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Dan DeVore
There’s a lot of talk around school about things that are wrong with BC Law—the
parking, the cafeteria, the lack of jobs. And while these are certainly some of the problems I
would work to address, I personally think that on the whole, this is a pretty great place to
go to school. The current LSA administration has done a great job, and I would welcome
the chance to continue building on their work, while pushing for the improvements that
students are asking for.
For the past year I’ve been working on the LSA Special Events Committee, the group
responsible for planning Law Prom, the Boat Cruise, Halloween party, and the Spring
Carnival. My work on the committee has not only given me experience in managing
budgets and representing BC Law when dealing with vendors, but much more importantly
it has taught me the benefits of bringing together the school community outside of the
classroom. I hope to apply this experience to the office of President, but more importantly,
try to bring a little bit of this school spirit to all aspects of the LSA.
I think the LSA should work to serve the interests of all students, and I pledge that I
will always be open to feedback from the student body, no matter how minor the concern.
My work on the Special Events Committee has been the most rewarding part of my law
school experience, and I look forward to dedicating myself to the office of president.
Randy Newsom
Ultimately, our education at BC Law will benefit us throughout our lives, but during this
tumultuous time, which affects all law students, it is more important than ever to improve
the BC Law experience. We all know the LSA cannot change many of the fundamental
aspects of law school, but I believe we can eliminate many of the little things that add up to
make life tougher. When people are struggling to find jobs, and Career Services cannot help,
the last thing a student needs is to worry about buying a parking pass because the school
doesn’t want them to park legally nearby.
Law school is difficult enough without having to constantly endure issues like parking,
shuttles, extra fees, and horrendous cafeteria coffee. Individually, they’re small burdens,
but when you only have so many hours, and so many dollars, these things add up quicker
than a Charlie Sheen meltdown.
The LSA is not Congress, but with so many committed people, we can make these changes.
If lucky enough to be elected, I’ll stand up for our student body, not only to the law school
administration, but to the entire BC Administration. I am not looking to pick fights, but we
have too many great people struggling to sit by and let BC ring us for every dime without a
thought to our quality of life.
Despite all my faults, I remain persistent and not easily deterred. I think I would be the best
person for this job, at this time.

Sana Sheikh
If I am lucky enough to be elected LSA President, I promise to improve BC Law and strive
towards increasing the value of a BC Law degree. It is easy for someone to make a promise
without realizing what following through actually means, but as my track record indicates,
I know how to get things done. I have worked all year as PILF President, on the LSA
Diversity Committee, in SALSA, and with other organizations to improve student life at BC
Law. As I transition away from these activities, I will bring the same energy while applying
the lessons I learned to the position of LSA President.
I love BC Law, but there’s always room for improvement. If elected President there are
several initiatives I want to undertake, but my focus will be on the current number one
priority of students, jobs. I know you’re probably thinking, “What power does the LSA
President have to get me a job?” To be honest, not that much directly. However, I can
facilitate better communication and opportunities. Here are some of my ideas:
1. Expand the role of the LSA Career Mentoring Committee and work Career Services to
research successful programs at law schools throughout the nation, and mimic their
strategies to expand our own
2. Push for a more efficient and effective Alumni database and organize more networking
opportunities with Alumni.
These are just a few of my ideas. Email or stop me in the hall for
Michelle McClafferty
When deciding whether or not to run for LSA Vice President, several questions crossed my
mind. Am I qualified? Would I be good at it? Do I have to run simply because I planned the
ski trip? What perks will I get at bar reviews? Obviously, given my candidacy, I ultimately
reached positive answers for those questions.
I have greatly enjoyed increasing my involvement in LSA over the last two years. Rare is
the event I do not attend, and this year I even had the privilege of heading up my own
event, the Ski Trip, and assisting with several others through my role on the Sports
Committee. I am excited about the potential for involvement that the Vice Presidency
offers, as I will not only have a chance to increase my hands-on participation in the
traditional events and offerings, but I will also be able to play the role of liaison, making
sure those with good ideas (particularly those not serving on the Elected and Appointed
Boards) have an avenue for pursuing them. I’m confident that by streamlining and even
cutting some of our currently existing LSA Committees, we can make way for increased
participation and collaboration with other student groups on campus.
Even without reading the statements of other candidates running for various positions, I
am confident that the student body will elect a talented and driven bunch, and hope to have
the privilege of working with them. I appreciate your vote!

