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Have a break every 100 Quotes, roughly 30 minutes, it is a lot to take in
Written by Danny Milivojevic
Lessons of Life Quotes
Copyright 2017
These Quotes must be thought upon
Quote 1
Lesson I Learnt today, Do not be in one pond all your life, explore the ocean – Danny
Quote 2
Don’t survive in life, But thrive in life, thriving is a mentality – Danny Milivojevic
Quote 3
Your mentality must be like this, I will do whatever it takes to succeed – Danny
Quote 4
Be prepared to do what others won’t - Unknown
Quote 5
Live life to the fullest and take risks to succeed – Danny Milivojevic
Quote 6
Only you can create the life you want – Danny Milivojevic
Quote 7
Don’t let others control you – Danny Milivojevic
Quote 8
Conquer Fear - Unknown