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The Differences That Made Eutaptics
Better Than Matrix Reimprinting
Robert Smith, founder and creator of Eutaptics shares that he first became aware of Matrix Reimprinting
when he noticed he is frequently asked by people odd questions about the connection between
memories and ECHOs. ​He investigated more about Matrix Reimprinting and found that they took
regular EFT and added next level by reimprinting the memories. This created the similarity with
Eutaptics, reimprinting memories to create significant life transformations while giving the subconscious
mind new resources to build from and use as reference for better choices and decisions.
However, given the similarities in approach of both, there are major differences in the processes
involved which is basically a major difference in the belief systems where they operate.

About Belief Systems in General
Robert has always mentioned that all healing modalities have a belief system of why and how we have
problems. ​This belief system is the core of where the healing modality operates to address any issue.
Ultimately, this operating system is the factor that determines the speed and efficiency of offering
resolution to an issue.
Whether this belief system is published or not, ​it is an integral part of any healing approach​. Robert
Smith also believes that all healing modalities are good, useful and beneficial, it is just that some can
resolve issues faster and more efficiently.
Matrix Reimprinting subscribes to a belief system that is very different from Eutaptics. Among the major
differences is that, similar to regular EFT, Matrix Reimprinting is an energy system.
Eutaptics is NOT operating in energy system​ like both does, it works with the following:
Mind, Brain and Body
Down-to-earth Logic
Tangible Physical Mechanics
Eutaptics does not work with only one energy, because it has a complete understanding of the diversity
of the human mind and behavior.

The Basics of the Matrix Reimprinting Belief System
Matrix Reimprinting believes that when a person goes through difficult and traumatic experiences that
their energy is fragmented. ​This happens mostly during childhood but also an occurrence during adult

life. The “ECHO” is the result of the fragment that was broken from the whole, these “ECHOs” remain
trapped in time within the Matrix.
In Short, following the belief system of Matrix Reimprinting, a traumatic event that happened when you
were 2 years old would cause an ​energetic ​representation of that 2-year-old who remains to be 2 years
old trapped in the Matrix within that event and continuing to feel the negative effects of that particular
Furthermore, Matrix Reimprinting believes that the 2 year old ECHO is not of dense energy in nature but
the energy of the child is real.
Imagine and consider all the negative experiences an individual experience throughout a lifetime.
Following the Matrix Reimprinting belief system would suggest that there could be hundreds or even
thousands of each individual trapped in the Matrix.
These ECHOs have great impact in a person’s life. The major belief in Matrix Reimprinting is that in order
to solve your current problems, you have to go through the previous memories, where the ECHOs were
real children. It means you need to work with the child within the Matrix to change their experience,
reimprinting the new memory and apply the new “positive learning.
Pyschological reversal is also applied in Matrix Reimprinting​, it is a concept that is not part of the
Eutaptics Belief System.
In order to be successful in dealing with issues using Matrix Reimprinting, you need to subscribe to their
belief system and have the ability to visualize your ECHOs as real people.

The Eutaptics Belief System in a Nutshell
Eutapticsbelieves that all experiences, happy, neutral and traumatic are all recorded in the subconscious
as references. The subconscious interprets and uses these stored memories as a ​foundation and proof
of who the person is​ and how the world works.
Every experience is filtered through the existing data from previous experiences, the subconscious then
prompts the brain and the body to respond according to the references stored within it. ​These records
or data forms the foundation of each individual’s perception of reality. Because of the diversity in
experiences of each individual, each person’s reality is unique because each person’s perception is
Eutaptics strongly believes that there are no “broken” people.
Each individual is working perfectly according to the records held within their subconscious. Changing
the records in the subconscious ​automatically results to changes in the behavior and perception.
There is nowhere in the corners of Eutaptics belief system that subscribes to the idea of psychological
reversal. Within Eutaptics belief system, every person is performing in perfect alignment with what they

hold within the subconscious at all times. In other words, every other person you have in your mind,
every voice you hear within your head is you.
The Eutaptics belief system is based on the fact that our problems began since birth – it is the starting
point where the subconscious begins to interpret and file every experience, filtering each new
experience through the information it carries from previous experiences, it then forms a structure of
beliefs that support each “problem”.

Conclusion in Belief System Differences
Matrix Energetics believes that fragments of energy are broken off and are actually trapped within the
Matrix. On the other hand, Eutaptics believes that each person is whole and are all working perfectly
according to the data held within the subconscious mind.
ECHOs referred to in Matrix Reimprinting is similar to the trances in Eutaptics. These trances are used
by the mind to operate and function within the world; they perform as part of our identity and are also
an integral part of our survival systems keeping an individual aligned to what the subconscious
refer to as safe and normal.

Comparison Between the Two Operating Systems
Eutaptics and Matrix Reimprinting have common goals but are set on 2 different paths in achieving it.
The process of changing or reimprinting memories is very different in each system given there are a few
similarities. Best we separately discuss the two operating systems.

