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Original filename: 4 - Tools.pdf
Title: Tools | Point Blank SEO Link Building Course

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Table of Contents


1. Beginner’s Guide to Link
Jump To:
Backlink Data

2. Conducting A Campaign

[Download as PDF] To help protect this from unauthorized distribution, the password
is TheVault.bz. If the PDF doesn’t show up once you click the link, right click on the page and

3. Strategies
4. Tools

select “Save As”. Opening that file will then prompt the password protection.

5. Advanced Section


6. Actual Link Building

Browser Ext.

Now that we’ve walked through the basics, lets get down to the tools you’ll be


using. Tools are your best friends – they drastically improve scalability and allow

7. Blueprint For New Sites


you to spend more of your time actually building links. I’ll start with the basics and

8. Automated and Outsourced Link

move on up.

9. Discount for Subscribers
10. Discount for Subscribers (Test)

Almost all of the best browser extensions are made for Firefox or Chrome, so

Latest Updates

make sure you have at least one installed. I suggest having them both at your

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fingertips because there are some extensions that are only for Chrome and some
only for Firefox.

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The Mozbar is an SEO toolbar created by SEOmoz that’s available in Firefox
& Chrome. It gives you the following metrics from Open Site Explorer (their
link index) of the page you’re viewing:
Page Level
Page Authority
X links from X Root Domains
Domain Level
Domain Authority
Domain mozRank
Domain mozTrust
X Links from X Root Domains
It also gives you the Page Authority & Domain Authority of each search
result in Google.

1/32 | http://course.pointblankseo.com/tools/

If you’re in Firefox, you can export the search results you’re viewing within
Google as a CSV file with all of the metrics included.

SEObook toolbar



The SEObook toolbar is only for Firefox. It displays the following metrics for
the page you’re viewing:
Blekko page links
OSE links to page
Ahrefs unique linking domains to page
Majestic SEO pages linking to the root domain
Blekko domain links
Ahrefs unique linking domains to website
OSE links to domain
Majestic SEO domains linking to the root domain
Blekko rank
Listings in each of the top 4 directories (DMOZ, Y! Dir, BOTW,
Archive.org site age
Compete.com uniques
SEMRush.com traffic value
It also includes a Rank Checker, SEO XRay (further analysis of page), IP
lookup, other traffic estimators besides Compete, and a list of SEO resources
(blog, news sites).
As you can see it has a ton of more features than the SEOmoz toolbar. I
personally use the SEOmoz toolbar because I use Chrome & I don’t need
70% of the metrics in the SEObook toolbar, but again, it’s personal



The cool part about SEOquake is that you can get it in Chrome, Firefox,
Safari, or even Opera.
Here are the default parameters:
Quick SEO page report
Google Index
Yahoo Dir Listings
SEMRush links
SEMRush linkdomain

2/32 | http://course.pointblankseo.com/tools/


Bing Index
Alexa Rank
Delicious Bookmarks
Facebook Likes
Google +1s
Whois search
Keyword Density
Overall, it doesn’t display much link data compared to the first two.
Here’s how I mainly use it in Chrome:
Install Open Site Explorer parameters on this page
In your toolbar go to SEOquake > preferences > parameters and allow
the OSE metrics to show up in Google
Go to Google, allow 100 results per page (in your search settings)
When prospecting, download the CSV of the results, then copy & paste
into Excel
In Excel, go to Data > Text to Columns
Choose “Delimited” for your data’s file type, then click Next
Check the “Semicolon” option, then click “Next”, then Finish
Now you’ve got all of the search results in Excel, and you can sort them by
the different parameters (I usually sort by OSE metrics). To include different
parameters, go back into SEOquake’s settings and check which ones you’d
like to include.

Link Building Toolbar



LBT is a link management tool that allows you to keep track of your link
building efforts across the Web. The issue we have when doing competitor
research & prospecting is that we don’t want to overlap our efforts, a
problem LBT is attempting to solve.
So I don’t start off boring you with the setup process, here’s a glimpse of its

3/32 | http://course.pointblankseo.com/tools/

At the click of a button you can transform a list of links into colors based off
of what their status is (i.e. did I get a link there, am I currently pursuing a link
there, etc.). Here’s another example, this time inside Open Site Explorer:

Another great place to do this is on a list of prospects in Link Prospector, but

4/32 | http://course.pointblankseo.com/tools/

you can do it on any page that you choose.
Here are the different colors:
Green: Success
Red: No-go
Light Blue: Got a link from that domain, but not that page
Dark blue: Revisit later
Orange: Pending
So, here’s what the toolbar looks like (it’s a chrome extension):

Here’s what you’re seeing:
The logo links to your projects page at LinkBuildingToolbar.com
Other Links refers to how many other links you have from this
domain (in this case, 2)
The status of the link
The info about the page you can edit
The project you’re currently working on
The Toggle Analysis button that highlights links based off the project’s
saved information (as seen in the SERP example above)
The ability to collapse/expand the toolbar
Once you’ve signed up for an account & installed the toolbar in Chrome,
you’ll be able to create a new project. Here’s what the My Projects page
looks like.

