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8, the rest by a conscientious consideration, which will not be missed in the historical
(6th) section of this document,
Where in literal quotations of this writing from other authors occur between
parentheses, they stem from the authors themselves, while those are inserted between
square brackets of mine. Quite so are quotes of page numbers in parentheses for the
original font in question, in square brackets for this font.
After this another request. The composition of the negotiations given here, which
preceded the Dresden confrontation of the two copies of our picture, may yet be
supplemented by a compilation of those who owe their origin to this confrontation,
and perhaps it will still be allowed me to do so Supplementing it, I ask on the
condition that it will not be dispensable from my side by a sufficiently complete or
resounding work from other side, in advance those who will take part in those
negotiations, especially if it happens elsewhere than in German art magazines to send
me, if not a special imprint, a note about the location of their meeting. 2)With regard
to the negotiations that have been conducted so far, I have not made any diligence in
giving this book the greatest possible completeness, but in the fragmentation of
contemporary literature I can not count on having fully achieved the goal; and make
sure, in particular, that one or the other may have escaped from the discussions
produced by the Munich exhibition of the Darmstadt specimen. Considered to be
those of C. (Crowe), E. Förster, K. Förster, Th. Grosse, Br. Meyer, W. Schmidt and
Woltmann. If there are any other meetings than are found in the file, or if you miss
something else in completeness, I would like to be made aware in private or in public,
in order to add to the consideration in the intended supplement.

Address: Prof. G. Th. Fechner. Leipzig, Blurnengasse no. 1.

Finally, the following correction. The year of birth of Holbein, in Chap. I. to 1495
or 1498, is now accepted by Woltmann to 1497, after the 1495 speaking inscription
on Anna Selbdritt in Augsburg recently proved to be falsified, of which the note has
come to me after printing the above statement.
Leipzig, July 24, 1871.
G. Th. Fechner.
First department.
I. entrance.
II. Differences between the two specimens.
III. Historical development of the question of authenticity in connection with the
question of beauty
IV. The contradictions between the connoisseurs.