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History of Goop Guys

Goop Guys was created by Director Shane Copley after recognising a need in the construction
industry. Whilst helping with his wife’s builders cleaning company it became apparent that a lot of
damage was being done to surfaces during the construction phase. After many unsuccessful
attempts – Goop was born!
Over the years Shane has formulated and perfected the product to be the non-hazardous,
environmentally friendly product it is today. We are constantly looking at ways to better Goop and
creating new products for different industries. We now have a product to protect vehicles and spray
booths! We pride ourselves on being a family business which is Australian Owned and Made. Goop
quickly spread through the construction industry and by 2006 the popularity of the product was so
great that the franchise system was created.
Goop is the best temporary protective coating and is constantly being improved and tested to make
sure that it performs to the highest standard. It is mostly used in construction to protect vulnerable
surfaces such as windows, floors, baths, benchtops and concrete. Goop Guys offer a supply and
install service to its clients. We also export Goop overseas.
Goop Guys currently have franchisees in QLD, NSW, VIC and SA. There are still opportunities
available. Our franchise system operates on exclusive territories. No office or space is required, low
cost entry level, low overheads.
For Original Source: https://goop47.tumblr.com/post/165008423554/history-of-goop-guys



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