Liza Murray
I look forward to the opportunity to serve as your LSA Secretary. My experience as
1L representative to the elected board will allow me to build off of my existing
relationships with faculty and staff and to contribute my fluency with elected board
proceedings, lending continuity as we undertake LSA’s ongoing projects and goals next
My experience on the elected board has brought issues to my attention that I feel
strongly about addressing in the coming school year. As a member of the executive board, I
will push towards a stronger collaborative relationship with administrators on the Main
Campus regarding shuttle transportation, parking and making changes in the cafeteria,
Yellow Room and other common spaces. Based on valuable information gleaned from
LSA’s recent survey, I will seek opportunities to increase student- professor interaction
outside of the classroom, and to create a more structured academic mentoring program
between 1Ls and upperclassmen.
As we are on the verge of a new deanship, I am committed to taking this chance to
ensure a strong working relationship between the new dean and the student body from the
start through a series of informal dean gatherings for interested students. It is important
that we let our new dean know how we feel about the issues that affect our daily school
…And I can take some mean meeting minutes.
It would be a privilege to serve as your LSA secretary.
Thank you!
Ian Shannon
I believe that too little knowledge is passed from class to class because BCLS lacks an
adequate forum in which to share our collective wisdom and mistakes. In no area is this
more apparent than in course selection, particularly due to the brevity of the add/drop
period. As Secretary, I would create a course information website that would provide
course-specific reviews from fellow classmates. This website, something of as a classrelated Yelp, would also provide students with the opportunity to provide general course
selection knowledge: which classes best complement each other, which classes are de facto
prerequisites for other classes, etc. Additionally, the site would note which classes are most
relevant to prospective practice areas. I would also solicit input from the faculty because,
while the administration minimizes required prerequisites or co-requisites for our benefit,
there are many instances where it would be helpful to know professors’ expectations
before the first (or, worst, third) week of classes.

I have not previously served on the LSA Elected Board, though I am currently on the
Academic Standards Committee. In what now seems like a lifetime ago, I worked in
marketing for a start-up and am very familiar with such secretarial tools as Word, Excel,
Powerpoint, Project, and Photoshop. While I have been told it would be “dorky…even for a
law student” to brag about my WPM, I am readily able to prepare meeting agendas and
minutes. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I would greatly appreciate your
Stephen Caywood
Hi, my name is Stephen Caywood and I want you to give me all your money. Well, not all of
it, but whatever amount the treasurer is responsible for. What will you get in return you
ask? Pink and orange reimbursement forms, mostly. But along with those blindingly bright
forms you can also expect a level of service you’ve never before experienced. How good of
service you ask? Imagine a circus monkey, put into a mixing bowl, chasing around Lady
Gaga, throwing confetti. The mixing bowl? It’s BC Law. The monkey? Me. The confetti?
That’d be your money. And Lady Gaga? Well, I just like her music.
Now some of you I probably had at crazed, confetti throwing monkey, but for the rest of
you, don’t worry, there’s more. As treasurer, I’d make it rain at BC Law. Scratch that, this is
Boston – I’d make it snow. You and your student organization would get hit by my furious
green blizzard of funding so fast that you’d beg me to stop quicker than that 1L you thought
was into you. When I was done there’d be a pile of snow so big that even Charlie Sheen
wouldn’t know what to do with it.
So, in conclusion: monkey, Lady Gaga, confetti, snow, Charlie Sheen. Oh, and I’m a CPA with
a masters in accounting.
CAYWOOD for Treasurer
Chris Becker
Hi, my name is Chris Becker and I am running for 3L representative. Some of the important
tasks of this position are to plan the end of the year graduation events for the 3L class. If
elected, I hope to make these events as full of debauchery (within legal limits) as possible.
Those 3Ls with jobs will be able to drink unlimited amounts without repercussions, as
classes will be meaningless. Those 3Ls without jobs will be able to drink unlimited amounts
without repercussions, as classes will be meaningless.
Either way, I would solicit input from my fellow 3Ls to be sure that they enjoy their 3rd and
final year here at BC Law. I will represent my classmates as skillfully as possible. I will not
email pictures of myself without a shirt on to girls on Craigslist as some other noted
representatives have. I will draw up preliminary plans for a monolithic statute of Charlie
Sheen to be placed outside the library, to show the class's commitment to winning. I will

