projective testing outmoded in modern therapy practices?
10. What is the role of the unconscious in life coaching?
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PhD Health Psychology Ideas
1. What psychological techniques might make diet and exercise successful? Is there a
strategy that stands out for this purpose?
2. Bulimia and anorexia: how ideal bodies portrayed by the media affect patients
3. What psychological techniques on public safety programs may be effective in
encouraging the people to wear bicycle helmets and seat belts?
4. Eating disorders and ideal body image: is there a link?
5. What are the best practices that can help people overcome trauma after a disaster?
6. What strategies are best used to encourage smokers to quit smoking?
7. How public awareness on infant safety does influence the occurrences of crib death?

8. A closer look into the psychological, social and emotional impact of care-giving on
9. What is the prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder among veterans and what are
the most effective techniques in treating it?
10. Stress management and relaxation techniques: how do they help chronic pain patients?
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PhD Topics Cognitive Psychology
1. How are meta-cognitive and cognitive processes development affected by using the
computer in solving mathematical problems?
2. How do accents affect achievement and cognitive load among students?
3. Contextually rich hypertext environment: how does it affect leads on learning and
cognitive load?
4. Presenting AIDS information using a culturally sensitive video to an Asian population
5. Creative robotics and the development of technological fluency
6. Does the use of text design on instruction material have to do with learning?
7. Distance learning: what is the correlation of learning and field dependence or
independence through the internet?
8. What are the effects of interactivity and structure on web-based learning and
9. Can the use of sound for multimedia instruction improve learning?
10. How do cartoons affect children’s learning ability?
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Forensic Psychology Dissertation Titles
1. A study on the rising susceptibility resulting to emerging homegrown terrorism
2. What factors affect high rates of murder committed by children?
3. What is the role of law enforcement on the life of a private individual?
4. What are the current practices that help in minimizing the risk of the handicapped to
end up in the jail?
5. Why are mass killings happening and what factors drive murderers to do it?

6. Gun ownership in the US: how does it contribute to the increasing number of crimes
7. How do technological advances contribute to the rising number of identity thefts and
copycat crimes?
8. Is there a link between upbringing and serial killing?
9. Is the society ignoring domestic violence cases towards men?
10. Is there an existing security practice that can help in policing the internet?
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Sport Psychology Dissertation Topics
1. A closer look into the psychological effects of integrated model of sport injury among
high school athletes
2. What is the relationship between athletic outcomes of players and the gender of their
3. Body image and eating behavior among athletes: A complete study
4. How are rehabilitations and recovery techniques different among athletes, especially
those with heart problems?
5. How does team-building motivate an athlete?
6. What motivational factors influence adolescent athletes?
7. How does music affect athletic performance during training and workout?
8. How sports change one’s perception about and reaction to motivation and failure in his
9. What are the future trends in sports psychology?
10. How do team sports change in the last three decades?
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Social Psychology Dissertation Ideas
1. How social pressures can affect the mental health and wellbeing of adolescents
2. What are the socio-psychological effects and risks of affluenza?
3. What are the future challenges and trends in social psychology?

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