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Episode 1
I was at awolowo hall annex when my phone rang. It was hadizat. I stood away upright
from the pole I was resting on, cleared my throat, trying to bring out my very fine
masculine voice
Me; hello (I finally said)
Hadizat; how are you?
Me; am fine
Hadizat; uhmm!!! Thanks for how you comforted me after CHM102 exam.thank you
Me; what are we friendship for (I said jokingly)
Hadizat; “I LOVE YOU” (she said out of the blue)
Coughing was all I could do and immediately hanged up the phone. i can’t find words to
express how I felt that moment; perplexed? Dazzled? Surprised? Flabbergasted?, all
these are understatements, because I was laughing and questioning myself at the same
time, if I heard the right words, looking at my hisense HS-U601 phone, as if hadizat was
After bumping into series of people as the thought ravaged my mind, I finally got to my
room in awolowo hall block 2.
I asked myself, “why did I cough”, this isn’t the first time I’d be hearing the word, the
previous occasions had been from my mum and my aunty in the US, but this is different.
It was from hadizat-my best female friend.
We were both freshmen in the faculty of clinical sciences (medicine and surgery). I had
sometimes seen her in classes but didn’t talk to her. Soon practicals started. On the day
for physics practical, we were both assigned to the same group alongside some other
Being the only male, in my group, I had to man up to the lead the group. Instructions