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Author: master_x_2k

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Our Family Story
by Famthroaway

Volume 1

Part 1
I'm 43, married, and have three children. A daughter, and two sons. I've been
reading stories on here for a while now, and have been trying to decide if I should
share our story. After talking it over with my wife, we decided I would make a throw
away account and see what happens. This all started several years ago, and is
ongoing, so there is way too much information to put in one post.
I’ve noticed that most stories start out by asking for help, or advice with a family
member, and then there is usually one or two “updates” before the story falls off the
board. If this is how this board is supposed to be, and I’m in the wrong for posting a
fairly long, true, story let me know. If everything is ok, then I will share more of our
story in the future. I’m not looking for any advice, or help. I just think it would be cool
to be able to share our story with like-minded people.
My wife and I are very open sexually, talk about everything, and have been in the
swing lifestyle for many years. My wife is bi-sexual, and likes to flash and show off in
public places. We mostly play with couples, but also have a few single, or solo,
friends. Being watched by others isn’t something that’s out of the ordinary for us. So
that's our basic background. I'm home from work in the early afternoon, do my
workout in my home gym and then go upstairs to take a shower. Our upstairs
master suite has a full bathroom that has an open arch between the bedroom and
bathroom. We have a separate sunken Jacuzzi tub, and shower stall that is all clear
glass. I'm in the shower, and see a flash of light come in the bathroom which usually
means my wife opened the bedroom door and the sunlight from the windows came
in. I didn't think anything of it until I finished my shower and went downstairs to find
out that my wife wasn't home yet. I figured I must have been seeing things.
The next day when I was in the shower again, I saw the same flash of light. This
time I tried to look into the bedroom but didn't see anyone. And again, after my
shower, I went downstairs to find that my wife isn't home. I was racking my brain
trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Then I came up with a plan.
The following day I opened the medicine cabinet mirror door at an angle to where I
could see into the big mirror over the sinks that would give me a view back into the
bedroom. I started my shower and in a few minutes saw the flash of light so I turned
around to look in the mirror and saw my daughter. She was peeking around the
corner and watching me. I kind of freaked out and shut the water off before I was
done with my shower, and she split. I just stood there, wondering how many times
she has watched me take a shower. How many times did I think my wife had
opened the door but it was really my daughter? Then I realized I was still covered
with soap suds and had to turn the water back on to rinse off. My daughter is now
22, (Lets call her Kelly) she has an athletic build from playing sports; soccer,

volleyball, softball, and swimming. Very cute, 32B, but I wouldn’t say she was model
material. She’s more the sports/tomboy type, than the girlie girl type. She has a nice
bubble butt. Especially in her volleyball shorts which she has always worn around
the house all the time. Her normal way of dressing at home are her volleyball shorts
and sports bras. I got out of the shower and went over to the corner that Kelly was
peeking around to see what she could see. From where she was standing, she had
a small view into the shower. I then got dressed and went down stairs. My wife
wasn’t home yet, and Kelly was in her bedroom. I was happy about that, and didn’t
want to see her before I was able to talk to my wife. When my wife came in we
hugged and kissed, and she immediately asked me what’s wrong. She can read me
that well. I told her everything is fine, but we need to talk. I followed her upstairs so
we could talk while she changed clothes.
I said, “Our daughter has been peeking on me in the shower.” She replied, “Really?
Did you catch her?” I explained how I was noticing the flash of sunlight from the
door being opened, but she wasn’t home yet. Then I showed her how I opened the
medicine cabinet to see in the big mirror, then I told her how I freaked out and shut
the water off, and was still covered with soap.
We were both kind of laughing now, and started play arguing over who should talk to
Kelly about this. I said, “You need to talk to her.” My wife said, “Nope you can talk to
her yourself.” I replied, “I’m not talking to her, this is a mother daughter thing.” This
went on for a few minutes until my wife’s final reply was, “You have two choices.
You can either talk to her, or let her continue to watch you shower. Both are fine
with me.” Then she walked out of the room.
Let her continue to watch me shower? That thought never occurred to me. Hell no, I
was going to talk to her. Through dinner, and watching the news on TV after dinner,
I was figuring out what I was going to say exactly. Do I keep it simple and say, “Saw
you in the bedroom when I was taking a shower. Stay out.” Or, do I say something
about how she shouldn’t be watching her dad in the shower. My wife sat next to me
on the couch and I turned to her and asked, “What the fuck am I supposed to say?”
She replied, “Nothing.” I just heavy sighed, and shook my head.
We went to bed and I laid there awake. Aggravated that my wife was now teasing
me about giving shower shows. “Maybe you should charge a dollar,” she says. No
fucking help at all so I thought I would turn the tables and say, “I’m not saying
anything. She can watch if she wants to.” My wife snuggles up to me, kisses me on
the cheek, and says, “good choice, you’re a good dad.” A good dad? What the hell
does that mean?
The next day, I got home from work and did my workout like normal. After my
workout I texted my wife and told her I needed her help on this. She replied that if I
was really uncomfortable about being watched then I should just lock the door. Fuck
me! Through all of this I didn’t even think about just locking the damn door. Then

