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Humans VS Reptilians How To Use Etheric Energy In Combat .pdf

Original filename: Humans VS Reptilians - How To Use Etheric Energy In Combat.pdf

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Humans VS Reptilians - How To Use Etheric Energy In Combat
Before the last presidential debate I posted this text in several forums, on 4Chan both /pol/ and /x/ it
got deleted within 3(!!!)seconds of me posting it. Hahah! That tells you that it works for certain. The
snakes are everywhere, jumping on the truth like antibodies trying to destroy it. Pathetic!
This text was specifically about the presidential debate, but it applies in all situations. The principle is
the same. You can apply this technique in any situation you can think of.
You can use it to blast chemtrails, repel dark entities, protect yourself from the effects of
psychotronic weaponry, heal wounds, increase your concentration, for weight training, etc.

How to apply energy in a frequency war
-Positive vibes for HillaryAs many of you know Hillary Clinton is a draconian reptilian. A dangerous psychotic alien race
o sessed ith a . You do ’t a t o e of these eatu es as p eside t as this ill e a gua a tee fo
world war 3.
These malicious interdimensional beings nourish themselves with negative etheric energy such as
fear, anger, hate, disgust, agony and decay.
The easo fo Hilla y Cli to ’s i easi g health p o le s a e due to etaphysi al p o esses
impacting on her bodily state. Metaphysics (astral/etheric)->Physics->Biology->Neurology>Psychology->Physiology. The vibrational environment on earth is changing towards a higher
positi e f e ue y. This is ’t e age u o ju o, this is advanced science. A frequency these
negative, low vibrational entities are not metaphysically compatible with. The longer they stay in an
increasingly high vibrational environment the more complications they experience expressed as
breaking down of their bodies.
This is why the u e of sighti gs a d i te sity of hat people efe to as shapeshifti g is
steadily increasing. The reptilians that control media, politics, royalty, military, banking, etc. have
difficulties holding their human form, which is something they are unable to compensate
technologically as the higher frequencies also impact on their devices.
In order to allow for them to stay around and continue their reign of terror over the human race,
they need to drop the frequency of the planet which they try to accomplish by various means such as
GMO, HAARP, Smart Grid, Cern, Fukushima and many and various forms of bio-chemical, electromagnetical, metaphysical and radiation warfare against humans and the planet/frequency band.
Their biggest attempt to accomplish this however is world war 3 which they desperately try to
kickstart at their chosen main battlefronts in Syria, Ukraine and the border between south and north
korea. They might even detonate a tactical nuclear device in a major city for which they prefer
manhattan. Though other cities are considered as targets as well such as Chicago, Dallas, Charleston
South Carolina or Berlin Germany.
This must be prevented.

One major element of illuminati conducted psychological/spiritual warfare against humanity is to
promote the concept that the individual is powerless and has no influence on what happens in the
world. This is fundamentally wrong. The individual does have power to cause significant change in
the world. A secret they sabotage fiercely.
Today there will be the first political debate between Clinton and Trump which will be seen by
estimated 100 million people world wide. There is a way how every one of us can help to generate a
positive outcome of this debate in our favor.
Hillary Clinton already is weakened and negative forces have great difficulties maintaining her
stability by energetically supporting her. That support can be diffused/countered to the point where
she, hopefully, will experience issues such as probably even sticking out her lizard tongue for all to
see. Or starts to stutter or similar disruptions.

Here is how:
1. You are not a body with a soul, you are a soul incarnated into a body avatar to experience and
interact with this reality. You are a powerful energetic being that can transmit energy.
2. Mi d is a fo eig i stallatio elo gi g to this a ata a d ot ou soul. I ou t ue soul state we
do ’t thi k e k o thi gs a d thi gs e do ’t k o
e i sta ta eously ealize i o de to k o .
Knowing is done by the etheric heart as the heart is an inter-reality portal into true reality beyond
the matrix, or 5D.
3. Many of you hate Clinton and you have every reason and right to do so, however, sending her
negative energy wishing her plague and cholera and all the bad things will not harm her, it will
instead help to stabilize her as she is a negative being who extracts power out of negative energy.
If you want to help destabilize her, you have to send her positive energy which seems counterintuitive but that is how the universe works. Positive energy weakens negative entities.
4. Sit down, best in meditation posture with somehow crossed legs.
a. Stop thinking, as thinking is an activity of the mind and drains energy out of your soul. If you have
trouble stop thinking, do not fight your thoughts, instead observe your thoughts acknowledge them
and then let them pass like clouds in the sky.
b. Switch your center of realizing/thinking/feeling from mind to heart visually. From now your heart
is your new brain. From now on all your ideas and realizations will be made in the center of your
c. Focus on the cultivation of your inner silence. Strengthen the silent observer in you, make it grow.
If you ha e thoughts, ho is o se i g these thoughts? It’s the o se e , the REAL you. You t ue
identity, your true being is the silent observer. Thoughts are being generated by your avatar, which is
not you. You just inhabit the avatar.

d. Put your hands in front of you, hand back pointing towards you. You will use your hands as
conduits to access the life force around you. Life force, ki, chi, prana, qi. Imagine it as an energy
consisting of an ocean of glowing white crystals/sparks.
Feel how you connect with it. Once you connect you will feel a tingling sensation in your hands.
5. Raise your vibrations. Breath in fast and deep through your nose, then exhale normal through your
mouth. Do this 10 times. This will quickly raise your frequency. You will feel a comfortable but
u usual ti gli g i you head a d th oughout you ody. Do ’t o y, you o ’t fai t this is just high
e e gy ushi g th ough you a d it’s supposed to feel a it i te se, ost a e ’t used to deep

And finally:
6. Focus on Hillary Clinton during the debate and visualize how high vibrational positive energy
streams from your hands towards Clinton. This energy will travel any distance, it has no limitations. It
does ’t atte if you’ e i Aust alia o Russia o China or the US or Europe or on Mars or on Alpha
Centauri or wherever.
Do not think while you do this. Do not imagine anything happening. This energy, life force, chi is
infinitely intelligent and it will know what to do. P o a ly so ethi g you do ’t e e thi k a out o
a e ’t e e a le to i agi e.
You are functioning as a conduit, as a transceiver and transmitter bringing high vibrations into this
realm focusing and directing it.
Do so for how long, how often you feel confident. If you feel a little bit drained afterwards have a
snack and some water. Remember that the energy is infinitely intelligent and will not take more from
you as you are able to give. There is nothing you can do wrong. Everything will be fine.
Co t i ute to a positi e futu e. A d let’s work together to skip world war 3.

This article will be heavily attacked by matrix agents or t olls ith a e alli g atta ks a d te s
like: Esote i ap, e tally ill o se se, total ullshit, garbage, op is a basket case, op is nuts,
u s ie tifi , p o e
o g, lies, do ’t aste you ti e a d a ipulati e pseudo-critical comments
and so on. Ignore such diversions.
There already are highly advanced bots swarming forums and image boards, actively sabotaging the
truth wherever they identify it like antibodies.
Safe this text, share it and repost it.

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