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Pretty straight forward in relation to the attendance.


“Committed to the Growth of OUR Great Sport”

Mid Ohio Organized Disc Golf

When looking at percent of increase over the first year of
WOWS (2009 then known as White Oaks Winter Series) it
is reflective of the overall growth of disc golf. Happy to
share that the attendance was up 217% this season! Payout
average for 6 events was over 190% at no extra cost to the
players. While the Overall payout came in at a staggering
240% which included the $50 added from the side bet that
no more than 13 folks would show up at WOWS #3 at
Delaware. The temps that day reached a WOWS temp
record of -10°. Additionally, Mike Nevett donated some
very nice T shirts and discs that were
used for CTP‟s at the final event. In
fact while at Marion in March, WOWS
#5 gave out over 10 Innova Star discs
during a litter clean up challenge.
Many thanks to those who enjoyed
getting the back nine in better looking
shape. The final event drew 19 players at Lakeview Pines

In this issue:

DGC Development

2012 season...OWWS! Out With Winter Sooner!
Spring 2011

Volume 7, Issue 2


@ Mt. Gilead. The format was “Congratulations
three rounds of nine, with a final Ryno on your upset
nine after the cut. Potential win in the final.
movement was in the Intermediate R y a n
division of which made up the Final played a solid series
Nine. Shoe-ins from other and it was a
divisions played in a group of gang pleasure for me to
golf while a small gallery gathered be part of this race.
on the competing group. As the Somebody had to
rounds unfolded, the Lakeview come in third.”
Pines course would provide all
Dennis Hills
players with a challenge and a
strenuous work out. The non
traditional elevation and very tight lines challenged Ryan
Hopkins to maintain the lead in the Intermediate race. In
the end Ryno would be victorious and take the
Intermediate crown. Other first place finishes include:
Brendan Beeney - Open; Ryan Hunt - Advanced; Don Dye
Jr. - Recreational. Congrats to all the winners!


It’s the Sickness...Confessions of a Cow Collector


Randy Allen...Spring Fling & Wings


How Can U Help?...


From the Desk of MOODGolf:

Thank you for taking the time to support your local
courses and events. Be sure to visit
for all the latest events in OH and Internationally.

Volunteerism is essential for the continued Growth of
Our Great Sport...Thanks in advance. Learn how you
can help, contact your local course liaison.

“Fuchsia Baby!”
Fuchsia? Or Fuschia?
Wonder how Jimmy spelled it?

Either way if you try, you can
still hear him exclaim
“Fuchsia Baby!” as he pulled
a the pink driver from his
bag also claiming his gift
from Johnny Sias as the
“best in his collection”.
I can„t shake the loss I feel during
my travels south to play with my
friends in West By God Virginia.
Funny as I think about our “Lil
buddy” and reflect on when I first
spotted Jimmy Hicks…It was at an
early gathering of the Forked Run
course in Reedsville, OH. Almost
like it was yesterday...I spot this

Winnebago leaning to the right in
a ditch near tournament HQ.
Wondering to myself, who would
park there? And at that moment
out pops this little shirtless hairy
dude with a Natural Lite in hand.
Friendliest stranger I have met to
date. Like Allen says, “Jimmy
would give you the shirt off his
back, if he wore one.”
Looking back on many other fun
times with Jimmy I‟ll never forget
the 2005 24 Hour DG Marathon
in Upper Sandusky.
A great
gathering of Mid OH‟s early days.
Dave Stevens contested a 18 hole
speed round. Funniest start I have
ever seen...Jimmy and others are
all lined up for the start. Their

off...Jimmy is doing great on hole
1...he heads toward hole 2,
attempting a short cut over the
bushes, opps there‟s a fence in
there, down goes Jimmy. Did he
drop his Natty Lite? Nope, not
even a drop. Even though Jimmy
did not win, he sill finished the
speed round in a respectable
time. One thing for certain, I will
never forget the night Jimmy
called me after I hit the cow. I the very moment
Jimmy let out this very authentic
MOO and laughed till he couldn't.
I guess it was then that I realized
the COW would be the club
mascot. We miss you…
Rest in Peace Jimmy!

Volume 7 Issue 2

Page 2

Ohio Disc Golf Course Development for 2011

HEAD EAST from central Ohio to get there.