she texts, but if you’re ok with being watched, then I’m ok with you letting her watch.
I sat there for a minute, looking at my phone. Is she serious, or is she fucking with
me again?
I went up to the bedroom, closed the door, and locked it. Then went into the
bathroom and stripped down to take a shower. I stood there looking in the mirror for
a few minutes and thought what the hell. I opened the medicine cabinet, and went to
the bedroom door. I stood there for what seemed like an hour before I unlocked it. I
got in the shower and was watching for the flash of light and looking in the mirror
over and over. Nothing! Kelly never came in.
When my wife came home we hugged and kissed. She told me to come upstairs
and talk to her while she changed clothes. We got upstairs and she asked if I left the
door unlocked. I told her how I locked it at first, and then unlocked it but nothing
happened. Kelly never came in. She kissed me and said she was thinking about this
all day. It must be a rush for Kelly to sneak in and watch me. “It’s kind of a turn on
for me to,” she says. “Oh really?” I said, “Our daughter watching me naked in the
shower is a turn on?” My wife says the whole thought of Kelly waiting for me to go in
the bedroom, listening for the water to turn on, and waiting to hear me in the
shower, before sneaking in to look, is a turn on. Her heart must be pounding with
anticipation, and she’s probably scared to death of getting caught. Then she
wonders out loud how long Kelly has been doing this.
That night, when we went to bed, my wife was all over me. We fucked more than
made love. Nothing was said about Kelly watching me in the shower, but I knew
what was on her mind.
The fact that she was turned on by the whole thing, was making me turned on, and
wanting Kelly to watch me shower just so I could tell the wife about it.
The next day I’m doing my normal routine. Home from work, workout in my gym,
head upstairs to take a shower. I leave the door unlocked, set up the mirrors, strip
naked and get in the shower. I’m half hard from thinking about what my wife said. If
anyone cares, I’m in decent shape from working out. Keep myself pretty fit. I don’t
have a huge throbbing cock like most guys I’ve read about here, but I’m cut, and a
little more than average. Trimmed pubic hair and shaved balls.
Kelly shows up and slowly peeks around the corner. I kept checking the mirror out of
the corner of my eye, and as I’m showering she’s standing there watching. I’m
wondering what she’s getting out of this. Is she just curious? Is she getting turned
on by watching me? How long has she been doing this? I finish my shower, turn off
the water, and check the mirror. Kelly is gone. When my wife came home we kissed
and hugged. She asked, “Well?” I said, “Yes, she watched.”
That night when the wife and I went to bed, she asked me to tell her about it. There
wasn’t much to tell. She asked me if I got hard, and I said I was half hard before she
showed up due to thinking about everything she, my wife, had said about the whole

