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Last update: Friday, August 4, 2023

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Public sharings are separate from your archived files, and are a convenient way to share files with users who do not have an account on the site.

What are public sharings?
The files stored in your archive are strictly private and can only be accessed by you.
You can occasionally share a file with a third party for a specific duration by creating a public sharing.
To create a public sharing, select the document you want to share from your File Manager and select the "Create a public sharing" button located at the top of the page.
Please note that your file will be duplicated; therefore, if you delete the original file from your File Manager, the public sharing will still be accessible throughout its validity period.
What are the different types of public sharings?
We offer 5 types of public sharings:
1. Web Preview
2. Document download page
3. Direct link - The document will be opened by the web browser - PDF files are typically displayed directly by all modern browsers without the need for additional software installations (PDF reader, plugins, etc.).
4. Direct download - The document will be directly downloaded by the browser, which will display a "Save As..." window or automatically add the file to its download manager.
5. Web reader - For PDF files only. Your document can be viewed directly through the web without the need to download the entire document or install any additional software.
Note: direct link, direct download and Web reader are reserved to Premium accounts.
What about SEO for my Public sharings?
By default, public sharings are private and not accessible to search engines. Premium account users have the option, for each sharing, to allow search engine access and activate the use of Sitemaps and Indexnow protocols, which accelerate the indexing of your document.
The SEO options are available during the creation of a sharing and can be modified at any time via the "Public Sharings" page.
We would like to remind you that once files are made available publicly on the Web, they are automatically copied to thousands computers worldwide (search engines, bots, proxies, caches, etc.).
Can I customize the domain name of my public sharings?
The following domain name can be used by all users of PDF Archive to create a public sharing:


The following domains names are exclusively reserved for Premium account users:


You can also use your own domain name with our Managed dedicated server offers.
Can I configure the language of the download page of my public sharings?
You can configure the language of each of your public sharings through the management interface of your PDF Archive account. We offer the following choices: English, French, and Automatic (based on the visitor's IP address).
How can I create a QR Code for my Public sharing?
You can easily create a QR Code for each of your public sharings by using Permanent QR Codes.
Go to Tools > Permanent QR Codes page and click on "Create a QR Code". For more information about permanent QR codes, please refer to the dedicated help page.
How to find out the number of downloads for a public sharing?
To determine the number of views of the download page for your public sharings, as well as the actual number of downloads (clicks on the "Download" button), go to the "Public sharings" page and select the relevant sharing. The number of views and downloads will be displayed at the bottom of the page. These counters are updated in real-time.
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