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Karate Training Guide:
Build striking power on a shoestring budget – workouts included
Authored and published by Owen Johnston
This book is part of my full guide, which is also available for free at my
website: www.bodyweight.biz

Owen Johnston – https://www.youtube.com/bodyweightbiz


Owen Johnston – https://www.youtube.com/bodyweightbiz
Copyright Information
Karate Training Guide
Fitness Instruction
Authored and published by Owen Johnston
© Owen Johnston, 2017. Licensed under the Attribution NonCommercial
NoDerivatives 3.0 License - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/
You are encouraged to share the book, print it out, and upload it to other sites. I want
to change the world one life at a time, and help people ditch the gym! You can build muscle
and strength with bodyweight. Work out for free anywhere! Don't buy the scams and
misinformation sold by the fitness industry.
“Every day, we change the world, but to change the world in a way that means
anything, that takes more time than most people have. It never happens all at once. It’s slow.
It’s methodical. It’s exhausting. We don’t all have the stomach for it.” - Mr. Robot
You can order a professionally printed edition of the book through Simple Print
Service. Visit the page below, upload a PDF, and follow the simple ordering process. I do not
make a single cent from orders made through this service.
About the author
I have over 10 years of teaching experience, including martial arts instruction, strength
coaching, and personal training. I have worked with many types of athletes, including
professional boxers, amateur wrestlers, karate students, and gymnasts of varying levels of
ability. Visit my site for more information, free downloads, and strength training playlists:


Owen Johnston – https://www.youtube.com/bodyweightbiz


Owen Johnston – https://www.youtube.com/bodyweightbiz
This guide is intended for people of good health and physical condition. The training
methods and advice in this guide may not be for everyone. Always consult your physician
before starting a new exercise program. I am not a physician, and as such, nothing in this
guide should in any way be taken as medical advice or a substitute for medical advice. Also,
this guide should not be used to replace advice from your personal physician.
Physical activity always carries with it a risk of injury. When you practice the training
methods in this guide, always practice proper safety precaution, use proper technique, and
apply common sense. The author can not assume any responsibility for any injury, illness, loss
or damage that may result from following the training methods in this guide.
Lastly, this guide is not a replacement for formal instruction. Be sure to seek out a
competent, qualified instructor who may carefully observe your progress and provide
feedback. This guide is intended primarily to be a supplement to, not a replacement for,
formal training.


Owen Johnston – https://www.youtube.com/bodyweightbiz


Owen Johnston – https://www.youtube.com/bodyweightbiz
Table of Contents
Karate Approach to Calisthenics
Karate Approach to Calisthenics, part 2
Hojo Undo - Supplementary training exercises for karate
Hojo Undo project - wall mounted car tire makiwara board
Karate Training Programs



Beginner Karate Training Program – Full Body
Intermediate Karate Training Program 1 – Full Body
Intermediate Karate Training Program 2 – Upper / Lower Split
Advanced Karate Training Program 1 – Upper / Lower Split
Advanced Karate Training Program 2 – Three Way Split
Short and Brutal Karate Training Program (abbreviated advanced program)




Owen Johnston – https://www.youtube.com/bodyweightbiz


Owen Johnston – https://www.youtube.com/bodyweightbiz
A Karate Approach to Calisthenics
I have videos on the wrist pushup progression and other exercises available on
YouTube. Visit the playlist page on my channel, linked below, then click or tap on Karate
Like many of my generation, I grew up watching movies like The Karate Kid,
Kickboxer, Enter the Dragon, Drunken Master, and Rocky. The larger-than-life characters
from these films wowed us with their fighting skills and never-give-up attitudes.
A common theme they all share is that the main character is an underdog who must
train hard to become a better fighter and overcome his seemingly invincible opponents. The
training methods employed often include some tough calisthenics skills. I’m sure we all
remember seeing Rocky do uneven pull-ups in the second film, and dragon flags in the fourth.
The perseverance of our heroes, the amazing skills they learned, and the rigorous training
methods they endured inspired many of us to take up martial arts and training ourselves.
Bruce Lee popularized the dragon flag as well as other difficult bodyweight feats, like
his two finger push-ups. He espoused improving your athletic performance in order to
improve your martial performance, as well as to help fully express the human body. Certainly,
the martial-calisthenics connection is as old as man, yet Bruce was a great catalyst in the
popularization of martial arts in America, inspiring many to train hard like he did. He said,
“Life is never stagnation. It is constant movement…as well as constant change. Things live by
moving and gain strength as they go.”
I didn’t fully understand the implications of these words until I got into Progressive
Calisthenics. There are certainly comparisons to be made between learning progressive
calisthenics and martial arts. Coach Wade made some of these comparisons in “The Tao of
PCC”. He brought up some important similarities to martial arts. “…nobody can remember a
hundred techniques in a fight. What matters are the principles you absorb.” “You learn the
form, you absorb the form, you discard the form.”
Our training shouldn’t keep us stuck in a rigid form, but instead be directed to the
fullest expression of ourselves with utmost efficiency and simplicity. In Jackie Chan’s older
films, many of his characters often went through a transformation from a struggling student
to a graceful, efficient and powerful athlete. The training was generally harsh, but once he
absorbed the principles of his master’s art, he was ready to face the next challenge!
Like the progressive calisthenics approach, traditional power training and body
conditioning methods in Okinawan karate focus on bulletproofing the joints, improving
flexibility, and building holistic strength.


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