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My nephew was in the Air Force Academy training to be a pilot. He was concerned that since he knew that one day All
Nations will come against Israel, and that he would be called upon to join that attack. This pamphlet started out as a way
of showing him that he, as a believer, had nothing to worry about.

A Brief History of the Future Great Middle East Wars A Pamphlet
The following appendices explain much of the issues brought up in the Pamphlet:
Appendix A Issue: Psalm 83 is Only a Prayer not a Prophecy
Appendix B Issue: Questions on Timing of Ps 83 & Ezek 38/39
Appendix C No Wrath for Bride – It’s a Promise
Appendix D Interlude between Rapture and Tribulation
Appendix E Ezek 28 - Pre or Post Trib???.
Appendix F Why Study Prophecy? --- Commanded by the Lord
Appendix G Early Church Fathers taught about the Rapture, Tribulation,
and the 1,000 year Reign of Christ on the earth from Jerusalem.
Appendix H Ezekiel / Tribulation Temple
3rd & Last Earthly Temple
Appendix I Question: "What is the Day of the Lord?"
Appendix J Zeph 2 will be Completely Fulfilled only in the future.
Appendix K Jewish Wedding Parallels Bride of Christ
Appendix L Justification/Sanctification Salvation OSAS -- OJAJ
Appendix M Jer 49:34-39 Destruction of Elam – Western Iran
Appendix N Holy City Jerusalem verses New Jerusalem
Appendix O Olivet Discourse – Post Rapture (mostly)
Appendix P No One Knows Day nor Hour applies to 2nd Coming
Appendix Q Proportion Theology / SBC / Calvary Chapel -- Not Calvin nor Armenian
Appendix R Servitude of the Nation and Desolations of Jerusalem—Sir Robert Anderson
Appendix S Behold the Hand --- Behold the Nail
Appendix T Flowchart -- Living the Christian Life during the Church Age
Appendix U Is the Millennium foreshadowed in the Ark of the Covenant?
Appendix V Is Rapture same as 2nd Coming?
Appendix W Jesus Believed in the OT
Appendix X Wedding Prayer
Appendix Y Wedding Supper of the Lamb
Appendix Z The Gift And the Prize --- The Differences between them - Crowns and Rewards
Appendix AA Daniel – By Whom and When Was it Written?
Appendix AB Did Jesus really believe what Daniel wrote? Should we?

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One of the main contexts of this paper is that the Bride of Christ is promised to be kept entirely from the time and/or
place of the Lord’s Wrath. Therefore, wherever we see the Lord’s Wrath falling in an area, there can be Zero of the Bride
in that area. Evacuation, Extermination by satan’s sock puppets, or Rapture are all candidates for 100% of the Bride being
absent in that area being affected by the Lord’s Wrath.