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Exercise room confrontation (7 15 17 Canyon Creek) .pdf

Original filename: Exercise room confrontation (7-15-17 - Canyon Creek).pdf

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On the 15th of July, 2017 I (L. Bigelow) entered the Canyon Creek exercise room to work out at nearly 3
pm, which I do 3 times a week, virtually year round. Including myself, there were 4 total people in the
room (2 women and 1 man) - none of which I know. The other man had vacated within 5 min. after I
arrived. I noticed that the more slender of the two women seemed to be using several different work out
machines/areas at the same time. Once myself or the other woman moved to our machine of choice, the
slender girl kept noting how long we would be, etc. immediately after situating ourselves. Slender girl
asked how long I had on the leg press, where at first it was unclear she was speaking to me, until "leg
press" was noted - to which I then simply exclaimed "2-sets" and went on about my business; finishing
with that (leg press) machine not more than 3 minutes later. While the slender girl was now texting, the
other woman started using the leg press to the slender girl's clear chagrin, (while I'm now bench pressing
with the machine on rails). I recall the slender girl immediately asserting herself, getting passive
aggressively "catty" with the other woman. I noticed this since I was not only just using that specific
equipment, but they were going on about something else prior to that, again... with the slender girl as
the antagonist. I could tell the other (older) woman was trying to be as nice as possible, but ultimately
she got in one set off the leg press, then left, as I watched her shaking her head out the (side) door. I got
the impression that she had been figuratively "strong armed" out of the room, and looking back... wish
she had stayed. Perhaps there was more going on between these two, before I had even got there.

Now just myself and slender girl... I continued my routine, away from the primary area the girl was, since
she maybe seemed on edge. But since there are just two benches in the room, it came to a point in my
routine that I needed to use one, with dumb bells. I put the bench back to where it normally sits (on the
two black mats), where she was (still) camping out after I was done bench pressing and continued my
routine, to which I had at most... 15 min. remaining. At this point I had been in the room for approx. 25

During the Summer months, I tend to dress as light and simple as I can to avoid over-heating. Despite my
size, I get warm really easily and often sleep with a fan on seasonally. While working out, I some times
over heat but know my routine must continue, so I sparingly lose my shirt for the remaining minutes of
"hot weather" workouts if the exercise room gets to warm & stuffy. This has been the case for as long as
I've lived here and no staff or residents have noted anything to the contrary. In fact... for the majority of
any given day (during weather around 80 degrees+) I can often be found without one, whether it be
around the apartment, riding my bike, at the pool, at work (at times), etc. not even counting during sleep
- ask anyone. I don't even really own standard, full size (thicker) T-shirts because they're often to
insulating for me.

After I had completed several different muscle group sets, I first considered losing my shirt and wanted
to say something to the girl, but since I saw how her day was (apparently) going and that she had
headphones on, I did not. With in 5 secs, before I had even completely removed my shirt from the front
(near the squat machine) and facing toward the complex entrance... the slender girl said in a direct, loud

and strongly worded voice, to which I have never heard before from any stranger, ever - "put your
fucking shirt back on!" (while looking in the mirror to me). I immediately replied... "whoa, that was a bit
much?" I thought, of course, she could have addressed me differently, whatever the issue for her. While
putting it back on to settle her (since it wasn't that big a deal for me), she exclaimed the same quote,
again. By this time I felt I had a dog in the fight, because of how rude and even childish she immediately
was to me, despite that I was aware the exercise room had no existing notation about rules regarding
clothing and know that other men (here) do the same. When I had asked her to what rules she was
speaking of, while noting about the rules sign, she said "the club house rules" and... "I told them about
you" (while smiling). Which can only infer that this has (supposedly) been an issue for her at some point
in the past, that I was completely unaware of until now. Though, under the circumstances, because of
her reply I had considered she was just making it up, for one... because she seemed to avoid reason for
acting so disrespectful toward me and two she didn't want to look foolish, after having pointed out (all)
the noted room rules (so I had thought). I had basically asked her the same question again, but worded
differently to help me understand where I could find these rules she speaks of (to which I learned of
later). The 5th thing she said to me after that exchange was - "You know what you are? You're a
predator". After she said that, I got to assume her maturity level and the remark had actually made me
smile/scoff momentarily, in part because this woman, who I would NEVER find physically attractive (even
before the mouth), just sub-summed that some how I "liked" her in some obtuse way, while also
assuming I was automatically single or something (of sorts). The assertion also immediately clarified her
political corner (to me) where that misused point of view typically runs rampant (and the entirety of this
situation wasn't more than 1 min.) Keep in mind that everything she is saying is at about 2-4 times the
normal speaking level in any room and she has only exchanged five small statements with me, with the
first two being identical (I, of course, had no reason to raise my voice). After this, I got my phone off the
window seal, walked over and shut the remaining foot of the door (since voices carry in the clubhouse),
so she wouldn't disturb Amy whom I believe was working alone and is 7.5 months pregnant (- I've passed
EMT schooling and understand how finicky pregnancies can be). While returning back over to the vicinity
where I was standing (near the leg extension machine) and standing for not more than 2 seconds, a good
5 yards away from her - (she) sitting back on the bench now, with that perpetual smile of hers quickly
having vanished. Without me saying one word, she rapidly moved around the corner (toward hall way
door), with all the room she needed to vacate, but instead came toward me and said (ironically), within
around a half foot of my face, yelling at the top of her lungs - "get the fuck out of my face!" and bolted
out the then shut door. This is probably in the top 5 most "uniquely" awful experiences I've ever
encountered with one person, and especially a female, in my (adult) life (at 38 now). It turns out she
went and said something to Amy, where when I was shutting the door originally I considered this as well
due to the level of disrespect I hadn't encountered before here, but then thought of Amy's above
mentioned details (and shut the door instead - as mentioned). In life... I'm also used to handling
everything entirely on my own, so this played a role as well. Amy then peeked in moments later and
disclosed to me that there apparently was a clause about shirts (later found in page 33 of 39 of our lease
agreement, after I got home); this was a short and agreeable conversation. But it doesn't end there...

