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Breakfast with the Animals

9:00 am — 10:30 am
2017 Breakfast with the Animals Schedule:
April 8: Tiger • May 13: Clouded Leopard • June 10: Mule Deer/Pronghorn
July 8: Tortoise • Aug. 12: Mountain Lion • Sept. 9: Black Bear • Oct. 14: Gray Wolves
Pre-registration is required
For more information or to register, call 778-4242 Call today to reserve your space!

It requires many helping hands to operate the Sanctuary. Many staff members and volunteers work
behind the scenes to ensure a great deal of work gets done. Becky Salazar is our Membership &
Volunteer Coordinator here at HPZS. It is not often we get to hear their wonderful passion, talent and
dedication to their work. Thank you Becky!!
How did you come to be a part of Heritage Park Zoo? By making a tragic mistake! We have Javelina
all around my house, and one weekend we had family visiting and I gave my small grandsons some
vegetables to throw off our deck to feed them. Two large Javelina began arguing over the food and
one of them stepped on and severely injured a baby. I spent two hours calling every rescue group I
could find, but never thought of the zoo. Finally, a friend called HPZS and they said they could rescue
it. It felt like the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders. The next week I saw an article in the
paper stating the zoo needed volunteers and the rest was history! Being a part of HPZS has taught
me so much about wildlife.
What is your role with the sanctuary? Along with coordinating the volunteer and membership
programs here, I also do odd (office) jobs that we don’t have staff to cover. Working for an animal
sanctuary and a non-profit, you never know what you’ll encounter on a daily basis!
What’s the most interesting thing about your job(s) here? Being part of the “behind the scenes” stuff.
I love being in on it!
What’s one thing you think is important that people know about the sanctuary? That we are not
funded by city, state, or federal monies. We exist on what we can bring in on our own. I think that’s
huge and everyone should be aware of it.
Do you have a favorite animal at the zoo? Yes, Cassie (Bengal Tiger). But don’t tell the other animals!