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Last update: Friday, July 14, 2023

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How can I archive a file?
Once logged into your PDF Archive account, click on the icon in the navigation bar or select Upload a file in the "My Files" section.
Choose the library where you want to store your file, enter a description and keywords if necessary, and specify the retention period for your file (default: unlimited).
Next, select the file to archive or drag it to the upload area.
VoilĂ ! Your file is securely archived and can be accessed at any time through your File Manager.
How can I send multiple files at once?
Multiple file upload is available for Premium Account users only. It allows you to send up to 1,000 (one thousand) files at once.
How can I access my archived files?
All your archived files (regardless of the library they are stored in) can be accessed through the File Manager link in your navigation bar. You can also access your files through the Libraries page.
How can I quickly find my archived files?
The site's search engine allows you to easily retrieve your data. The search covers archived files, received files, public shares, libraries, notes, contacts, private messages, as well as your permanent QR codes.
We suggest adding the date to the file name to easily find all the archived files from a specific year or month. For example, a recommended name format is: "20230603 File Name.pdf".
It is also advisable to fill in the "file description" and "keywords" fields to effectively organize your documents and find them in a flash!
How can I find duplicate files?
The "Find duplicates" tool allows you to find strictly identical files present in your libraries. Duplicate files are identified by comparing their SHA512 hash values.
Direct link: https://my.pdf-archive.com/toolbox/duplicates/
How can I verify the integrity of an archived file?
When sending your documents, we automatically generate and store their MD5 and SHA512 signatures. This allows you to compare the signatures of your documents at any time to verify their integrity. For added security, it is suggested to store the signatures on a separate service that does not allow modifications. For example, you can enable "Proof of storage" on your Settings / Notifications page to automatically receive a copy of the signatures via email when sending your files.
We also offer an online service that easily generates MD5 and SHA512 checksums for any file:
MD5: https://md5.pdf-archive.com/
SHA512: https://sha512.pdf-archive.com/
What are the file size limits?
Free account users can archive and share PDF files with a maximum size of 128 MB. Premium account users can upload all types of files, weighing up to 8 GB.
Is there a limit to the number of documents on my account?
Free account users can archive and share up to 1,000 files (a thousand documents). For Premium Account users, this limit is increased to 1,000,000 files (one million), and it can be raised upon request to the technical support.
What formats are supported by the preview feature?
The service allows previewing for most common file formats, such as PDF files, images (JPEG, PNG, GIF), text documents (TXT, RTF), Microsoft Word documents (DOC, DOCX), Excel spreadsheets (XLS, XLSX), PowerPoint presentations (PPT, PPTX), and many more.
This feature is available for files smaller than 128 MB.
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