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The Possibly Skipped Alien Invasion Of 2015 .pdf

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The Possibly Skipped Alien Invasion Of 2015
Written by 2Circles

May 18th 2015
Something Big Is About To Happen (Infowars Channel)

The weeks before the day this video was released were very stressful for me and others. Psychically
the energetic winds were intensively negative and incidents that occurred were very horrible and
A phase of intense timeline instability and shuffling.
During the JadeHelm15 phase I had constantly helicopters flying around my house, and I psychically
felt that I had the inmates attention focused on me.
The same phenomenon was reported to me by other researcher who had that happen to them.
I saw and felt a great build-up for something. Well we all know what. Nuke goes off, global martial
law, aliens show up. Something of that sort.
--I experienced something very strange the day of the video release before I watched it. It was as if:
A: The pla field just assi el e pa ded. That’s ho it felt. Interpreting that, it could have been due
to a higher dimensional phenomenon that interacted with our 3D reality.
B: The realism of the matrix significantly dropped. From (theoretical) playstation 8 graphics to PS6. As
if we entered Blockoland where everything was (almost) pixelated.
C: It felt as if suddenly most of humanity disappeared. Just gone, from one moment to the next. It felt
as if there were only a couple of probably thousand people left on the entire planet.
D: It actually felt although weird also very good, as if there was a bright future entering the present.

I tried to ps hi all se se hat the reaso for that as, ut ould ’t o e up ith a

ohere t

Then I watched the video, was affirmed in my perception and directed my attention towards some
narrow scenarios, psychically tapping into them…a d WOAH! What I felt as BAD! BAD!!! Ver BAD!

It as the a solute orst I e er felt a out a thi g. A d that’s o i g fro someone who had
reptilians swarming him and psychically blasting with fear and dread attacks. But this was worse and
it was big!
If it had to des ri e it ith o e se te e, it as as if… it as o er. All o er. Not just for me, but for
everyone. Probably for the planet itself. It felt SO HORRIBLE!
Then I asked other people, who know nothing about fringe topics and they said they felt strange,
some said they felt dizzy.

Theories about what happened:
A. Due to the felt real i tera tio / rossi g it’s possi le that a assi e portal as esta lished
dark side, teleporting their army and shock troops in from their dimension or planet.


B. A massive battle on the moon took place where a large underground antenna field was destroyed
that amplifies the matrix wave from Saturn, which would explain the sudden drop in matrix realism.
A d the felt dread as a ki d’s su o s ious o fusio a d a iet a out this partial ollapse of
their solid reality.
C. A mass-extinction event took place, where either some mega-weapon was detonated that ripped
most people or the planet apart. Or aliens showed up for the harvest of mankind. Then after it took
place a correcting past event in the hyper-dimensional temporal war took place which deleted that
event from taking place in the present, leaving some people back with foggy memories/feelings that
it took place.
Which would explain my feeling that suddenly most of humanity disappeared into thin air, were
D. Since I first felt very good about this sudden weird change, while the video highlighted a very
negative scenario, which I was able to tap in. I think that gives prove to intense timeline instability,
crossing, splitting. With probably at that point an extremely negative timeline and very positive
timeline splitting.
--This phase of extreme instability, mass anxiety, negative energetic winds, internal conflict, etc. went
on until late September.
After that an extremely bad second wave started with extreme internal conflicts and personal
challenges. You probably noticed that dozens of conspiracy researcher disappeared around that date.
Well es, that’s hat happe ed.
--Now. Why mention something that probably happened or almost happened in the past? Because
whatever it was, likely can and probably will happen again.

To all those that al a s o der ho
u h ti e do e ha e left , a d ho lo g u til ei g for ed
to contribute in any way to just possibly better the situation. This gives the answer. There is no time
left. None! We are right i the iddle of it. It’s goi g o right o . You’re i it! It’s o !

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