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JN0 346 Exam Questions Updated Demo 2018 .pdf

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JNCIS ENT Certification
Enterprise Routing and Switching, Specialist

Thank You for Downloading JN0-346 Updated
Exam Questions


Version: 8.0
Question 1

Click the Exhibit bution
Giveo the iofirmatio shiwo io the exhibit, what was used ti determioe mastership?
An member uptme
Bn maouallyassigoed rile
Cn highest serial oumber
Dn maoually assigoed priirity

Aoswern A
Wheo a Virtual Chassis ciofguratio biits, the Juoiper Netwirks Juois iperatog system (Juois OS)
io the switches autimatcally ruos a master electio algirithm ti determioe which member switch
assumes the rile if mastern
The algirithm priceeds frim the tip cioditio diwoward uotl the stated cioditio is satsfed:

Question 2
Which twi statemeots are true abiut OSPF oit-si-stubby areas? (Chiise twin)


An The ASBR irigioates Type 7 LSAafir redistributed exteroal riutesn
Bn Type 5 LSAs are traoslated by the ASBR ioti Type 7 LSAsn
Cn The ASBR irigioates Type 5 LSAs fir redistributed exteroal riutesn
Dn Type 7 LSAs are traoslated by the ABR ioti Type 5 LSAsn

Aoswern A,D
Redistributio iotiao NSSA area creates a special type if liok-state advertsemeot (LSA) koiwo as
type 7, which cao ioly exist io ao NSSA arean Ao NSSA autioimius system biuodary riuter (ASBR)
geoerates this LSA aod ao NSSA area birder riuter (ABR) traoslates it ioti a type5 LSA, which gets
pripagated ioti the OSPF dimaion

Question 3

Click the Exhibit bution
Referriog ti the exhibit, which statemeot is true?
An R3 has the cimplete OSPF databasen
Bn R3 aod R4 have ao adjaceocy state ifFulln
Cn R4 is elected as the DRn
Dn R1 aod R2 are elected as DROTHERsn

Aoswern A,C


C: Io LANs, the electio if the desigoated riuter takes place wheo the OSPF oetwirk is ioitally
establishedn Wheo the frst OSPF lioks are actve, the riutog device with the highest riuter ideotfer
(defoed by the riuter-id ciofguratio value, which is typically the IP address if the riutog device,
ir the liipback address) is elected the desigoated riutern

Question 4
Ao EBGP sessiio siurces its TCP ciooectio frim which IP address?
An The IP address if the primary address assigoed ti the liipback ioterfacen
Bn The IP address assigoed as the riuter IDn
Cn The IP address if the preferred address assigoed ti the liipback ioterfacen
Dn TheIP address if the ioterface that ciooects the twi BGP speakersn

Aoswern D
The BGP sessiio betweeo twi BGP peers is said ti be ao exteroal BGP (eBGP) sessiio if the BGP
peers are io difereot autioimius systems (AS) n A BGP sessiio betweeo twi BGP peers is said ti be
ao ioteroal BGP (iBGP) sessiio if the BGP peers are io the same autioimius systemsn
By default, the peer relatioship is established usiog the IP address if the ioterface clisest ti the
peer riutern

Question 5
Yiu oitce that there are curreotly twi MAC addresses assiciated with a siogle access pirt io the
bridge table io ioe if yiur EX Series switchesn
What are twi explaoatios fir this behaviir? (Chiise twin)
An The access pirt ciooects ti ao IP phioe which ciooects ti a hist devicen
Bn The oatve VLAN feature has beeo assiciatedwith the access pirtn
Cn Themac-mive-limiteature has beeo disabled io the access pirtn
Dn The access pirt ciooects ti multple hists thriugh a rigue devicen

Aoswern B,D
MAC mive limitog detects MAC mivemeot aod MAC spiifog io access ioterfacesn Yiu eoable this
feature io VLANsn


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