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Muscle Building 3 Big Exercises to Get Muscle Fast .pdf

Original filename: Muscle Building 3 Big Exercises to Get Muscle Fast.pdf
Author: Braddpitt

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1. Muscle Building - 3 Big Exercises to Get Muscle Fast
2. Muscle Building Work Out - How to Trick Your
Muscles Into Growing Faster
3. Starting a Muscle Building Diet
4. Build Muscle Quickly With One of the Best Muscle
Building Techniques
5. Getting Your Muscle Building Food Right


1. Muscle Building - 3 Big Exercises to Get Muscle Fast
Out of all the muscle building exercises that exist, there are three
essential big exercises you must do to get muscle fast.
Here we will look at three of the most basic exercises to start you off
with a strong foundation that you can build your own individual
program around. Don't get me wrong when I say "basic", these core
exercises can really put some big muscle on your body.
When performing these exercises for either strength training or
muscle building, how many sets, reps, how much weight to use etc.,
will depend on your starting strength and your individual exercise
program. These exercises are very demanding of your body and
should be performed first in your workout session for the specific
muscle group that you are working on that day, but only after proper
muscle stretching and warm up is done.
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Exercise #1: The Bench Press:
- This is one of the most basic weight lifting exercises and is very
powerful for your front upper body muscle building and
- You lie flat on your back on a weight bench and grip the barbell
slightly wider than your shoulders, then with your arms straight up
let the weights press straight down to your chest and push up and
- Target muscles are your pectorals(chest muscles), triceps (back of
arms)and deltoids (front shoulders).

Exercise #2: Squats:
- This being one of the most important weightlifting big exercises in
your lower body training routine, the squat uses the primary group
of leg muscles and a secondary group of lower back and some
shoulder muscles. That is why this exercise has the potential of being
the biggest muscle builder in your whole individual training routine.
- While standing up straight holding and resting the barbell behind
your head across your shoulders, bend your knees and squat until
your thighs are almost parallel to the floor, then push back up to the
starting position, stop and rest a second and repeat. This exercise is
strenuous to the lower part of your body so make sure you are fully
warmed up.
- Targeted Primary muscle group: quadriceps (front thigh muscles),
hamstring (back thigh muscles) and glutes (muscles of the buttocks).
Secondary muscle group are lower back muscles and some shoulder
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Exercise #3 Chin Ups or lat pulldowns:
- One of the best back exercises that you can perform is the wide grip
chin ups. This one workout can build up your arms and upper back
muscles and give you that great looking v shape torso and is a great
addition to any training routine.
- Start with a grip wider than your shoulders, hold the chin up bar
with your palms facing away from you. You should be in a hanging
position, feet not touching ground and arms fully extended. You then
pull yourself up until you can get your chin over the bar and then
lower yourself back down to the starting position pause for a couple

of seconds, as not to create any assisted momentum by bouncing up,
and repeat.
- You can use a lat pulldown machine and build up some strength
before moving up to chin ups. Whatever the case is, this is one of the
big exercises used to get muscle fast.
- Target muscles: entire upper back like the latissimus dorsi(lats-that
give that v shape)and trapezius muscles(middle upper back on each
side). Also the biceps(front upper arm) and forearms.
You do not have to be embarrassed about your body or feel that you
have to hide it anymore. With correct diet and the right muscle
building training routine performed in the right way, you can
transform your body and have more confidence in everything you
do, guaranteed. Get the new secrets on muscle building and learn
how to correctly do the big exercises to get muscle fast


2. Muscle Building Work Out - How to Trick Your
Muscles Into Growing Faster
If you are looking for a muscle building work out, then you are going
to want to keep reading this article because this article will reveal to
you the best muscle building work out, one that tricks your muscles
so that they grow faster and bigger.
Many people seem to think that they can build muscle just by
performing the same exercises over and over again will cause them
to build muscle. However, even though this may work for a week or
two, the exercises will become ineffective. To "solve" this issue, they
just add more resistance or weight to the exercise, but this doesn't
do the trick.
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The problem with performing the same exercises over and over again
is that your muscles get used to the motion. Once they get used to
the exercise, they will not work as hard to perform them, even if you
add more weight or resistance.
What you need to do in order to avoid this issue is to mix up your
muscle building work out sessions with new, unique exercises. Each
day you workout, performing exercises you have never done before.
This way your muscles will never get used to the exercise and they
will have to work are to complete them.
As for the amount of weight or resistance you want to work with, use
the amount that works best for you. You want a weight or resistance
that allows you to complete each set with the proper form. It's very
important to complete each set with the proper form or you will be
wasting your strength because the exercise will not help build muscle
and could cause injury.

A muscle building work out that involves different exercises each
workout session is the trick to building muscle fast. However, your
muscles do not do all their growing because of weight lifting. It also
comes down to your diet. A proper diet for muscle building is
essential for maximum results of your workouts.
The diet plan should be created with the same idea as the muscle
building work outs in mind. Just like you change up your exercises
each day, you want to change up your meals each day too. Try your
best not the eat the same meal over and over again. It is best to
always keep your body guessing. By changing up your meals and
exercises each day, you will be doing just that, which causes your
muscles to grow faster.
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3. Starting a Muscle Building Diet
Building muscle is better accomplished when there is a well-balanced
muscle building diet to accompany weight training and exercise. It's
hard to build muscle without providing your body with the proper
nutrients to keep it healthy. Intense exercise and heavy weight
training actually tear down muscles. But this is actually part of the
muscle building process. Once the muscles have been torn down,
they then rebuild themselves, bigger and stronger; but they require a
muscle building diet in order to be effective at repairing themselves.
For a good muscle base, which is necessary for being able to
accumulate larger amounts of muscle mass, you need to make sure
you are getting the right amount of calories. For instance, a person
who weighs 160 pounds should be consuming around 3000 calories
when building muscle. This is the amount of calories needed for a
person who is weight training and engaging in other forms of
exercise, such as cardio training. Calorie intake is much less for
someone who is not trying to build up muscle mass.
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There are plenty of online calorie calculators available to help in
determining the right amount of calories based upon body type and
level of activity. Using one of these sites, determine how many
calories you will need daily and structure your diet plan around this.
A typical muscle building food plan will include a lot of protein, since
this is what muscles use to rebuild themselves. Muscles are
composed of mostly protein, so it would make sense that they would
need protein to build themselves back up. Due to the high number of
calories that are necessary for a diet such as this, meals have to be
eaten more often.

Most muscle building diets will require around 7 meals a day. These
are not meals that just consist of multiple courses. They need to be
well planned out in order to meet the protein and caloric
requirements for building muscle.
To plan your diet effectively you may need to purchase a kitchen
scale so as to correctly measure portion sizes, which are important in
a muscle building diet. Small scales for food are very inexpensive and
an excellent investment for your healthy routine. When adding up
the total number of calories for each meal, make sure you exceed
your allotted number of daily calories.
Following a strict muscle building diet is easiest if you have each day
planned out, for both food intake and your exercise routine. This way
you can make sure you are consuming the right amount of calories
for the amount and type of exercising you are doing. There are
plenty of actual food lists available on many nutrition sites. It's best
to find the menu with food you actually like and start building muscle
with a well planned and executed muscle building diet.
Weight training and body building are excellent ways to improve
your physique and health. To keep your body in the peak of health
during training, it is important to engage in regular weight lifting
workouts and follow a specific muscle building diet. This type of
conditioning plan is designed to burn fat, increase muscle mass and
strength and improve overall health. To learn more about proper
diet and weight training, visit Get Strong Muscles


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