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Our product

Personalized Message
To spread love and

- a closer look Our product is central to the success of our business and in this section
we will take a look at what our product looks like today, what components make up our product, how competitive our product is compared to
other products and how we can further develop our product.

The lid
Folded by us

The product
Our product consists of different components;
some of which we make ourselves and others that we purchase. We create the personal
messages and flavour guides ourselves as
well as pack the boxes by hand. Our chocolate boxes contains chocolate truffles in six
wonderful flavours.
The personal messages are just as important as our chocolate. The first nine personal
messages we selected included both general
messages, such as “I like you” and “Instead
of a flower”, and more specific messages,
such as “Best friend”, “Mom” and “Dad”. Our
season-based messages, “Merry Christmas”,
“Happy New Year” and “Valentines Day”, were
all very popular and have their own unique
colors to stick out from other similar gifts.
Completely personalized messages were
something that our customers asked for.
Messages such as “Congratulations on your
20th Birthday” or “I love you Oscar”, are impossible for us to mass produce. Therefore, we
decided to introduce personalized messages. On our website it is now possible to order
personalized boxes and only your imagination
sets the limit for what is possible to write on
your box of chocolate.

What makes our product unique is the ability for our chocolates to work as a personal
and beautiful gift for any occasion. Nothing is
stopping the customer from purchasing a box
for themselves but our product really shines

Flavor guide

Finding the perfect personal message makes
it memorable and valuable for the person
receiving the gift as well. The possibility to
design your own personal message on the
boxes for a reasonable price also makes our
product quite unique on the market. Not a lot
of businesses offer a way to buy a personalized gift without ordering a massive amount
of the product.

Sea Salt

Chocolate truffles
the core of our

Developement potential
A development potential for Chocogift UF is
to reduce the time it takes to complete every
individual box, which limits our profitability
the most. During the year we have succeeded to reduce the time from three minutes
to approximately one minute per box. Furthermore, by investing in better tools for our
personal messages, outsourcing part of our
business to external factories or by developing an automatic system to produce and print
the personal messages, we would be able to
reduce the time for every box and in that way
increase our sales.
Two further development potentials are the
ideas of selling our product to retailers in
order to reach out to new customers and also
emphasize the opportunity for customers to
design their own personal messages. Furthermore, another opportunity for our business
to grow would be by combining our personal
messages with other similar products such
as gift baskets or flowers. The amount of gift
products like these on the market are very
small, especially for individual buyers.

Silk Paper
to protect the

colour coded bottom
to be able to
differentiate between
the flavors

To hold the chocolate
in place

The bottom
Folded by us