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A Newsletter from Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary

Baby Lemur Finds New Home at HPZS!

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1403 Heritage Park Rd.; Prescott, AZ 86301
www.HeritageParkZoo.org; Phone: 928.778.4242
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by the community.

Looks who’s new at the zoo!! This handsome young lemur recently found his
forever home with HPZS, and is already enjoying his new family. When state officially
contacted us desperately looking for a new home for this 7-month-old Ring-Tailed
Lemur (Lemur Catta), we were happy to help. With four other Ring-Tailed Lemurs already
residing as a family unit here at HPZS, he would be able to join the existing group.

Ring-Tailed Lemurs are a matriarchal family group known as “Troops”. Their
family groups may include up to 30 animals in the wild. Both sexes live in troops, but
a dominant female presides over all. Here at HPZS the family troop consists of Father
“Fio”, Mother “Crash”, and their offspring, “Bungie and “Kinsa”.

Ring-Tailed Lemurs are primates traditionally found on the African island of
Madagascar. They are endangered, however, largely because the sparse, dry forests
they love are quickly vanishing.

Like many family units, lemurs aren’t always accepting of newcomers to
their group. The process of acclimating this new lemur to the family group was a slow
one, but thankfully, with careful, tireless work from our animal care staff, he has been
successfully accepted into the lemur family and is adjusting well.

Although he is still young, he is almost the size of the adult lemurs, which
can make spotting him on exhibit a bit of a challenge. Even so, make sure to come
say hello to our newest addition on your next visit – he will be the spunky, friendly one,
bouncing around (like a human toddler) with bounds of energy!