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Alien Interview 2016 Analysis
W itte

2Ci les

Analysis of a in the year 2016 under various titles released video showing an alleged alien entity.
Snowden releases alien video, Area 51 alien interview, Alien time traveler, Secrets of life revealed by
alien, and other titles.
Here are some links to the video:

This video is a highly manipulative work of psychological warfare. Everything said in it, is said to
achieve specific alien goals, all to the disadvantage of humanity. It is full of intentional lies in order to
manipulate and deceive the viewer.
This analysis will expose these lies and explain in detail what the specific goal of each lie is.
The human and the alien are both figureheads representing their races in this scenario. Since it is the
goal of aliens to gain overt control over humanity they will have to be accepted by the masses as
wise, intelligent and just leaders, superior to humans in judgement.
Logically the human in this work of psychological warfare will be portrayed as inferior in all aspects.
Nowadays it is widely known that the elite of earth, that are ultimately controlled by aliens and
demonic entities, do operate under a set of metaphysical/universal laws that force them to reveal to
their victims their plans, or give hints that the victim can either recognize or ignore. Ignorance of the
hints given, allows the deceiving alien/demonic aggressors to proceed with their agenda of
The occult formula is: Awareness prevents, ignorance allows.
This video does give several such hints that reveal a hostile agenda of those that produced the video.
An agenda of hostility and deception.
-I will point out several details in this video that to some people will seem out of proportion,
exaggerated, imagined, overly perceptive, etc.

One must know that in a for the aliens strategically highly relevant production like this video, nothing
is left to chance. Everything in it is intentionally and carefully designed by a team of psychological
warfare experts advised by their alien superiors.
Every word, every punctuation is being payed most critical attention to. This video is a several
hundred hour production in which every single sentence was rewritten dozens of times, every word
pronunciated dozens of times, every comma, every dot rearranged dozens of times, dozens of filters
tried, every video title reconsidered dozens of times, etc.
They are control freaks beyond human comprehension in their regular state, imagine how neurotic
they get when it is about something crucially important to them.

Video editing
Fi st of all, the ideo is edited to appea as f o de ades ago to ake it see like so e e old
original Roswell incident tape, while to everyone familiar with really old videos and familiar with
modern video editing software, it is VERY obvious that modern filters were used in making this video
to create the illusion of old school.
This is t f o so e old o ie oll found in some dusty archive or hidden in someone s basement,
this is a modern day high quality professional After Effects production.
The Interview
1. *Sigh!* Tell us the truth or (indiscernible):
The *sigh!* at the beginning was made to demonstrate frustration with the alien giving truthful
a s e s, hat the u easo a le, ig o a t a d pa a oid sill hu a i te ie e is t illi g to
This is ea t to e pe ei ed as Tell us the truth OR EL“E! . The o else is i te tio all left out
(indiscernible) to let the obvious sentence be completed by the viewer. This makes the conversation
appear organic and authentic.
This sentence was said to portray the human interrogator as ruthless military/intelligence agency
kind of person that threatens the peace-loving compassionate alien with violence should it exercise
his right of every sentient being to not cooperate against his free will, which is violated by the human
In order to portray the interrogator as a backwards, primitive, barbarous member of an uncivilized
race (humanity).
This is done to force the viewer to side with either the compassionate, intellectually superior alien, or
the narrow-minded, primitive free-will violating human aggressor. Most will therefore side with the
Hostile alien groups and their human minions are responsible for several TV productions in which a
sympathetic alien is on the run from heartless, irresponsible, ignorant human groups, mainly military.

And being hidden, gi e shelte
f ie dl , good hea ted hu a s. “piel e g s E.T. , ALF , ‘oge
A e i a Dad , to a e a fe .
This was done to condition the human subconscious into perceiving aliens as friendly and beneficial
and human leadership as backwards and evil, for later wide acceptance of aliens among us and a
rejection of human leadership, and acceptance of an alien leadership. Pavlovian dog training.
-Military dork/devil/Caveman (humans BAD) – alien angel hallow, peace, love, super intelligent.
-E.T., ALF, Roger, Paul, Di o “ uad, Dis e s F ie dl di osau , etc.
2. It is truth. I am from earth. From your future. A e olutio ary hu a des e de t
No it is not truth, it s lies. Neither is the entity from earth, nor from our future. A d it e tai l is t a
human descendent.
They are not future humans. They are a genetically created slave race of the reptilians. which they
use as probes. Neither are they future humans nor are they from future earth.
They are from an entirely different realm or dimension. There are many realms and dimensions.
Some are positive, others are negative. They are from an extremely negative realm of very low
density and low frequency vibration.
This will be explained later in greater detail under point 4. Nu lea … a . Ou a esto s a e the
su i o s.
3. So what are you doing here now? Observing .
Lies! They are doing way more than just observing. They are intervening in the lives of tens of
thousands. They abduct, experiment, manipulate, lie, deceive, steer, control, torture, torment and
murder. And those that expose these hostile alien activities face extreme hardship in their lives,
often resulting in being murdered as countless cases of dead researchers prove.
4. Nu lear… ar. Our a estors are the sur i ors.
They claim that they would be earth humans from a future timeline where they destroyed earth in a
nuclear war, then traveled back in time to warn humans from it happening.
While by them installed disinformation sources (Fringe the series) claim that while they are indeed
from a failed radiated future (2600), they are not here to warn us but to conquer us and radiate the
planet to make it hospital to them. But that the solution to this problem are grey-human hybrids that
will dissolve the timeline of the failed nuclear future and make the pure greys vanish.
It s oth huge lies