deal. Didn’t get more than half hard. Then my wife wondered how many times Kelly
has seen my dick hard. I asked, “Do you want her to see my dick hard?” Yes.” She
admitted, and we fucked and fell asleep.
The next day was Friday, Kelly didn’t show up during my shower. There was nothing
over the weekend since my Monday-Friday routine doesn’t happen. Saturday
morning is usually the time I trim my pubes and shave my balls so I’m fresh and
clean if we have a swing party or a hookup with any friends on Saturday night. I’ve
trimmed and was in the shower shaving my balls when I hear my wife say, “Looks
pretty good.” I invited her into the shower with me. In the shower I asked her how
well she could see. She told me everything from the waist down when I’m standing
directly under the water. She could see more if I didn’t have my towel hanging over
that side of the shower. We soap each other up and I end up fucking her from
behind against the side wall.
Well, now I know why I can’t see out. The towel blocks my view from seeing Kelly,
but Kelly can see me from the waist down. After we fuck, my wife gets out, stands
where Kelly stands, and then she positions the towel I have hanging over the wall of
the shower. She checks the view and moved the towel so it’s high enough to get the
best view from about mid chest down. Then she gets a black marker and makes a
little dot on the outside edge of the shower. I’m watching her figure all this out, and
thinking how crazy hot it is that she wants our daughter to have the best view
possible of me nude.
Monday comes and I’m back to my normal routine. While I’m working out, my wife’s
text tone goes off a few times on my phone. I check it when I’m done to see the
following texts: “Have fun in the shower……Remember to set the towel to the black
dot…….Stroke it for her.” I reply, “Thanks….OK…..Really??” She texts back,
I headed upstairs, left the door unlocked, positioned the towel, set-up the mirror, and
got in the shower with an almost hard cock. The whole set up with the idea of Kelly
watching me is turning me on. I washed my hair and stroked a little with the
shampoo suds. Checked the mirror, and she’s not there. Washed my face and
glanced at the mirror again, and there’s Kelly peeking around the corner. I grabbed
the body wash and my scrubber and washed my body like normal but giving extra
attention to my hard on. Stroked it a little and glanced at the mirror. Kelly’s whole
face was in view as she was leaning around the corner watching. I
stroked more.
I moved out of the water facing the door, knowing Kelly had a full view of me from
the chest down. Soaped up my stomach, cock and balls, upper legs, and then
stroked some more. I glanced at the mirror and came while watching Kelly watch
me. Not a huge load, but enough for her to see that I came. I got back under the
water and rinsed off, then checked the mirror again, and Kelly was gone.

When my wife came home we hugged and kissed. She asked, “Anything?” And I
said, “Yes.” She drug me upstairs so she could hear all about it. She was starting to
change clothes when I started telling her what happened. She was just in her
panties when I got to the part of me cumming. My wife asked, “She saw you cum?”
“Yes she did.” My wife took her panties off, laid back on the bed, and said “Fuck me!
Fuck me right now!”
She was laying back on the bed with her ass right on the edge. I got between her
legs and lifted them up over my shoulders. Worked my dick into her already wet
pussy and got saliva on my thumb. Started rubbing her clit with my thumb while I
fucked her. As she was getting ready to cum, she looked at me and said, “Kelly saw
your hard cock, and saw you cum.
Mmmmmmm yessssssss.” Which made me cum also.
So that’s the start…

Part 2
Thank You Everyone for the positive responses. My wife, Sarah, and I have enjoyed
reading all of your comments received so far. (Sarah isn’t her real name) Let me
start off by answering a couple questions that were asked many times.
Sarah is 5’ 6” brunette, in great shape, spectacular legs and butt from
CrossFit/squats, natural 36dds. Sorry, but No, I will not send any pictures to anyone.
We live in the US, but I will not say which city or state we live in. Yes we swing, and
have been in the lifestyle for many years, but our family story is in no way an ad for
bulls to help fuck my wife and/or daughter. We do not hook up with strangers, or
random online people. I really hope that doesn’t sound too negative since we have
received so many positive responses. We tried to respond to as many as we could
but it was difficult with being out of town for the weekend. Just know that Sarah and
I have had a lot of fun so far with reading comments, and remembering back to
how things started.
Here we go….
Several months went by with Kelly watching me shower off and on. Sometimes a
couple days in a row and sometimes she would skip a few days or weeks. There
was a span of time when I was working overtime, and Kelly had sports practice or
games after school. I didn't jack off every time either. She saw me cum maybe five
times in a month, but every time I would tell my wife all about it while we fucked. I
was really beginning to enjoy being watched, almost as much as I was enjoying how

