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Dongfeng Truck Review And Price .pdf

Original filename: Dongfeng Truck- Review And Price.pdf
Title: Dongfeng Truck Review And Price
Author: Ô Tô Hoàng Long

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Dongfeng Hoang Huy Truck Price List [Monthly
Update] 2020
Dongfeng Truck Prices 2020
Dongfeng Trucks- Update detailed prices of all Dongfeng trucks currently on the market. Update
prices regularly monthly!
Dongfeng Hoang Huy truck is a very suitable choice both in terms of quality and price besides
models such as Isuzu, Daewoo, Hyundai, Hino ...
Products are imported directly from CBU factory in China with stable quality, which has been
well evaluated by many businesses and individuals in the transport business.
Hoang Long Cars would like to send you the price list of Dongfeng trucks distributed by
Hoang Huy below.

Note: This price list does not include taxes, fees and reference prices (because
prices may vary from time to time), NOT THE official selling price of the product.
For the most accurate selling price, please call hotline 0902502228 (press
the call button or chat facebook, chat zalo below), thank you.

Prices of Dongfeng Container Trucks
On the market today, Dongfeng Hoang Huy trucks are distributed with a variety of loads,
trunks and bridges (legs).
The product can load including: Dongfeng B180 9 tons of 7m5 bins, B180 8 tons of 9m5 bins, 4foot Dongfeng 9m5 17t9 bins, Donfeng B170, Dongfeng B190, 3-foot Dongfeng trucks, 8-ton
Dongfeng cars ...

Dongfeng truck
Note: The following Dongfeng truck selling prices refer to may differ from the actual
depending on the type of carton you choose (hoods, sealed boxes, mezzanines, freezer ...)

Dongfeng 4-leg Truck Price

May 2020: VND 1,220,000,000 (Tarpaulin box)

Dongfeng 4-pin (8 × 4) ISL315 truck was imported and distributed exclusively by Hoang Huy in
Vietnam with a 9m5-long tank body, internal load of up to 17.9 tons, suitable for all transport
activities. Customers need.

The exterior design with Thien Long cabin is more modern, the interior has electric glass, 4-way
adjustable air seats, the ISL 9.5 engine and 9-speed combination made of aluminum alloy to
help the car operate strongly. strong.

Dongfeng 8-ton Truck Price

May 2020: 940,000,000 VND (Tarpaulin box)

Dongfeng 8-ton truck belongs to the medium truck category which is a heavy competitor of
rivals such as Daewoo Maximus and Hino.
With this load, Dongfeng Chinese truck offers a lot of options for customers, such as:
Dongfeng B180 8 tons, Dongfeng B170, Dongfeng B190.

Prices of Dongfeng 3 Foot Truck

May 2020: VND 1,160,000,000 (Tarpaulin box)

Hoang Huy C260 3-leg Dongfeng truck has a tonnage of 14 tons, with a body size of more than
9m4 easy to transport all kinds of long and heavy goods.
The car uses a durable Yuchai 260 engine, combined with a turbocharger to help the car start
strongly, overcome the slope well.

Dongfeng 9-ton Truck Price

May 2020: 920,000.0000 VND (Tarpaulin box).

Dongfeng 9 ton truck is imported CBU from China Dongfeng Group with quality guaranteed by
millions of users.
The car is designed with a strong and durable Cummins engine block, a sturdy chassis, a barrel
up to 7.5 m long for high load capacity, flexible according to all customer needs.

Dongfeng B180 Truck Price

May 2020: VND 960,000,000 (Tarpaulin box).

Dongfeng B180 truck is the latest model imported by Hoang Huy to Vietnam by 2020. This is the
main vehicle in the medium-sized segment with 7m5 and 9m5 tank designs with a payload of 9
tons and 8 tons.
The car uses a Cummins ISB180 50 engine with a cylinder capacity of 5.9 liters, providing the
car with power of 180HP and torque of 700 Nm / 1200- 1700 rpm.

Dongfeng B170 Truck Prices

May 2020: VND 695,000,000 (Tarpaulin box)

Dongfeng B170 truck is manufactured with a tank length of up to 7m5 and has a flexible load
from 8 tons to 9t6, which is suitable for many purposes of your cargo.
Vehicles equipped with Cummins B170-33 engine with cylinder capacity of 5900 cm3, reaching
a maximum capacity of 170 horsepower.

Dongfeng B190 Truck Prices

May 2020: VND 790,000,000 (Tarpaulin box)

Dongfeng B190 trucks are manufactured on modern technological lines, with sturdy chassis,
long trunks and diverse loads from 8.45 tons to 9.3 tons suitable for carrying a variety of goods.
The car is equipped with a powerful Cummins B190 engine, durable operation, modern exterior
design, interior focusing on comfort for the occupants.
Click on the image below to get to the product catalog!

Price of Dong Dongfeng Car
May 2020:

4-leg Ben Dongfeng Car: Updating.

3-leg Ben Dongfeng Car: VND 1,150,000,000.

Car Ben Dongfeng 8 Tons: VND 730,000,000.

Ben Dongfeng 15 Ton Truck: Updating.

Ben Dongfeng 5 Ton Vehicles: Updating.

Car Ben Dongfeng 7 Tons: Updating.

Ben Dongfeng 9 Ton Truck: Updating.