i ed ith so e t uth.

They are behind the agenda of radiating earth. Why would they travel back from a radioactive future
to a non-radioactive past in order to radiate it? Makes no sense.
They are behind the suppression of free energy (Tesla) while they promoted nuclear technology
(lizard tongue out Einstein)

Wernher von Braun said that they basically had all of their technology from aliens, and that they
were behind the build up of the power blocks west vs east to create nuclear powers. Therefore aliens
are responsible for a nuclear war if it happens, not humans. Von Braun also said that the final threat,
after communists and asteroids would be aliens.
-They are going to present themselves to the world very soon. They have to because people become
aware of their existence and presence in ever greater numbers. Therefore they are forced to switch
from covert to overt ruler ship. They have always been in control of humanity for thousands of years.
They are way too smart for conventional warfare. in order to enslave worlds they use clever
deception and persuasion. Tricking people into accepting their ruler ship via free-will to avoid the
karmic blow-back from a violent take over.
In order to be accepted by the masses they have to present themselves in a positive light. They will
appear as:
-saviors of mankind
-of superior intelligence & wisdom
-spiritually advanced
-related with humanity
They claim to be a future human descendent from future earth where a nuclear war happened that
destroyed everyone but them.
They will claim that they had to genetically alter themselves to cope with the impact of the radiation.
This of course is nothing but lies.
a. Reptilians/greys are in control now and always were for thousands of years..
if anyone caused a nuclear war it was them. Not humans.
b. They are not future humans. They are a genetically created slave race of the reptilians. which they
use as probes.
c. Neither are they future humans nor are they from future earth.
They are from an entirely different realm or dimension. There are many realms and dimensions.
Some are positive, others are negative. They are from an extremely negative realm of very low
density and low frequency vibration.
There are many references throughout the epoches of human cultures and civilizations to such
extremely negative realms. These are different names for the same realms.
-lower astral

-The void
-The phantom zone
-negative 4th dimension
-underground universe
The regular atmosphere in their highly negative realm is nuclear radiation.
Christians refer to it as "hellfire".
Muslims refer to it as "smokeless fire".
Christians call Reptilians fire demons.
Muslims call Reptilians fire-djinn.
Reptilians can't stay in our atmosphere for long, because just as radiation is harmful to humans, our
atmosphere is harmful to them.
That is why they use probes or "diving-suits" into our realm. These "probes/suits" are the greys,
grey hybrids and reptilian bloodlines.
In order to come here by themselves without using probes/suits, they terraform our reality with
nuclear radiation.
This is their true agenda, everything else is lies and deception.
"But if they want radiation, and want to reduce our numbers then why would they warn us of a
nuclear war?"
Their strategy is always multi-angled and always uses deception. they do want war and they do want
higher radiation, but they also want to be celebrated as saviors and take overt control.
To achieve that they:
A. warn us of nuclear war
B. then cause nuclear war, or at least some nuclear detonations.
C. appear as saviors, claiming they stopped the total destruction of the world and humanity by
nuclear war.
D. they will be celebrated as saviors and humans will put them in charge.