horny it was making Sarah. So much that I even changed my workout routine to
better fit Kelly’s schedule, so I was showering about the time she got home.
One afternoon, while working out, Sarah was blowing up my phone. I actually
stopped my workout thinking there was something wrong. Her texts said that she
had written Kelly a note and she wanted me to tape it to the wall right where she
stands, so there is no way she would miss it. I tried to finish my workout wondering
what the hell she was up to now, until my curiosity got the best of me. I had to go
see this note.
I went upstairs and looked in her nightstand drawer to find tape, and a note written
in red sharpie on a regular sheet of paper. I chuckled thinking she planned this out
and was probably wet the whole day thinking about it. The note said, “Kelly, we
know you have been watching dad shower and it’s OK. You don’t have to hide
around the corner. You can sit on the edge of the tub if you want. Love you, Mom.”
Holy shit! Has my wife gone crazy? I read the note over and over a few times and
started getting hard thinking about how turned on Sarah must be anticipating this. I
taped the note to the wall, set up the mirrors, and got in the shower. Kelly appeared
a few minutes later and stood there with a shocked look on her face while reading
the note. She looked at me in the shower and read the note again before she pulled
it off the wall and walked into the bathroom. I calmly said, “Hey beautiful.” As calmly
as I could anyway. I’ve always called her pet names like beautiful, baby, baby doll,
hot stuff, etc. I have to admit that my heart was racing. It was one thing to have her
peeking around the corning, but now she was standing right in front of me with
nothing but a clear shower door between us. She held the note up and asked, “How
long have you known?” I told her that I first figured it out a few months ago, and told
mom immediately. I pointed to the mirrors. She got a little red in the face and smiled.
I then asked her how long has she been watching.
Kelly said she’s been watching off and on for about a year. Then she said that she
can’t believe that mom and I are cool with this. I asked her to tell me why she
started watching me shower and she sat on the edge of the tub. I kept showering
like normal, and she was sitting on the tub right next to the shower. She was looking
at me while talking to me, but kept glancing down at my semi hard on.
Kelly told me that a friend of hers told her that she saw her dad naked all the time.
The friend’s dad always slept nude and the friend would sneak in and look at him in
the mornings. In the summer he would be uncovered a lot. The friend kept telling
Kelly about seeing her dad’s dick and told Kelly that she should try to see me. So,
she snuck in while I was taking a shower.
I said, “Ok, that explains the first time, but why did you keep coming back?” Kelly
just shrugged her shoulders and got a little embarrassed. I reassured her it was ok
to tell me anything and she said, “I don’t know, I just kind of liked watching you.”
There was a moment of silence while I rinsed off, and then Kelly said, “Wait! You