Hebron, OH

Where? To a disc golf course, of course! Newly
developing Evans Park in Hebron is sporting an
unusual project. Seems the city folks bought a set
of DGA Mach II‟s. Funny thing is the property is
blank with the exception of a few large power
poles and a fence line. No biggie...the very
energetic and enthusiastic park leader, Linda
Nicodemus, has committed herself to this “fun and
developing mission”. Basic layout and design ideas
have been talked through with the greatest of interest and will. Already the Hebron folks have
planted 12 assorted pins for the first of many
phases in the course development. As Spring fast approaches, so to does the desire to move to the next phase. We could see the pins
installed close to early May. Ideas for two elevated pins and select mowing will be incorporated in the course.
Additionally there will be more trees and shrubs planted this spring.
Ohio is Rockin’ the Disc Golf World!


and slightly

north towards Dillon State Park. There you
will find a current nine hole course evolving
into an 18 hole course with plenty of elevation
changes and fine lines. Installed in 2009, the
course became popular with the campers as
well as the locals from Newark and surrounding
areas. So popular in fact, the VIP Group at
Dillon decided to fund the back nine. With a
little tweaking of the original nine and other
added holes, the final layout will sure test the
local players as well as give the travelers a bit
more challenge. The Dillon SP folks plus the
leadership of Jerry Pollack will be working diligently on the nine new holes. With some luck
and better weather, we could see this evolving
project develop into a pretty nice course.

EAST...sneak over to
McComb, OH


To Rt. 146 --->

“...however I did sneak over
and play 9 on Friday and
want to say that Mike did a
excellent job with this
course. I couldn’t imagine it
any better than it is…”
Ray Gruber



known to locals, is the
most recent addition to
the McComb Village
Park. This project is

Slight uphill with pin guarded
Sharp Downhill thru pines
Medium Uphill Pines
Straight Med Wooded
Slight Down Moderate Open
Open until Pin
Open with rough to the left
Open with Pin guarded
Open with fast green
Slight Down hill with woods
Medium uphill with fast green
Long downhill. Signature Hole
Tight Wooded Uphill
Gradual Down with woods
Gradual Up with woods
Steep down with OB behind
Slight undulation with guarded
18. Uphill twist.

the brain child of Mike Taylor.
Not long after he and Jessica
mooved the area, they began
working with the City to
establish a disc golf course. It
did not take long for the local
business‟s to embrace the idea
and invest in the community.
The newly installed nine hole
course is very challenging with
varied elevation changes and
prevailing winds. Water
comes into play on three
holes. Even with the limited

woods that boarder
the park, Mike did
incorporate three
holes in the woods.
Number seven might
be the signature hole
with the pin resting
proudly on elevated
landscaped green.
Plans for permanent
tees and updated
signs will be forthcoming.
Good Job Mike and Company!

Page 3

Volume 7 Issue 2
They say that "Nice guys finish
last," but I've seen Randy Allen
play and I bet he is somewhere
near the top card. You may know
him as a tough competitor, but do
you know him as a good family
man, trusted friend, or as a
leader in his community. I had
the chance to get to know Randy
a little bit more and I hope you
find him as fascinating as I do.

with me early in the morning for a speed round at Aumiller. My 8 year old son,
and my 7 year old daughter like to start, but are usually done after a couple of
holes. My wife will come and throw when she gets the chance.
Have you convinced any parishioners to take up the game?
Yeah – several. Early on I got one of the elders involved. Bob Jones has played in
a few of the MOODGolf events. There are probably 6-8 other people that I have
gotten involved that will actually go out and play. It is great, because I can turn
disc golf into ministry time much the way more traditional preachers treat that
other golf game!
You have said you want to build a disc golf course on the church grounds,
are you making any progress towards this goal?

What is the working title of your day job?
My day job is anything but a day job. My title is Minister at Ontario Christian
Church. I am called to work literally all hours of the day and night! Fortunately,
that affords me some time during the day. Sometimes to disc golf!
How long have you been in the Ministry?
I have been in ministry for about 19 years. I spent 14 years as a youth minister in
Colorado and Oklahoma, and I have spent the last 4 ½ as the preacher in Ontario. How long have you been playing disc golf, and how did you get started?
I started playing in July of 2009. I had seen courses, and my kids were with their
grandparents for the week, so I convinced my wife to come give it a try with me.
I have never looked back!
You lived in Colorado before, do you manage to get back there and have
you played any of the mile high courses they have to offer?
Much to the dismay of my mother, I do not make it back to Colorado very often.
The cost of gas has prevented us from visiting since we moved to Ohio. I have
scoped out the courses though, and can‟t wait to get out there.
What are your top 3 most favorite courses to play?
Blue Angels Park (actually 2 courses) in Pensacola, FL. Not much elevation
change, but great courses by the Naval Air Station. Richmond Hill in Asheville,
NC. I played this course my 2nd week of playing, and it ate my lunch, but it is an
awesome disc golf dedicated park. Gordon Holton or Aumiller (toss up)
Do any other family members play disc golf?
I get all of them out at different times – even the youngest who is 4 will throw a
couple of holes. My 11 year old girl loves to play when it is REALLY cold for
some reason. My 12 year old girl will only throw a Roc, and she will often go