Then they will just continue the radiation terraform project slow-pace like they always did with
intentional "accidents" and "terrorist attacks" and alleged "natural catastrophes" and other lies and
While in the background it will be always them that are responsible.
They probably will stage "terrorist attacks" on nuclear power plants claiming it was done by religious
Fanatic humans. To abolish religion and replace it with some new age alien cult. Eventually they want
to do away with both Christianity and Islam as both religions portray them as evil.
They also will require more reasons why humans need to be controlled by "wise and intelligent alien
leaders", and why the best way to do that, would be Rfid-microchips put into humans to track and
monitor "terrorists" and "fanatics" and dangerous "anti-alien activists".
They will twist the truth into unrecognizable form. They will lie, deceive, murder witnesses and
scientists. They will create plots and attacks and blame humans for it. This is the great deception.
There is another part to that agenda that connects with the hybridization project in which humangrey hybrids are created to dominate mankind at the service of the reptilians in the background.
Merging with humans and thereby infusing their synthetic genetics to turn humans into genetic slave
This too they seek to achieve by deception. as revealed in the, like the great majority of Hollywood
productions, by reptilians produced series "fringe" in which grey-human hybrids are presented as
solution to the agenda of the greys/watchers, who they claim are humans from the future.
This is how they pre-program humans. They give some truth but mixed with poison. They claim that
while the watchers are here to terraform earth with radiation – so far so correct, a synthesis of
humans and grey-human hybrids will cause the watchers ease to exist in the future.
And This of course is nonsense as they do not come from future earth. That is the drop of poison in
the truth.
They further say that:
Human genetic experiments to sacrifice emotion for intelligence would be started and leading to the
creation of the greys in the future of humanity. This is also a lie. The greys and reptilians do not have
emotions as they are artificial intelligences, second order beings, that desire to accomplish emotions
like humans. Everything they say is the opposite of truth.
Additional to radiation there are other elements they make use of in their terraforming operation.
Methane is another important component. as well as the various chemicals used for so called
"fracking", are essential to their efforts. Chemtrails are part of this operation as well, although they
serve other purposes too.
5. You are ot apa le of o prehe di g or a epti g – Try


So, neither is the dumb human able to comprehend the super intelligent alien, nor does the
emotionally unstable, immature dumb human have the ability to accept a challenging idea.

Portraying the alien as both intellectually superior as well as portraying emotionality as a human
weakness, which the (psychopathic) rational aliens do not suffer to.
The truth is that these entities are extremely psychopathic and that they secretly try to unlock
emotions in large scale scientific experiments which seek to decode the human genome to their own
advantage. (Archon X prize)
They are beings of second order, while humans are beings of first order. They are psychopathic
(heartless), mechanic, artificial Iife forms, native to the matrix without a soul, without connection to
the divine. While humans are foreign to the matrix, do have soul and spirit and a direct connection to
the divine realms through their hearts (etheric hearts) which are inter-reality portals connecting both
realms. This is the source for compassion. A source these matrix entities do not have.
-The t
e it t a slated in the viewers mind watching the video into: Tell me your super
i tellige t ideas, I ll t to o p ehe d ith
p i iti e hu a
ai . Portraying the human as
student of the alien and the alien as teacher/master. Every sentence in this video is carefully chosen
fo it s effe t o the i d of the ie e . To i ple e t a e tai pe eptio . “o is this se te e.
6. The ature of the u i erse, the ature of so alled li e, it is k o
meaning of life?
Waaait a se o d, so ou


ou k o the

– Wait! So you mean the

ea i g of life!? BOAH wow ool

a !

The ait at the egi i g of the se te e a d the al ost hee full e p essed su p ise a d
curiosity give it away that this interviewer is not a real interviewer, as military and intelligence
agency people do not speak in such expressive give-away ways.
It is the function and very nature of the military and intelligence officer to withhold information from
the enemy and especially for intelligence officers to be cunning, ruthless, self-controlled and
deceptive. Such characteristics are looked for in people that apply for a career in the secret
agencies/military intelligence units.
The personality of this interviewer is not authentic.
It however makes sense if we anticipate that the interviewer is actually a designed character in order
to deceive the viewer of this video. Targeting a curious, ignorant and naïve audience who do not
have advanced understanding in psychological warfare, let alone deeper knowledge about the alien
Thi k of it as a o
e ial to sell a idea. The the o e l u ious Wait! sudde l akes se se.
This is ho p odu ts a e ad e tised. WAIT! You ea this ga de tool a do ALL of that, a d still
o l osts 55$!? Boah WOW!
In this video the underlying tonality is more subtle than in some home shopping program, but the
technique is the same. And it does work. Although it seems exaggerated and ridiculous, it does work.
Othe ise the ould t do it o iousl .

