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We are proud to share the Executive MBA in Energy program with you.
This is the flagship academic offering at the Michael F. Price College of
Business and represents years of collaboration with industry professionals
and faculty with the aim of creating the energy business leaders of
Thank you for your interest in the Executive MBA in Energy Program at the Price College
of Business. It is a unique opportunity to attend the premier Energy MBA Program
available where you will participate in a top-tier business curriculum that revolves
around the issues and challenges facing the energy industry today. Plus, with the
primarily online delivery format, it is also the most convenient.

ALL Energy, ONLY Energy
EMBA in Energy At a Gl ance

15 Mont h Program
22 Courses/ 36 Credit Hours
Del ivered primaril y onl ine
Two week-l ong residencies
in Norman
One week-l ong residency in
2 Cohort St art s/ Year
20-22 St udent s/ Cohort
AACSB Accredit ed

This program was created in partnership with energy company executives interested in
developing the energy leaders of tomorrow by offering the number one leadership and
learning program for ambitious, forward-thinking energy executives worldwide. The
program addresses all aspects of the business of energy, develops leadership skills and
provides a global energy perspective. Faculty from academia and the energy industry
are carefully selected for the program and all courses are designed within the context of
energy. The result is a top-tier EMBA program that will impact your future in the energy
industry. Please give consideration to joining our EMBA program.

Dipankar Ghosh
Executive Director, Energy Institute
David Ross Boyd Professor
David C. Steed Professor of Accounting
University of Oklahoma