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2016 was an extraordinary year for Polish labour market. In November unemployment rate
was at the lowest level in last 25 years, which according to General Statistics Office reached
8.2%. This information has confirmed the existence of a trend which companies offering
personal consulting and employers has been observing over the past few quarters. Labour
market has become a market ruled by employees. For employers that means the necessity to
intensify recruitment activities and well-thought employer branding.
The largest career fairs in Poland - Absolvent Talent Days, which for the 7th time has proven
to be a good solution, were of the high interest of candidates and companies. Over 550
employers were looking for talents among 40,180 attendees belonging to Y and Z
generations. For that group of participants the high remuneration is not anymore the most
important factor determining the choice of an employer – nowadays among the crucial
factors are the possibility to develop, atmosphere in a team, workplace flexibility, and the
access to modern technologies. In order to fully understand the needs of young candidates,
it is the best solution to talk to them face to face, ask directly about their expectations, about
their plans concerning a career path, and about a value they will add to a company.
Enormous success of Absolvent Talent Days 7th edition shows that career fairs are still of
the highest interest among the young who search for an employment, and the attendees
appreciate direct contact with dream employers.