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Wafer Line - Blending and Batter Systems

Feb. 7th,
8th & 9th.

Dough/batter mixing system for wafer bars. Featuring: a Hapman screw conveyor s/n H 15423 AD; Schenck
Accurate feeder model V654846.BQ1; Reading bakery continous auger mixer with liquid feed model
CX001-000-2015-8625; 5HP pump; and misc stainless piping.
Creme mixing and transfer system for wafer line. Featuring: AFC Dump Clean automated flexible conveyor;
Schenck Accurate feeder; three 120 Liter stainless exact mixing tanks. capable of handling 90 degree celcius.
Two tanks with .75HP propellor agitators; One 411 liter stainless exact mixing tank. Capable of handling 90
degree celcius. 1HP propellor agitator; Four 1HP pumps; 2 Flow meters; One 5HP stainless steel centrifugal

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