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OCTOBER 21, 2013
Posted on Stout Standards
"Last night the winners were drawn in the Ken MacIntyre
benefit, and I want to thank everyone who participated and
whether or not you won a prize, you were ALL winners!
The MacIntyre family is most grateful. Thanks to Butch,
Anita and Jeff at American Digger magazine for their hard
work as well. Ultimately we raised $7036.00, enough to
pay for Ken's chemo treatments through January. Thank
you all so much. You are the best!" Dick Stout

Tesoro Silver UMax (via Outdoor Outfitters) Linda Bennett of Wellington, FL

Our club collects eye glasses, foreign coins,
miscellaneous items of costume jewelry/tokens/metal toys,
pull tabs, and empty ink cartridges. Give Jan Smirnow or
Linda Bennett your donations.


Our October meeting was held on October 10th, with 31
members and guest in attendance. The meeting was
opened with only two members of the Board of Directors
and Linda Bennett, Hunt Master in attendance.
The Team from Paranormal Crossroads Investigations
(PCI) was introduced. Kris Richardson, Director / CEO
led the team telling the membership how they got into this
interesting field. They related happenings, investigations
and results of those investigations. Our membership was
spellbound!! Needless to say there were many questions
at the end of their presentation. The PCI meets monthly at
the Fort Lauderdale Fire Museum with a walk through and
talk with the local ghost. There is a cost for this walk
through; proceeds are divided with the PCI and the Fire
Museum. In addition they do a presentation on occasion
at the Lake Worth Playhouse. Their investigative service
is free and you can reach them on their website at

Our meeting proceeded after the presentation. The
Treasurer reported $1092 plus in the treasury, missed the
exact amount as I was trying to do two things at once!
Linda Bennett, Hunt Master spoke to the membership
of the importance of volunteering to serve on the Board of
Directors. She asked for ideas for future programs that
anyone in the membership would like. She further asked
for volunteers for the Nominating Committee. John
Lobota volunteered to Chair the Nominating Committee
for our election in November of officers. If you would
like to be part of the team and volunteer for an office or
committee, please contact John Lobota at Tel No. 561433-3138.
We will be having our Annual Christmas party on
December 12th. Bob Dobski has obtained permission from
his Country Club for our use of their facility (free, but we
clean up). The facility is located in Delray; address and
info will follow in the December newsletter. Anyone
interested in helping please contact any Board member.
Vice President Frank Nash will be in the hospital this
month undergoing surgery, please keep him in your
It is that time of the year when dues are due! The
membership approved an increase to $35 for the year 2014.
Please use the membership form in this paper or obtain
one from the Ed D’Amato, Treasurer at our November
meeting. Please remember there will be an additional
charge of $5 for anyone remitting membership fees after
our January meeting.
Les Batts thought he found one of his “Bucket List”
items on a big holiday; “ it weighed 9.2 Troy ounces,
Wow! Boy!” Feeling really lucky until he looked really
close and stamped on the eagles wing, COPY!
Respectfully Submitted, Jan Smirnow, Secretary


To be discussed at the meeting about club hunts the
remainder of the year.

2013 is the 40TH ANNIVERSARY of the
Gold Coast Treasure Club.