Matrix Reimprinting Operating System
In matrix Reimprinting the process to reconnect the fragmented parts of an individual is through
visualization then followed by applying regular ​Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT Tapping on that
part of ECHO – then it can make changes to the memory.
For example, you had a traumatic memory from when you were as little as 4 years old, you would
imagine that you are actually seeing the 4-year-old in front of you. This child, according to Matrix
Reimprinting belief system is just as real as any of us, it just happened that their energy is not as dense
enough to physically manifest.
The initial step in Matrix Reimprinting process is to determine the memory’s emotional peaks and create
a “movie clip” around the emotionally charged parts of the memory. A segment that will be addressed in
the process. You would give this movie a name based on your emotions. The title you choose for that
movie has to be around the even as this is the aiming process. You then apply the techniques in regular
EFT to ta on the phrase while feeling the emotions. Once you have tuned into the emotions, you would
move on to the following steps of the process.
The second step is to imagine that you, at your present age have stepped into the movie clip and are
talking with the child. You would explain who you are and your reason is to help. You would then

visualize tapping on the child to help make them feel better, you as the practitioner. In short, you are in
blood, flesh and bones being tapped on using EFT, while in visualization you are tapping your ECHO
using EFT.
Once the child is feeling better, you will ask what is it that can make him/her feel better. Instead of what
is called in Matrix Reimprinting “negative learning”, what would change that memory into positive
learning? Whatever the child replies, you would then change that memory. You would then move on to
the next traumatic memory. Since each bad memory would have created a fragment or ECHO of you,
you need to sift through your memories and address each of those ECHOs individually in order to
experience impactful changes in your life.

The Eutaptics Operating System
Although changing memories is also used in Eutaptics, the process is completely different. Eutaptics is
effectively designed to work with the subconscious mind to make changes using both the body and the
mind. ​The end result of Eutaptics is restructuring the neural networks in the neocortex of the brain as
well as other physical changes.
Eutaptics works with all five styles of memories. These memories can be independent or combined in
various ways. Eutaptics memory reimprinting can be accomplished in 6 basic ways, working within the
individual’s own operating system. Eutaptics understands that everything in a memory is purely a
representation of an experience, it is not an actual person or a separate entity.
Whatever work is done within the memory is changing the person’s records of that particular
experience rather than changing something outside of themselves.
The initial approach of Eutaptics is you noticing how you know you have a problem. If you have a
memory of that problem, you would notice the details of that memory and the feelings associated with
it as you remember it. If you have no memory you would simply know how the problems exist.
This may be because of the problems you have been experiencing lately, may be because you feel it or
may be its just a knowing. However you know you have a problem, you would notice it. This is the
process of aiming – directing the subconscious.
The next step is to use the Eutaptics Tapping Technique, involving 10 meridian points of the major
organs responsible for the fight or flight response. Tapping on these points will take your focus off the
problem and focus on the feeling of your fingers on your skin.
This is a “de-fractionation” method with its main purpose to break the trance of the problem, this
ultimately changes the connection in the brain while also changing the physiological state of the body.
There are many other methods of de-fractionation but tapping is the most commonly used.

Repeating the phrase “let it go” or adding variations to it such as “It’s safe to let it go” as you tap. The
primary reason for this is because the subconscious clings to these things we see as bad because it has a
data that “proves” it is keeping you safe.
The point where you grab your wrist as you take a deep breath and saying “Peace” before going to a
peaceful and happy memory is bound to change the chemical state of your body as well as rewiring the
neocortex of the brain, changing the connection that is causing the problem or issue you are resolving.
Eutaptics also applies the “bad-good collapse” technique – introducing a good memory or feeling into a
bad state. Endorphins and other feel-good chemicals dilute the stress chemicals that cause the varying
degrees of fight-or-flight state that we recognize as bad feelings and emotions.
You would then go back to the problem to see if it still evokes the same feelings or if it has changed.
When you do, you would notice what still remains and then repeat the tapping process until all the bad
feelings have disappeared and memories have been flipped.
In Eutaptics, memories usually flip or changed to a good memory spontaneously as a result of the
de-fractionation technique – this is where the subconscious work. In times the memory does not change
there, you can use the conscious mind to change it. There is no need to be able to visualize in order to
use Eutaptics since the process is designed to work according to the diversity of each individual.
Some people may see pictures or recalling memories through imagery, some may not and associate and
remember a smell or a sound. Some people may even have no memory at all but inherently knows that
there is a problem, each of these may be used in the Eutaptics process.

You do not need to address every bad experience in Eutaptics because the approach is more holistic in
addressing the problems. This is because Eutaptics have a belief system that operates with complete
understanding of why we have problems, its origin and its effects. Because the subconscious has formed
structures with links to different experiences and information addressing certain memories will
automatically cause the collapse of others.
No wonder Eutaptics works more than just in addressing PTSD but can also aid in other simple and
complex life issues like, weight loss and other issues that are stress related.

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