As you can see, I have one project for my blog & one for Barack Obama
(you can’t turn down the president if he wants you to build links for him) for
demonstration purposes. When I open up a project, this is what it looks like:

5/32 | http://course.pointblankseo.com/tools/

As you can see, when you save a link, it goes back into your project
database on LBT’s website. You can sort the links by the different
information you input, which I will talk about next.

Editing Information
When you find a page that you want to add information about, simply click
the Add / Edit URL Info button. What pops up is displayed below.

6/32 | http://course.pointblankseo.com/tools/

You can input who got the link, What type of link it was (text or image), the
anchor, if it’s nofollow, the type of site (blog, directory, forum, etc.), the
Status of the link (this is the most important; either success, no-go, pending,
or revisit), and any general notes.

Adding Existing Link Information
If you’ve already got this type of information stored elsewhere, such as in
Excel, you can input it into the Link Building Toolbar’s database by going to
your project page. You have to format the spreadsheet a certain way; here’s
the help page from Chris on how to do it quickly.
Also, if you want to import your links from SEOmoz or Majestic, click on the
link for that guide.

Other Features
You can easily add a few other features to the toolbar with just a few clicks.
You can add PageRank, Majestic data, and Moz data. Here’s an example:

CF – Citation Flow, TF – Trust Flow, PA – Page Authority, DA – Domain
Authority, MR – mozRank.
Yes, you can get some of that data from other SEO toolbars, but having it all
in the Link Building Toolbar saves some precious screen real estate.
Also – if you’re thinking about going for one of the paid accounts (there’s a
free one but it’s limited), the link at the top gives you a 5% discount. You can
still get the discount if you go with a free account now and upgrade later.

7/32 | http://course.pointblankseo.com/tools/

Backlink data

Open Site Explorer

Free or $99/mo.


This is both a free & paid tool; the paid option starts at $99/month and is a
part of the SEOmoz toolset. The free version does not include social
metrics, and overall it limits certain things (i.e. doesn’t show anchor text after
the first 20 links, doesn’t show more than 20 Top Pages, etc.).
Here’s a quick screenshot of what OSE looks like when you input a URL.

As you can see, there are a variety of metrics at play here. I’ll run through
Page Authority – The amount of pure authority the page you’re
querying has (aka link juice)
Domain Authority – The authority & trust of the domain
Linking Root Domains – The number of different websites linking to
that page
Total Links – Total amount of links (self explanatory)
Social metrics – Number of social votes for that page
There are also a number of Tabs, all having results that you can export as a
Inbound Links– A list of the links to that page. Here are some of the
things you can sort that list by:
followed, nofollowed, or 301 redirects
external or internal links
links to that page, root domain, or subdomain
grouped or ungrouped by domain
Top pages – shows the most linked to pages on that root or sub

8/32 | http://course.pointblankseo.com/tools/

Linking Domains – Gives a list of domains linking to that page as well
as a TLD distribution chart
Anchor Text – Shows the anchor text distribution of the links to that
Compare Link Metrics – You can compare that URL with up to 4
different URLs. In Figure 2-1 you can see what a competitive link
report would look like.
Advanced Reports – If you need more advanced filters for your
reports, this is where you’ll go.
OSE also has an API, so you can get its link data straight into any
spreadsheet or application.
Overall, I’m a huge fan of OSE because its just plain better link analysis.
While some other tools might boast a bigger index, the quality of OSE
metrics is unmatched. Its also good about making sure that when it updates
its index every month, the only links they show are live; its not perfect, but
it’s the best out there for that purpose.
As stated, the index updates usually every month or so. As of the time
writing this, SEOmoz is looking to change that to every 2 weeks, but
nothing is set in stone. Therefore, its main disadvantage is not having a live
index; this is due to its intense analysis of links beyond just listing them out.

Majestic SEO

Free or $50/mo.


This is both a free & paid tool; the free version only allows you to get data of
the sites you own, and the paid versions (starting at $49/month) allow
different amounts of reports for any website based on the plan.
I personally don’t use Majestic, but its two main features that sets itself from
the competition is the size of its index and its fresh index.
A recent study by Branko Rihtman showed that the link index with the

9/32 | http://course.pointblankseo.com/tools/

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