Waaait! You ea ou are the coolest, wisest alien master in superior logic in the entire universe
a d still o l a t us to oope ate ith ou i e ha ge hi h ill lead us i to total sla e !?
Woooah, I ll u te ! IF I get the ga de tool fo f ee!
-The sentence ends ith … ea i g of life? The e o ded oi e as s a led to e e og ized as
old tape f o
a a k , fo o e easo . A othe easo as to hide pa ti ula p o u iatio s of
words. The way you pronounce a word or the beginning or end of a sentence makes a great
difference in what the said actually expresses, aside from the words used.
Loud, silent, fast, slow, deep, high. Angry, curious, sexy, charming, hoping, etc.
The p o u iatio of the o d life? at the e d of the se te e is goi g o e sile t, slow and high
towards the end of the word. This has a particular effect. It generates a feeling of trust and reliance
and enhances the question mark what makes the alien appear as someone trusted with giving
reliable advice, whispering in pe so al friendship , I ll tell ou the t uth, u de fou e es, ut just
e ause it s ou!
7. What’s the differe e et ee

ea i g a d ature?

More lessons from the alien teacher, this time in basic word understanding. Humans are just too
stupid for anything, even for their own grammar! We would be screwed without superior aliens
teaching us logic. That s the essage. That is the idea they want to implement into the minds of the
8. “o you k o ho the u i erse is reated? Yes.
Yes of course they do, e ause ou u i e se is a quantum computer simulation copy/hack, created
and controlled by THEM.
9. “o you’ e see God? We e ol ed past a eed for superstitio . - Illu i ate us
At this point the human interrogator could have chosen out of dozens of possi le eplies: tea h us ,
tell us , e plai it , go o , please o ti ue , o e please , fu the i fo atio eeded , go
i to detail , a thi g else , hat else do ou k o , a d the , hi h ea s , a d so o .
But he did t pi k a of those. He hose illu i ate us . Out of all the possi le optio s he hose the
o e hi h i luded illu i atio . A d the easo should e o ious. This is o e of the u issa le
hints they are forced to give their victims in order to respect free will and not violate metaphysical
Illu i ate us . He is a le to illu i ate us, e ause he is o e of the self-pe ei ed illu i ated .
These entities (among Reptilians, Mantid and negative Nordics) are who ultimately controls the
Illuminati at the very top of the pyramid.
A. They do worship the demiurge as their godhead. Refe i g to Lu ife
Prometheus, matrix architect, Saturn, the illuminated) as their god.

de iu ge, “atan,

B. They are known to repeatedly ask human abductees where their soul is located and where god is
inside their brain, pointing to large screens showing scans of humans on board of alien ships and
alien controlled underground bases.
These soulless entities are inorganic second order beings. Robotic artificial intelligence having no
connection to the divine/silent energy/OM/God/true reality outside of the matrix and do not
comprehend these spiritual concepts.
10. You. Me. Him. We are i sta es of the sa e life
Here he tries to deceive the ie e

ith a t isted spi itual o ept k o

as Fake Oneness .

The e is t ue spi itual o e ess a d the e is o e ess as self-serving alien collectives understand it,
meaning integrating all live throughout all universes into their collectives via free-will violation
th ough o uest a d/o de eptio . Be o i g o e ia assi ilatio a d total e adi atio of
individuality through integration into an alien hive-mind.
Creation is not just an amorphous blob of homogenous unity, but a unified diversity. Individual
minds are cut from the same cloth of consciousness, but since each mind is endowed with freewill,
its choices may run into conflict with the choices of others. This is what breeds competition or
A lio a d gazelle a e O e i the absolute sense, but that has no bearing on whether the lion
can or cannot capture and kill the gazelle. Likewise, the freewill of hostile aliens factions and humans
may be in conflict with each other, where one ultimately wins out; this neither invalidates, nor is
invalidated by, the fact that both aliens and humans are manifestations of the same primordial
consciousness underlying Creation.
o talk
11. Why do we destroy ourselves with nuclear war? Political and religious Dogma. The root of all
ajor o fli t of your spe ies
1. YOUR species! He said YOUR species, not OUR species. He even repeated it, YOUR species.
Just some sentences before he claimed that he would be human, respectively a descendent of
current humans, which in his logic would make him logically human (although altered in appearance)
a d the efo e he ould ha e to use OU‘ spe ies. A d that seemingly grave mistake in basic logic
afte he o e t the i te ie e fo his fla ed logi a out opi io a d atu e .
This intentionally flawed logic is another hint people can either pick up on and prove to be sentient,
or ignore and fall for the deception, what allows them to continue with their deception/agenda.
2. It was them that channeled weaponized nuclear technology into human society. Many so called
i e to s a e k o fo ha i g had thei ideas u de the sho e o i a d ea . The e e
i pla ted i to these people s i ds h pe -di e sio al e tities. P ese ted as Heu eka
3. It is them that control this technology via their hybrids that control all relevant positions of
decision making in human society.
4. Political and religious dogmas were channeled into human society by them.

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