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Last update: Friday, July 14, 2023

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How can I restore a damaged or corrupted PDF document?
The PDF Archive PDF Toolbox contains a tool that allows you to attempt to recover the content of a damaged PDF file. Its usage is free. In case the restoration to PDF format fails, the raw text content of the file will be extracted.
Direct link: https://my.pdf-archive.com/toolbox/restore-pdf/
How can I edit metadata embedded in a PDF file?
The built-in metadata editor in the PDF Archive Toolbox allows you to easily modify the metadata embedded in your PDF documents, such as title, author, description, keywords.
Direct link: https://my.pdf-archive.com/toolbox/pdf-metadata-editor/
How can I remove metadata from a PDF document?
The PDF metadata editor allows you to remove all the embedded metadata in your documents (such as title, author, keywords, etc.) with just one click.
Direct link: https://my.pdf-archive.com/toolbox/pdf-metadata-editor/
How to convert a Word document to PDF?
The "Convert to PDF" tool of the PDF Archive Toolbox allows you to convert your documents from the following formats to PDF:
- Plain Text (TXT)
- Text (Office, Open Office)
- Vector (SVG)
- Image(s) in PNG, JPG, and WebP formats
How can I separate pages of a PDF file?
The "Separate pages of a PDF file" tool allows you to split a PDF file with just two clicks. For example, a 12-page file will be transformed into 12 one-page files.
Direct link: https://my.pdf-archive.com/toolbox/split-pdf/
How can I remove the password of a PDF file?
The "Remove Password from PDF" tool allows you to remove the master password from any PDF document. Please note that this tool is not intended for illegal use. You must know the password of the file!
Direct link: https://my.pdf-archive.com/toolbox/remove-password-pdf/
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