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Therese Bernard and Chris Payea Walmart 3150 .pdf

Original filename: Therese Bernard and Chris Payea Walmart 3150.pdf
Title: Visual Report

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December 2, 2014

A Question?


December 2, 2014

Is it proper ethics
for a Support
Manager to have an
relationship with
an Associate?
A love story in the work place
A bit of background must be given to understand the "star crossed
lovers" of Walmart #3150, in Medicine Hat, Alberta.
There is a "clique" at Walmart during the over night shift. This group
is not only favoured by other managers, but also get away with certain
things that others do not. By others, I mean those that are noticeably not
apart of the "in crowd."
It's actually kind of funny that the managers at Walmart profess
good standing ethics whether work related or otherwise, but also support
and even help bury the fact that a support manager and an associate are
having an unethical relationship for at least a year. After all, they work the
same shift and within close proximity of each other during their shifts.
Now if a husband and wife cannot do this at Walmart than what makes


December 2, 2014

these two so special? It helps when you are "buddy buddy" with a comanager or two...Eh?
There are two swear words behind Walmart doors, they are "union"
and "favouritism." Today, I will say without a shadow of a doubt that there
is favouritism in every work place, but this store takes it to the next level
and seems to base in house promotions on it. If you ask a lot of the night
staff they will not deny it either.
Now you may be asking yourself if this is the ramblings of a former
scorned boyfriend or disgruntled employee and I assure you it is not the
only reason this document was created, but to also serve as a warning to
any future boyfriends, or anyone that finds themselves in company with
these two morally bankrupt people.
The only reason the Walmart brand has been even brought up, is
because management there have enabled the actions to continue and
have even gave advice on being "sneakier" at hiding it. As for being a
scorned ex well, if you take a look around our Walmart staff room there is
a few of us. Too bad none of us talked until after we found out about each
others experience with Therese. Keeping in mind more than a few of us
that have gotten the "Walmart bump" have come and gone from that
work place.
*Throughout this document you will see samples of text messages
and other pictures to present real examples. All pictures are authentic
and taken during some of my experiences with Therese.


December 2, 2014

Therese Bernard

Has been with a lot of different partners. She said once, "that she was in triple digits." Believable given her
history with the opposite sex at Walmart.
She is also a carrier of HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus), she will not tell you and you will never know until you
or her have an outbreak.

Pathological Liar - Good luck getting any truth from this one. If
there is an excuse, it is already in her database of ready to use lines.

Manipulator - her abilities as a manipulator
probably started at a very young age where
her skills were fined to an art form most
likely on her parents. It seems when she


December 2, 2014

runs out of money because she is
buying booze or iTunes gift cards, her
parents are quick to fill her bank
account back up. She knows they will
every time, so why change a good
thing... Right? The short version is she is
a user, emotional, physical, etc.
- A Slob would be an understatement and proof that somebody

wasn't "cleaning."


December 2, 2014

Cheater - Has a "secret
arrangement" with the support
manager Chris Payea, they are
besties with benefits. Therese
spends multiple days at Chris's,
but when he does allow you to
do laundry in his mothers home,
than you have to pay for it
somehow. By the time this is
seen they would have returned
to their previous routine of
spending multiple days at Therese's instead of at Chris' mothers home.
The funny thing is everyone knows about the unethical relationship
between these two, to the point where higher up managers support it
and even help to hide it, which is again unethical.
** On days in which the co-manager picks up Chris to go to work,
Therese either leaves Chris' or drops him off only 1/2 an hour or less
before the co manager arrives. (Admitted by Therese)
** On days Therese drives Chris to work they are at either hers or
his place since the previous shift ended. Therese with drop Chris off at
the front door and park the car and wait ten or so minutes before going
in, to not bring up suspicion. (Admitted by Therese)


December 2, 2014

Kinky - Could be a good thing or a bad thing you decide, but
depending on her
inability to be
monogamous it is
probably a bad thing.



December 2, 2014


December 2, 2014

Walmart #3150's Support Manager Chris Payea
and Associate Therese Bernard's "we do
everything that people dating do, but we're
not dating" relationship began as a friendship,
carpooling, fishing, drinking buddy, best
friends and finally an arrangement was agreed
upon in which they would be "friends with
benefits," even if they are in intimate relationships with other people; the
bedroom door would always be open if either should care to use it. With
no surprise this tidbit of information would be withheld from the future
boyfriends of Therese.
Chris doesn't have a girlfriend, besides Therese. at the very least he
fulfills some part role of the boyfriend for her (as the closest thing to
replacing, her true love Matt, but she cheated on him too.) and her him. A
mutual symbiotic relationship. Chris has admitted to being in love with
another former Walmart employee, Amanda. Too bad she is married and
has a nice family, in which Therese and Chris are known as "auntie and
uncle" to the child in that family as well as other members of their friends
children. Draw your own conclusions to that set up.
He is another pathological liar and manipulator, but to be in
management both traits are eventually acquired kind of like Pavlovian
Dog training; if you don't naturally have them through life experiences.
His rise to the position of support manager came pretty easy and it helps
when you are "friends" with the co manager and do suspicious things like
trying to hide the simple fact that you applied for the position until the
position is filled. It does not look shady at all.... The night crew knows it's

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