not compromise with the administration if they demand a statue of former Dean John
Garvey instead. Thank you.
Tom Hollo
My name is Tom Hollo and I'm running for LSA 2012 Class Representative. You should vote
for me. In addition to helping plan a damn fine Black & White Ball and commencement
week, I’m confident I could get regular mustard in the lunch room and blow your mind with
bar reviews concurrently. I’m organized, reliable, fun-loving, open-minded, and intelligent,
but I’m not up your ass about it. I've never been convicted of a felony, but that doesn't mean
I'm not cool. Police handcuffed me once in San Francisco, and I rarely, if ever, drive the
speed limit. At least once a month I cook dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, bury them in
macaroni and cheese, and call it “Buried Treasure.” I think Dennis Quaid is the world’s
worst actor, and Michelle Rodriguez is his female counterpart. I think if you disagree with
me you should watch Legion and S.W.A.T. I think that abortion, gay marriage, and
immigration are more important than Charlie Sheen. When I was four I held a loaded
machine gun in Laos then rode an elephant up a mountain in Thailand. I like America’s
Funniest Videos and especially parasailing accidents. Oh and I drove through Tijuana once
on my way to Rosarito and advise you never to do the same.
I truly hope you’ll vote for me because I truly want to help plan the highlights of our 3L
year, I’m truly an organized and active student, and I truly own every Arnold
Schwarzenegger movie.
Edward L. Kirby
Dear Class of 2012,
I respectfully ask for your vote for 3L rep in the LSA. There are many reasons why I would
make a great rep. For starters, I am so dedicated to our class that I entered the MBA
program solely to graduate in 2012 with such an amazing class. Furthermore, as the 2010
UVA Softball Mustache Winner, I have the dedication the position requires. It takes great
moral character to wake up everyday for a month looking like a hobo just to win two 40s of
warm Old English.
Unfortunately, I must cut this statement short because the Florida Highway Patrol
confiscated my license over Spring Break and I have to go to the Watertown RMV.
Edward L. Kirby
[submitted via text messages]
Michael Kern
I am a violent torpedo of truth. I'm tired of pretending like I'm not special, like I'm not a
bitchin' rock star from Mars.
The 3L Representative really has one important job -- make Commencement Week as fun
as possible and leave your classmates with some lasting memories. I promise you'll have a

run that will make Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger, Richards, all of them, just look like droopy-eyed,
armless children.
Duh Winning!
Andrew Siegel
Boston College Law School has been a strong source of good in my life because of the
people I have had the privilege to study alongside. I am running for LSA because I want to
give something back to this wonderful community. I promise to bring creativity and vigor
to solving challenges and seizing the opportunities before us in the coming year. I swear to
bring the same passion that I bring to the stage to the LSA. I will be a force for truth, justice,
and good times. If you know me then you know that I am someone who is always willing to
have a conversation, to listen. More importantly I will take the messages of the student
body where they need to go. I will be a voice for my people (the class of 2012 and the
student body at large). My name is Andrew Joseph Siegel, if you trust me with this job; I will
not let you down. I will be the best LSA rep I can be, or die trying.
Caroline Spillane
My name is Caroline Spillane, and I hope to be one of your 3L class representatives for next
year. I look forward to working with my fellow reps to make sure our final year at BC Law
is awesome. As a current LSA Committee Chair and as treasurer of the International Law
Society, I have gained experience in organizing events that draw diverse interests, and I
hope to continue that work as your 3L rep. I will also be a strong advocate for all of you,
and will always be happy to listen to your concerns and suggestions. Thank you for your
time and consideration, and I look forward to working on your behalf.
Lauren Thompson
Hi! My name is Lauren Thompson, and I hope to be elected one of the 3L class
representatives for next year. I have really enjoyed participating in the LSA this year on the
bar review committee, and would love an opportunity to contribute further to our final
year as law students. As bar review committee co-chair, I have spent time communicating
with other LSA committees to coordinate events, negotiating with bar managers to get the
best deal possible for each event, and have been introduced to the inner-workings of the
LSA. I believe the skills I have acquired as a result would be useful in planning events such
as the Bar Crawl and Black & White Ball. I would have run for class representative earlier,
but did not realize until today that I could serve as class representative while remaining on
the bar review committee.
I have strong friendships with the other 3L class representative (Spillanimal), our vice
president, treasurer, and many of the other LSA candidates. As a result, I am confident that
if elected I will be able to work well with the other members of the LSA to make our 3L year
as great as it can be. Finally, I have really enjoyed getting to know the members of our law
school class, and would be happy to listen to all of your concerns and suggestions, and
hopefully come up with some solutions! Thanks for your time… see you all Friday night at
Wonder Bar!

