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/shoot [user] 
/highlight [user] 
/leave, /quit 
/join (host) 
/host [title] 
/pm [message] 
/will [will] 
/dm [message] 
/dt [message], /thulu [message] 
/fq [user] [message], /quote [user] [message] 
/ab [user], /autobomb [user] 
/f [arguments] 
/fs [arguments] 
Automatic Commands 
@bot sc 
@bot help 
@bot how 
@bot who should i 
@bot roll dice, @bot d[number] 
@bot roulette 
@bot fight me 
@bot hello 
Automatic Bot Commands 
@bot obey me 
@bot be free 
@bot kiss 
@bot love 
@bot grab weapon 
@bot mercmd 
@bot roll over 
@bot beg 
@bot bow 
@bot kill [user] 
@bot sui, @bot suicide, @bot die 
@bot vote [user] 
@bot shoot [user] 
@bot stab [user] 
@bot claim