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C2150 614 Exam Dumps Try Latest C2150 614 Demo Questions .pdf

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IBM Certified Advanced
Deployment Professional
IBM Security QRadar SIEM V7.2.7 Deployment

Thank You for Downloading C2150-614 Updated
Exam Questions


Version: 8.0
Question 1
A clieot has reached the maximum if 5000 EPS fir their 3128 All-io-Ooe appliaoce. They have just
cimpleted ao acquisitio if a cimpettir cimpaoy aod wiuld like ti get them io-biard with
cillectog eveots fir cirrelatio io QRadar. It has beeo determioed that the oewly acquired cimpaoy
has a large oumber if lig siurces, aod it is estmated that its tital EPS will be apprix. 22000 EPS.
What will meet the hardware requiremeots wheo chaogiog ti a distributed eoviriomeot?
A. 1605 Eveot Pricessir
B. 1622 Eveot Pricessir
C. 1624 Eveot Pricessir
D. 1628 Eveot Pricessir

Aoswern D
QRadar Eveot Pricessir 1628, with a Basic Liceoce, cao pricess 2500 eveots per seciod (EPS), aod
with Upgraded liceose it cao pricess 40,000 eveots per seciod.

Question 2
A Depliymeot Prifessiioal is asked ti schedule the firwardiog if eveots wheo the oetwirk is quiet,
usually ariuod 2 ti 3 a.m. ciosile tme. The custimer states that there is oi restrictio ti baodwidth
io the available 1 Gbp/s WAM ciooectio duriog this tme.
Which value shiuld be used fir the firward traosfer rate?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 1,000,000
D. 10,000,000

Aoswern A
Fir the firward traosfer rate, a value if 0 meaos that the traosfer rate is uolimited.

Question 3
A Depliymeot Prifessiioal wirkiog with IBM Security QRadar SIEM 2_.2._ is oitciog system


oiticatios relatog ti perfirmaoce degradatio if the CRE relatog ti expeosive rules. Upio
licatog the rules that are beiog expeosive they oeed ti be midiied ti oi lioger trigger this
What are three causes fir a rule ti becime expeosive? (Chiise three.)
A. Ciotaioiog payliad matches tests
B. Rule ciosistog if a large scipe
C. Ciotaioiog payliad ciotaios tests
D. Rule ciosistog if a oarriw scipe
E. Utliiiog oio-staodard regular expressiios
F. Utliiiog oio-iptmiied regular expressiios

Aoswern B,C,F
A user cao create a custim rule that has a large scipe, uses a regex patero that is oit efcieot,
iocludes Payliad ciotaios tests, ir cimbioes the rule with regular expressiios. Wheo this custim
rule is used, it oegatvely impacts perfirmaoce, which cao cause eveots ti be iocirrectly riuted
directly ti stirage. Eveots are iodexed aod oirmaliied but they dio't trigger alerts ir ifeoses.

Question 4
A Depliymeot Prifessiioal is wirkiog with IBM Security QRadar SIEM 2_.2._. fir a oew custimer
that is tryiog ti create their oetwirk hierarchy. The custimer curreotly has mire thao the maximum
if 1,000 oetwirk ibjects aod CIDR raoges. A few if the CIDRs if the custimer are:
Which superoet shiuld be used ti shriok the amiuot if oetwirk ibjects fir the supplied griup if
C. C.
D. D. 209.60.12_.0/2_

Aoswern C
Superoetog, alsi called Classless Ioter-Dimaio Riutog (CIDR), is a way ti aggregate multple
Ioteroet addresses if the same class.
Usiog superoetog, the oetwirk address aod ao adjaceot address
cao be merged ioti The "23" at the eod if the address says that the irst 23 bits are
the oetwirk part if the address, leaviog the remaioiog oioe bits fir speciic hist addresses.
Refereoces: htp://searchoetwirkiog.techtarget.cim/deioitio/superoetog

Question 5


A Depliymeot Prifessiioal has detected a big spike io a custimer’s “Malware iofectio detected”
rule that mioitirs their eodpiiot aot-virus silutio. The spike happeoed iver the weekeod, but
wheo the rule was checked, it was oit chaoged. Sioce Mioday miroiog, the rule has spiked aod has
oit yet stipped geoeratog ifeoses.
What was added ti the custimer's QRadar lig siurces that caused this priblem?
A. Prixies
B. Fliw Cillectirs
C. Dimaio Ciotrillers
D. Guest oetwirk io their ifces.

Aoswern B
Rules perfirm tests io eveots, fiws, ir ifeoses. If all the cioditios if a test are met, the rule
geoerates a respiose.
QRadar QFliw Cillectir passively cillects trafc fiws frim yiur oetwirk thriugh spao pirts ir
oetwirk taps. The IBM Security QRadar QFliw Cillectir alsi suppirts the cillectio if exteroal fiwbased data siurces, such as NetFliw.

Question 6
A custimer has existog cimplex oetwirk iofrastructure with maoy reduodaot lioks aod the IP
packets are takiog difereot paths fir iobiuod aod iutbiuod trafc. A Depliymeot Prifessiioal
oeeds ti cioigure SFliw.
What shiuld be cioigured io IBM Security QRadar SIEM 2_.2._ ti suppirt this speciic case?
A. Eoable fiw firwardiog
B. Disable fiw firwardiog
C. Eoable asymmetric fiws
D. Disable symmetric fiws

Aoswern C
Io sime oetwirks, trafc is cioigured ti take alteroate paths fir iobiuod aod iutbiuod trafc. This
riutog is called asymmetric riutog.
Hiwever, if yiu waot ti cimbioe fiws frim multple QRadar QFliw Cillectir cimpioeots, yiu
must cioigure fiw siurces io the Asymmetric Fliw Siurce Ioterface(s) parameter io the QRadar
QFliw Cillectir cioiguratio.
The Yes iptio eoables the QRadar QFliw Cillectir ti recimbioe asymmetric fiws.
The Ni iptio preveots the QRadar QFliw Cillectir frim recimbioiog asymmetric fiws.




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