Continuing my work out, while sitting on a bench (facing the the Eastern mirror), a short haired blonde

guy walked in (to whom I've also never seen before), stood at about the middle of the room and said 1st
thing "get over here". I immediately replied "excuse me?" and to which he replied again, "get over here,
now!" **while pointing to the floor in front of him**. I said, with a smile (because, again... an unknown
adult speaking to another like that, need I go on?). While I was still doing shoulder reps (sitting down), I
said plainly - "you don't tell me what to do...". The guy then made his way over to me, I stood up, and
gathered this was the woman's b/f or husband. He then kept on making demands of me, in the order of
something to do with my shirt (which was still on dating back to slender girl), where I then exclaimed
that this was already handled by Amy. He then said, about 3 times (in succession), while standing on the
other side of the near vertically raised bench - "if you take your shirt off again, I'm going to kick your
ass". I said... "no you won't", again noting that this was already handled after his 1st statement. After the
2nd, there was a longer pause by me while looking things over in the vicinity, considering what my next
move might be should he get stupid, and I replied again... "no... you won't". After he repeated it again, as
though he was clearly becoming more childish about the whole thing, with nothing else to contribute, I
said simply... "why wait"? (Up to this point this person had not been in the room for much more than 1
min.) Not more than two seconds after saying that... he pushed me. It was then (I realized) he never
intended on having a cordial conversation with me, considering not 5 min. had passed since slender girl
had left the room, when he showed up. I tossed the 35 pound weight (I was still holding) along the left
side of the vertical bench, toward his feet, to which he stepped back and followed by immediately
throwing the bench over to his left (to the ground), where then I stepped over to the right, to use the
other bench as a barricade (as well), while also grabbing a 5 pound dumb bell on the end, with the intent
to use it as a bracer in my off hand. Just as soon as I had done that, I turned around and he was making
his way over the toppled bench to me and around the back (of the other). To be honest... this is the point
where I could have likely gravely injured this guy. Because when he was making his way over that 1st
bench, to me, he had one arm up and head down (chest high) so as to watch himself step over the
bench. If I had decided to throw that dumb bell at the crown of his head (at even a portion of my ability),
in that window, there's no telling the kind of damage he might have received. (To note: Between my
EMT schooling and on T.V. I've seen scenarios before where less intervention was used and ended up
either killing an individual or leaving them a vegetable; concerning head injuries). Part of me, considering
my injuries - that would later be realized, wished I had taken the opportunity and will not hesitate in the
future, should a comparable scenario present itself if he, or anyone on his behalf physically assaults
and/or attempts to batter me. Menacing (like each of this couple had done) is also not okay - ever. After
this guy had gotten his footing some what caught up in his own mess (which included all the 10-15
pound weights his girl was using, near the mirror) is now in (his) left corner, in front of the rack. I took
the only opening to my left, tossing the 5 pound bell toward his feet, while I made my way around the
front, when he was (now) at about the metal wet towel container. I then made my way around the
corner, near the hallway door (looking for some space between he and I), where he then threw over the
the wet towel container. He then managed to use some sort of grappling move on me (of sorts) to the
ground, landing on me, and causing (what appears to be) the only major knee & calf sprains (and calf
bruising) I've ever had, while any other injuries suffered were mostly superficial (to me). About that
same time... Amy had made her way to the door, to which I don't recall her having said anything, but
because (I figured) now there was a witness, he then got off of me after hitting me a few times in my
head (and is unclear whether or not Amy witnessed this); laying on my side, facing away from him and
employing him to get off of me. He did, didn't say anything more to me, nor Amy and hurried out the

side door, while at the same time (after getting up) I remarked to Amy to call the police, because I had
just been assaulted (not to mention by another resident). She did and I praise her for trying to help out
under the circumstances, given her station and pregnancy. I, myself don't remember having actually
thrown, or landing any punches as my knuckles don't hurt and the ensuing police pictures of them note
nothing; the police arrived about 5 min later and took our statements. With nothing else to do while
waiting... I started cleaning up a little prior to this, but quickly stopped after seeing the damaged mirror
to take a pic (of it & myself), and just left it until law enforcement came.

Additional notation I have been at the C.C. apartments for nearly 7 years now and I'm unsure of how resident records are
kept... but if they are also handed down through all the management organizations you will see I've not
only had no issues with any residents, but speak to either anyone I know in my building, or anyone else
around the complex who has been here for 4+ years, am acquainted with, and I would be surprised if
they had anything significantly negative or maleficent to note about me, that would put my character
into question (including many people who have since left). I would even go so far as to inquire directly to
Greystar staff, should it be necessary. The last physical altercation I recall having been in was at 22 years
old (15> years ago). I have no priors, and currently not even a speeding ticket on record. As well as a
credit score around 800 (documentation provided).

I know common sense can be hard to come by, but the slender girls b/f came to me, not the other way
around. Didn't use Amy as an envoy to me, to sit down and talk; nothing. This is a guy who is easily a
decade+ years younger than me, and out weighs me by at least 30 pounds. I'm also only just getting over
the most significant lower back problems I've ever had, since the start of Spring (and have those doctor
records as well). So when I hear the police man I spoke to claim that the guy said I had pushed him first
(but can't be disputed from lack of witnesses, or video recording)... it is unnerving to say the least. If
either had been the case, that guy would have easily been arrested and jailed.

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