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Robert C. Madison 33°
Personal Representative of the
Deputy of the Supreme
Council in Texas
Greetings from your Chairman:
I hope you all had a Very Happy Easter with your Families and Friends.
We have a REUNION coming up on the 12th and 13th of May. This is a Reunion not just for the new
candidates, but for ALL Scottish Rite Brothers. It is a time to see friends that you have not seen for
a while, to make new friends, and just have a fun time with Scottish Rite Masons. Please accept this
invitation for a wonderful weekend.

Don’t deprive yourself of further education in Masonry. We have such a good time at Continuing
Masonic Education and learn so much. Do yourself a favor and come visit us just once, you’ll be
hooked. See you there!

If you were not at your April stated meeting, you missed out on a great time, where
we commemorated a very special Brother, Keith Rollins, 32° KCCH, who recently
passed away. You may recall that Keith worked in the wardrobe room during our
Reunions and was very faithful in attending our stated meetings. Well, after
Keith went to be with our Lord, his wife decided to donate to the San Antonio
Scottish Rite the eagle that Keith always wore around his neck. So, at the April
meeting, the eagle was auctioned to the highest bidder. The bidding started at $50
but rose quickly, and before too long, a bidding contest arose between Jack
Walters, 32°, and Bruce Dickinson, 32°. The final and winning bid for the eagle
was made by Bruce, (pictured to the right) for $525. Then Jack decided he would
donate his last bid amount of $500, making a total of $1,025 for our building. Not
stopping there, Bill Jones, 32° KCCH, made a donation as well. I know that Keith
would be very happy that his eagle helped raise as much money for our building as
it did!

Finally, it is with deepest regret that I must inform you of the passing of our Friend and Brother
Richard Vickery, III, 32° KSA, on the 14th of April. He was the Chairman of our VMAP Committee
and a member of our Education team. He will be sorely missed. Please keep his fiancé Melissa
Alderman and both of their families in your prayers.
Ill. Robert C. Madison, 33°