knew I was watching, and you masturbated!” I said, “Well, that was your mom’s
idea, and I kind of liked you watching.” Kelly’s reply was, “Oh My God!” with a laugh.
I turned the water off, grabbed my towel and started drying off. Kelly just sat there
watching me and said, “This is usually when I leave.” I told her I knew that, but she
could stay if she wanted while I dry off and get dressed. She stayed and we chatted
about her homework and last basketball game. After I was dressed, I kissed her on
top of the head and told her I loved her. Kelly said she loved me too and thanked
me for not being pissed off.
When my wife came home, I told her all about it while I slowly fucked her on our
bed. She kept saying, “That’s hot” after every little bit of information. I was actually
amazed at how turned on she was and how intense her orgasm was. It was evident
that she was worked up all day. My cock was as hard as it could get and I came
hard with her.
When we went downstairs, Kelly was sitting on the couch doing her homework. I
went into the kitchen as my wife went into the living room and sat next to Kelly on
the couch. Later on that night, my wife told me about their conversation. She told
Kelly it was pretty normal to want to see me nude, and we didn’t mind. She could
watch me shower anytime, even on the weekends if she wanted, or she could hang
out in our bedroom.
The next four days, Kelly came in every day after I started my shower and sat on the
tub talking to me about normal stuff. The fourth day she followed me into the
bedroom, and sat on the tub, while I got undressed. Having her watching me so
much was a definite turn on. I was half hard all the time.
The following week she came in on Monday and Tuesday. Then on Wednesday,
when she came in, I asked her how school was and she replied, “OK.” I said, “Just
ok? Is something going on?” She just kept looking at me, and I said, “Sweetie what
is it? You can tell me anything.” And Kelly Stammered, “well, uh, you haven’t, um,
masturbated in a while.” I replied, “Oh, is that it?” and she said, “Ya, does that mean
you won’t with me in here like this?”
My dick started to get harder and I told her that I don’t really masturbate that often. I
don’t really have a need to since mom and I have a very active sex life but if she
wanted me to I
would. She smiled and got embarrassed. I reached for my cock and started stroking
it for her. She was concentrating on my hard on, and glancing up at my face with a
smile. I was getting ready to cum and I took a step closer towards her and shot my
lode on the shower wall right in front of her. She jumped back and laughed. I was
pretty turned on, and was kind of proud of the load I shot.
I rinsed my cum off the glass and finished my shower. Kelly stayed there while I
dried off and got dressed, and then she asked me if I was going to tell mom. I told
her that mom and I are always open and honest with each other, and I tell her

everything. Besides, it was mom’s idea for me to masturbate with her watching in
the first place. Then I got an idea, and said,
“Why don’t you tell mom about it when she gets home.”
When Sarah came home she gave me a hug and a kiss and I told her Kelly has
something to tell you. Take her upstairs with you. She just smiled at me and
bounced off to get Kelly.
They went upstairs and were up there about forty five minutes before they came
back down all smiles and giggly. I asked, “What’s up with you two?” Sarah said,
“Nothing.” They both laughed and Kelly said, “Mom will tell you later when she fucks
you.” The look on my face must have been a look of total shock. I knew my mouth
fell open. My wife started laughing hysterically.
All through dinner, and the rest of the evening I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t wait
for bed-time and the clock was dragging. When we finally went to bed I was as hard
as a rock. Sarah got in bed nude and started taking my underwear off. She took my
cock in her mouth and sucked me for a few minutes before she got on top of me and
started riding me. She was sitting up on me and said, “You’re daughter said she
likes your junk. She told me all about your conversation about masturbating and us
having an active sex life. She told me you were really hard and started stroking your
cock for her and then you tensed up and shot cum all over the shower wall. She
said if the wall wasn’t there you would have shot cum on her face.” She stopped
talking for a moment while she orgasmed.
Then she continued by saying, “She said it looked like you were aiming for her face
and that made my pussy wet. I asked her if she ever touched herself when watching
you shower and she said yes. She said she masturbated while watching you jack off
a couple of times. I asked her if she liked talking about it, and having it out in the
open now, and she said yes, her friend knows she’s seen your junk, but she’s never
told anyone that she’s watched you cum.” She stopped talking again and had
another orgasm.
Sarah went on to say that she told Kelly that the next time I jack off for her, that it’s
ok for her to touch herself also if she wants. She told Kelly that she was going to
fuck me by riding my cock, and tell me about their conversation. She started to
orgasm again, and I came with her.
The following Saturday morning I’m in the shower, and had just finished shaving
when Sarah and Kelly walk in. They are standing there talking to me about the days
plans when Sarah points at my growing hard on and says, looks he’s getting hard
with us just standing here looking at him. Then she asked, “You know what really
gets him hard?” Kelly asked, “What?” Sarah says,” Tits!” And pull up her t-shirt to
show me her tits. Then she elbowed Kelly and said, “Show him.” Kelly paused for a
second before she lifted her shirt and showed me perfect 32Bs. They both started

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