Dongfeng dump truck featured with good load capacity, quick parking, very stable operation
and saving fuel costs for the owner.
Especially, the car price is also lower than many other competitors from Korea and Japan,
helping car owners recover capital faster, the initial investment cost is very light.
Dongfeng dump truck is very diverse in weight, suitable for many purposes of customers such
as: Ben Dongfeng 8 tons, Dongfeng 4-foot, 3-leg, 15-ton ben cars ...

Dongfeng Truck Mounting Rack
May 2020:

Dongfeng 4-foot truck with Unic crane: VND 2,070,000,000.

Dongfeng B170 truck with Unic crane: VND 1,320,000,000.

Dongfeng B190 truck with Unic URV343 crane: VND 1,300,000,000.

Dongfeng 3-foot truck mounted Atom crane: VND 1,850,000,000.

Dongfeng C260 3-foot truck mounted Soosan crane: VND 1,950,000,000.

Price of Dongfeng 15-ton L340 truck mounted with Kanglim crane: VND

Dongfeng 4-foot 16-ton truck mounted HKTC crane: VND 1,840,000,000.

Dongfeng crane trucks are commonly used to transport iron, steel, machinery equipment, or
heavy and heavy goods.
Was built on the base of Dongfeng truck and mounted a variety of brands such as Atom, Unic,
Soosan, Kanglim, ...

Depending on the load of the truck, the crane is attached with the corresponding lifting capacity,
properly installed, fully equipped with equipment to ensure safety during product operation.
If you want to buy Dongfeng truck mounted crane , please contact hotline 0902502228 for
advice on quotation and installment purchase procedures if you need it.

Specialized Dongfeng Truck Price
May 2020:

Dongfeng petrol tank truck: Updating the selling price.

Dongfeng Animal Feed Tank Truck: Updating price.

Dongfeng 9 block washing water truck: Updating the price.

Dongfeng Sliding rescue truck with 5 tons: Updating price.

Dongfeng construction forklift truck: Updating price.

Dongfeng specialized vehicles are built on the basis of rugged and durable Dongfeng truck
chassis, suitable for many different uses.
These vehicles are designed to complete different jobs and will have different structures and
equipment, for example: self-propelled cranes, dump trucks, rescue vehicles, garbage trucks,
tank trucks, water sprayers, dust sweepers ...

Frequently Asked Questions About Dongfeng Truck
Below is a summary of the questions that often appear on Google Search about Dongfeng
Hoang Huy trucks that O To Hoang Long has collected and provided suggestions.
Hope to help you better understand this type of product.

Dongfeng truck of any country?
Dongfeng truck ( Dongfeng ) is a product of Dongfeng automobile manufacturer of China
based in Wuhan, Hubei, China.
Dongfeng motor is one of the top 4 Chinese automobile manufacturers in terms of output along
with 3 brands Changan Cars, FAW Group and SAIC Motor.
Dongfeng website: https://www.dfmc.com.cn/

Is Dongfeng truck good?
Field vehicles Dongfeng Hoang Huy has been on the market for a long truck Vietnam (over 10
years) and N, flourished to this day.
That is the best testament to the quality of the product because in order to survive in a
competitive market like Vietnam, the product must meet the quality required by the buyer.
Since entering the market, Dongfeng Vietnam has increasingly improved the quality
and variety of its vehicles, models and engines with a focus on investing billions of dollars from
its parent company. .

Dongfeng is famous for its excellent load capacity, powerful engine, suitable for operating on
mountainous terrain like our country.

Should we buy a dongfeng truck?
This can be said as the first problem for customers who are learning and choosing to buy trucks,
because on the market today there are many types of trucks of all kinds of brands such as
Isuzu, Hyundai, Daewoo, Dongfeng, Karmaz, Chenglong, CAMC ...
So , what about Dongfeng truck ? Should we buy this car?
The most compelling answer is that it is up to the individual to decide whether to buy or not. But
one thing can be affirmed that there is no best car, only the best fit.
Consistent here is both about the quality requirements and the amount that can be spent to buy
the product.
The correlation between low price and low quality cars is not obvious, and Dongfeng cars
combine these two criteria, the price is very competitive and the quality of the car is guaranteed.
Another thing to consider when buying a car, especially a truck, is the spare part. China in
general and Dongfeng in particular are currently supplying to the world market of auto parts with
extremely large quantities and types and also competitive prices.
So when buying Dongfeng, you rarely have to spend time and effort to buy spare parts.
See more about the product at: https://otohoanglong.vn/gia-xe-tai-dongfeng/
Or: https://www.google.com.vn/search?_ga=2.62009071.2105444293.15905535291557198209.1559291293&q=C%C3%B4ng+Ty+TNHH+TM+%C3%94+T%C3%B4+Hoa%CC%80ng+Long&lu
Img: https://www.flickr.com/photos/otohoanglong/albums/72157714416955886

Buy Dongfeng truck installment like?
When buying a truck of Hoang Huy Dongfeng, you will have the option to pay directly with
cash or bank loans to pay by installments.
Hoang Long Auto, which specializes in buying and selling Dongfeng trucks, will assist you
with the procedures for buying a car with installment payment simply by having the necessary
documents such as ID card, Ho khau and marriage certificate.

With only about 20% prepayment, you can buy a car easily with a loan from the bank with a
standard interest rate, loan term from 5 to 6 years.

Contact Info:
Hoang Long Cars
967 National Highway 1A, Thoi An Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh
0909415145 - 0902502228
Account number 072.1000,619,568- Vietcombank - Ky Dong Branch.
Account number 1791.00000.21119- BIDV Bank- Binh Hung Branch.
Account number VPBank Bank- Go Vap Branch

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