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E xe c u ti ve Su m m a r y
Digit s combines the convenience of credit and
debit c ard payment s with the utilit y of
cr ypt ocur renc y payment s, all without issuing
any c ards.

Digits turns any credit or debit card in the
world into a crypto card. Our technology
will increase the liquidity and stability
of cryptocurrency while stimulating the
economy worldwide.

Our team comes f rom Visa, Paypal, ApplePay
and Ripple. We have used our unique knowledge
of the payment s indus tr y t o create a paradigm
shif t in the way pe ople pay with cr ypt ocur renc y
while maintaining compatibilit y with the
exis ting Visa, Mas terCard and AME X networks.

We achieve this without modification to
the existing credit or debit card networks
making cryptocurrency as easy for
merchants to accept as credit and debit

Pe ople and businesses hold over 1.5 billion
credit and debit c ards worldwide, and these
are used ever y day t o buy goods and ser vices.
Credit and debit c ards are easy t o use, ubiquit ous, and require the user t o do nothing more
than swipe, dip or tap his or her c ard at the
point of sale. On the other hand, cr ypt ocurrenc y is, in spite of growing exponentially, ver y
hard f or the average consumer t o use. We have
developed a sys tem t o make cr ypt ocur renc y as
easy t o use by the average consumer as their
credit or debit c ard.

We do this by integrating the cr ypt ocur renc y market int o the credit and debit c ard market so
that pe ople who hold cr ypt ocur renc y c an ef f or tlessly pay f or goods and ser vices via their exis ting credit or debit c ard.
Behind this we have developed a new f inancial ins trument t o solve the two bigges t problems in
cr ypt ocur renc y payment s: volatilit y and network transmission time. The Hedge Lending Network™
is a power ful new t ool that allows ins tant set tlement of transac tions at a known value as well as
providing consumer s with a hos t of benef it s including tax optimization.


The key to Digits’ seamless front-end
functionality is that Digits controls what
happens after a card number is entered
into a partner platform. If it’s not a
match with the Digits Network, the
transaction is processed as usual.


The Hedge Lending NetworkTM
generates a smart contract to
cover cost of user’s transaction

Digits API transfers funds
from user’s crypto wallet to
the Digits custodial wallet




At the end of the term, the
crypto is automatically liquidated
or the user can pay off the smart
contract with fiat currency



Crypto held in
custodial account for
up to 12 months

Smart Contract is backed
by a user’s cryptocurrency
as collateral


Re al R even u e, Rea l To ken Val u e
We generate real revenue f rom real transac tions ac ro s s our net work while keeping
transac tion cos t s t o the cus t omer well below traditional exchange f ees .

Visit digits.io

Hedge Lending

Merchant Payment
Processing Fee

User Fees

Merchant Software
Platform Access Fee

When a consumer sends Digits money
from their cryptocurrency wallet to
cover their purchase, Digits charge
10% of net gain on all smart contracts

Our average gross revenue card
processing fee is $8,000 per
$1 Million per month

Users will be charged ~1% to buy with
cryptocurrency as easily as a credit or
debit card - the average gross revenue
is $10,000 per $1 Million

A monthly fee is charged to software
platforms used by merchants for access
to the Digits platform at an average
of 10 DIG per $1 Million processed
per month

Read the
View the Pitch

In addition we have built our t oken value dynamic s int o the core of our s ys tem , allowing
long term value t o be connec ted t o the volume ac ro s s both our net work and the Hedge

Con s u m er a n d Merc ha nt B enefit s
For con sumers, Digits a l l ow s p a y i n g for g ood s an d s e r v i c e s us i ng
th eir cr ypto assets vi a th e u se of th ei r tr a d i ti on al 1 6 o r 1 9 d i g i t
c r edit or debit card. Di g i ts tw o- fa ctor au th e n ti ca ti o n a nd ha s h- e nc r ypt ed card numbers p r ovi d e i r on - cl a d se cu r i ty. In a d d i t i o n, d i g i t s ’
Hedge Lending Networ k TM d el a y s a sh or t- te r m tax ab le e v e nt .
For merc han t s, Digits d oesn’t r eq u i r e th e m er ch a nt t o i m p le m e nt
any special technology or p u t a ny n e w m e r ch an t ag re e m e nt s i n
pl ac e - all transaction s w i l l sti l l r u n on th e V i sa, M a s t e rC a rd a nd
Am ex rails. Additiona l l y, Di gi ts w i l l gen er a te n ew s a le s t ha t o t he rwis e may not have ha p p e n e d h a d th e m e r ch an t n ot o p t e d t o a c c e p t
c r ypt ocurrenc y paym en ts. P r ocessi n g a Di g i ts p ay me nt i s t he s a m e
ex ac t cost and settle m en t ti m e a s p r ocessi n g a tr ad i t i o na l c a rd
tr an s action.

Token Sale

Reg D : Rule 506(c)
March 27, 2018 (12:00 CET) – April 27,
2018 (12:00 CET) or until the maximum
cap is reached.

Token Name

DIG tokens pay for access to the Digits API

G r ow th Str a tegy & Ro a d Ma p
To e nsure a highly t ar g eted g r owt h st r a teg y , D i g it s w il l fo c u s o n
Me r chan t s S oft w are Pla t fo r m s, Pay m ent G a teway s , a n d Pay m e n t
Pr oce ssors. Digits wi l l su p p or t a l a r ge n ati on a l r e t a i le r d i re c t ly ;
h o wever, Digits belie ves th e op p or tu n i ty l i es w i th s o f t w a re p la tfor m s and payment ga te w a y s u se d b y m i l l i on s of m e rc ha nt s .
To da te, t he Digit s tea m ha s com p l eted m a r ke t va li d a t i o n a nd
c o m pe titive research , b u i l t th e cor e te ch n ol og y a nd t he Be t a A P I ,
c o n du cted R&D on the feasi b i l i ty of th e H e d g e L e nd i ng Ne t w o rk TM ,
as s es sed overall feas i b i l i ty, p e r for m e d a cost an al y s i s a nd la unc he d
th e D igits pre-initial coi n offe r i n g ( ICO) .

May 2017
Digits is conceived

August 2017
Competitive research is
gathered on current solution

July 2017
Customers are interviewed
to validate market opportunity


December 2017
Project feasibility and
cost analysis performed

October 2017
R & D into feasibility of
the Hedge Lending Network

Token which allows online merchants to accept
Purpose fiat currency payments from users paying
with cryptocurrency


1,000,000,000 total (550,000,000
available in token sale)

End Date & Token sale ends on April 27, 2018 or
when the total amount raised is USD $50
Time million dollars
$1 million, if not reached, funds are

Floor refunded in full within 30 days of end of

April 2018
Digits ICO will
be launched

February 2018
Digits Pre ICO is launched

All regulatory framework in
place for the Hedge Lending

September 2018
In beta with software
platforms and Digits consumers

March 2019
Full launch the Digits
consumer application

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