Jim D’Ambra
My name is Jim D’Ambra and I am currently a 1L Representative for Section 3. I am running
for 2L Representative as I want to ensure the voice of our class is heard within the LSA and
BC Law community.
My experience working with administrators as a BC undergrad has given me an
understanding of how to navigate the BC bureaucracy. Combined with the insight I gained
as a section representative this year, I have a better picture of where BC Law stands within
this larger system and how to work for tangible improvements in student life.
Putting this experience to work for 2Ls, I plan to pursue improvements in the parking and
busing system; explore Plex pricing for law students; work with dining services to make the
cafeteria more law student friendly; make information about lectures and presentations
more accessible through Google Calendars; better inform law students of all the services BC
offers; and program more events in order to continue to build the BC Law community.
As your 2L representative, I want to work with you to identify what BC Law does well and
where BC Law falls short, advocating for tangible improvements in student lift. As such, I
plan to institute a feedback system that allows law students to quickly express any issues
or ideas they may have.
The Class of 2013 has 2 more years at BC Law and with your vote I want to ensure that they
are the best they can be!
André Gregori
I see the LSA as a political organization—“political” in the sense of representing our
interests vis-à-vis the Administration. It is our only such organization and should serve,
fundamentally, as a funnel to our interests. It should not only do executive work—as it has,
very well, throughout previous years—but should primarily be a collation of our voices. It
is a truism that the function of any law school is the education of its students. What is more
difficult for some to understand is that education is a service. As a service, it must
reasonably meet the needs and demands of those served.
My platform is simple. To the extent permitted to me in my role as a representative, I
promise to awaken a political spirit within the LSA. We are not a very large constituency.
With less than three hundred of us in our year, there can be more student involvement with
other aspects of the Administration than providing feedback during the Dean selection
process (though important this may be!). Areas that I believe are of particular sensitivity to
students include: the cafeteria monopoly, the lack of consistent grading and academic
standards (including in examinations), enormous writing classes, and insufficient—or
unfairly distributed—parking spaces.
My promise is to create a forum for 2Ls to express their interests and priorities, with a
democratic process. To this end, I propose working with the other 2L representatives to
organize monthly town-hall meetings. With everyone on board, our voices will resonate.

Mathilda McGee-Tubb
As a 1L LSA rep for Section 1 this year, I had the opportunity to dive into the life of BC Law
immediately. To understand what students really care about and give everyone an
opportunity to be heard, I’ve gotten to know as many people as I can and was very involved
in writing the survey LSA administered earlier this year. I learned a lot from reading
through the comments you provided and now have a stronger sense of what our student
body wants.
If I could be omnipotent, I would convince Suffolk Law to switch campuses with us, put a
free Starbucks in there, and include individual temperature controls in all classrooms. But,
since omnipotence is out of reach, I will focus on accomplishing the things that make our
days in Newton a little better. Prior to law school, I worked as a university administrator,
which provided me with invaluable insight into the way universities like BC operate and
why some small changes can be surprisingly challenging to accomplish (e.g. getting another
microwave). I believe that this experience, coupled with my familiarity with LSA, my
involvement in a variety of activities, and my dedication to improving the student
experience at BC Law, would make me a strong 2L rep capable of facilitating
I would love to continue hearing your ideas and requests and being your advocate for them.
I hope you’ll honor me with the opportunity to represent you once more as a 2L rep!
Ian Wilhite
My name is Ian Wilhite and I spent the last four years as a Public Policy major at the
University of Michigan.
In my short time here at BLCS a few things have become apparent: The cafeteria needs
another microwave and I have made one of the best decisions of my life by attending law
school here.
This school is not the Disneyland of law schools; it’s the Epcot Center. There are people
from around the world with unique perspectives, the prices to eat here are outrageous, and
you can drink (sometimes).
This place has a lot to offer and instead of focusing on the things we don’t have (just one
more microwave), we should focus on the resources we have right here: the people. I want
to work to find better means of mentoring and helping 1Ls transition to law school. I want
to work to help 2Ls and 3Ls find jobs, find bailiffs and prepare for OCI.
As an undergrad I represented Public Policy students in our student assembly. I was a
member of Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) working on promoting a more approachable
and friendly student government. This experience gave me practice in both public
speaking and collaborating with students from around the University.
I would be honored to represent our 2L class and work to make sure everyone gets the
most out of the BCLS experience. Microwave.

Respectfully Submitted,
Ian Wilhite

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