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The 7C Constitution (Version 4.0)

Full Constitution PDF 3rd Edition Ver. 3.2: http://bit.ly/7C32PDF
Full Constitution PDF 4th Edition Ver. 4.0: http://bit.ly/7C40PDF
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Let The People Of Earth Have Their Say,
Let Everyone Be A Leader Everyday,
The People's 7C Council Is Our Way,
Because We Are All Great In Every Way.
What if you could be a better beautiful person inside YOU.
What if you could understand that it's not about what others think of you,
but if something inside you could free your whole being into another
world, another state of mind, another force of free will, and being
spiritually free beyond all present understanding.
You will know that inside yourself an increase in confidence so high, fear
will completely disappear.
And then a miracle happens...
The Universe.
In this new constitution, we behold it clear, that this new confidence will
be self-evident, and a new understanding that ALL are free of the tyranny
of anything you can imagine.
(Many people erroneously believe money is the only way to get things.
They believe in the hamster wheel of success, when it's really a prison.)
You can have it all without these imaginary limitations.
(Many people may feel this constitution is a satirical joke, but I'm
completely serious about every single issue in it.)