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15 Ways to Lose Belly Fat
1. Eliminate Fast Food: It may be quick and
easy to pick up a delicious cheeseburger when
you’re running late and skipped lunch, but it
can be a disaster for your diet and belly fatburning plans. The amount of saturated fats,
grease, and unwanted triglycerides found in
fast food is precisely what you don’t want if
you’re trying to burn visceral fat, so while it
might be hard, cutting out fast food has to be
near the top of your list.
2. Cucumbers: This is a very low-calorie food
with a high nutritional value; packed with
dietary fiber, minerals, and essential vitamins,
cucumbers can fill you up and optimize
your metabolism, helping to speed up weight
loss without contributing any unwanted fats to
the body.

3. Polyunsaturated Fats: Eating the right
kinds of fats is crucial if you want to cut down
on your belly fat. Some fats will only contribute
more to visceral fat, such as saturated fats, but
if you add polyunsaturated fats, like those
found in nuts and certain types of fish, you can
benefit from their anti-inflammatory potential
and actually help to reduce your visceral fat

4. Yoga: Studies have shown that post-natal
and post-menopausal women have seen
significant reductions in visceral fat stores
when adding yoga to their workout and health
regimens. Yoga is a wonderful way to
reduce stress and eliminate excess stress
hormones from your body, namely cortical.
There is a direct link between chronic stress,
cortical levels, and belly fat, so clear your mind,
calm down, and keep that visceral fat at bay!

5. Stay Moving: A sedentary lifestyle is highly
associated with visceral fat, not only because it
usually means a lack of physical exercise, but
it’s associated with
metabolic levels, higher intake of unhealthy
food, and psychological effects such as
stress, anxiety, and guilt. By staying active as
much as possible (taking the stairs instead of
the elevator, standing up while working, or
taking a bike to work), you can keep your
physical and mental energy high, preventing the
development of belly fat.
6. Regulate Your Sleep: Research has shown
that regulating your sleep scheduled and
ensuring that you get more than 5-6 hours per
night of sleep can help you reduce your visceral
fat stores. However, if you turn around and
sleep in two days a week (Saturday and
Sunday?), it can add to your visceral fat.
Essentially, make a firm sleep schedule, but

don’t let your body get too lazy on your days off.
Regularity in your Circadian rhythms and
metabolic cycles will be helpful for keeping
belly fat in check.
7. Almonds: Perhaps the best nut to consume if
you’re trying to burn belly fat, almonds are full
of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats,
which are the good kind that we want, and
which help to eliminate visceral fat through
and cholesterol-balancing
have high
concentrations of fiber and magnesium, which
help build muscle and burn fat.
8. Combining Workout Styles: While many
people think that cardiovascular workouts are
the best possible way to burn belly fat,
combining your workout styles is actually a
better way to quickly lose belly fat. When you
do weight training in between cardio

exercising, that high-intensity exercise can
cause your metabolism to shoot up, burning
more fat more quickly. Alternating workout
styles and physical demands on your body can
keep your metabolism “on its toes”, operating at
a high level, even burning fat when you’re not
working out!
9. Avocados: The
fiber content of
avocados keeps you regular and cuts down
on hunger, while the concentration of certain
key amino acids can help to optimize body
weight and burn unnecessary belly fat.
10. Vinegar: It might not sound pleasant, but
anecdotal evidence says that vinegar can
actually be an effective means of burning belly
can reduce visceral fat, and while the research
on this is somewhat limited, it is believed that

the acids in vinegar stimulate the production of
certain proteins that burn visceral fat.
Fiber: Any
with high concentrations of dietary fiber can
help to reduce inflammation throughout the
body, balance cholesterol levels, regulate your
digestive system, and optimize your nutrient
intake, all of which can help improve the
metabolism and burn more belly fat.
12. Cut out Starch: Starch is a major source of
empty calories that can easily be converted into
visceral fat. If you’re a big potato eater, put
those spuds to the side if you’re trying to burn
belly fat. Grab a handful of nuts or leafy greens
13. Eat Smaller Meals Slower: There are many
pieces of advice regarding what and how to eat
if you want to burn belly fat, but one that makes

sense is the slower and smaller principle. By
eating smaller meal portions, and consuming
them slower, will allow your body time to
process what it is taking in before releasing
those enzymes that tell the body it’s “full”.
Also, smaller portions allows you to eat more
meals per day, which keeps your metabolism
and digestive system active and engaged for
longer, which is great for burning belly fat!
14. Push Yourself Physically: Somewhat
related to the combining exercise style advice,
pushing yourself past the normal “threshold” is
a great way to burn belly fat. If you regularly
work out, but hardly break a sweat and don’t
feel “challenged”, then your body probably
won’t respond by gearing up its metabolism
and burning those visceral fat cells. However,
surprising your body with varied workout
styles AND intensities, beyond what you

normally do, can kick-start your system very
15. Disrupt Your Diet: Eating the same types
of food at the exact same time of day can cause
your body to fall into an unwanted rhythm.
Occasionally, you need to stretch your stomach
a bit, so to speak, consuming different foods,
to keep
your metabolism flexible and your system
dynamic and responsive. That doesn’t mean
chewing down on hamburgers as a “cheat day”,
but it does mean broadening your culinary

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