Ryno has come out and walked the land, and we have laid out 18 holes. Now that
the weather is clearing up again, we are starting work on getting each hole playable. We will be having some work days if anyone is interested in helping!
The economy has hit the church over the last 2 years, so it is going to take a lot of
fundraising to get the course in the ground. Right now we have a plan to do a
fundraiser tournament on May 7th. I have always loved how Clare runs the Tiffin
Chili Bowl, so I want to copy him a bit and do a “Spring Fling „n Wings.” In
between rounds have a wing competition. I would like to offer mulligans and
some added games, including a long drive competition in our field. After the
course is in the ground, we would continue this tournament as a fundraiser for
the clothes closet we run in downtown Mansfield.
Do you have a secrete wing recipe you plan on unveiling?
Interestingly, unless they are boneless, I hate wings! I just liked the name “Spring
Fling „n Wings.” I do plan on stomping any cooking that Ryno or Rob attempt!
So what discs do you carry in your bag?
I carry far too many! Just ask my wife! I would like to cut down on molds, but
my go to discs are Orcs, T-birds, Rocs, and putters right now are ranges of Soft
Challengers and a champ Rhino.
Any words of wisdom you would like to leave with us?
Hmmm – maybe, “May the Lord bless you and keep you and give you his
peace…and bogey free golf!” OK- I added that last part, and will probably be
either struck by lightning or never get better than a bogey again!
Well the "Spring Fling'n Wings" you say. I guess I had better practice up
on my wing eating. I’ll see you there.
Allen Koehler

It’s the Sickness...

How did this thing get started?
Heck, how do these things ever
get started? Buying just one
item for fun, then another and
another. Next thing I know, I'm
into full blown addiction.
What am I talking
about?............Hello, my
names Allen, and I collect
COWS! I suppose with the
start up of MOODGolf and the

novelty of having a cow for a
where things
began. I had
attracted to the
simple cow,
but it was fun to be a part of
this new club and all it had to
offer. Well one day I'm walking
through the tractor supply store
because I drove by and saw the
cow print canopy out front. I
justified buying it because it
would look good as a tournament headquarter at events.
But near the counter there is a
bin full of various farm animals,

horses, sheep, goats, the usual,
and of course some really cool
cow figures. I just had to buy a
couple. After all they make
lovely gifts for your friends.
This would be the excuse I
would use time and time again
until it became obvious I was in
it for myself.
Every time I go to the dollar
store, they would have pot
holders with cows on them. Or
stopping at Targets dollar bins
there would be cow puzzles, or
cow flashlights, or cow print
pencils. It would put me into a
fevered buying frenzy. How can
you say no to the adorable face
of the stuffed cow you found in

Confessions of a Cow Collector: Allen Koehler

the plush isle of the toy store?
Yea, it's a sickness all right. But
hey, who is it hurting I say. It's
good for the economy I say.
Excuses, excuses. The collecting never ends. I go to meetings
and talk to other collectors,
some have managed to control
their addiction but for some
like me, it's a day to day struggle. Maybe I can stop. Maybe I
don't want to stop. I don't
know. What I do know is that
my cow pillow pet is being sent
via UPS that I ordered over the
Why does my skin itch all
the time?...
it's the sickness.

Volume 7 Issue 2
“Committed to the
Growth of OUR Great
PO Box 2557
Marion, OH 43201-2557
Mobile: 740-815-5899
We’re on the web

Page 4



















10 11 12





15 16 17 18 19




22 23 24 25 26



29 30 31
The Yeti Pro Aviar is a straight
flying putter that works well on
the course too. We've developed
the Yeti in a firm, grippy blend of
Pro blend of plastic. It's somewhere between DX and R-Pro in
both grip and firmness. The
unique slightly concave top allows for a lower profile and a
straighter flight than our other
big bead models (KC Pro, JK Pro
& Aviar Driver). The grippy firm
plastic feels great in your hand in
any weather.
DISCarrier Caddy Pack
Bag, straps & seat in one.

Innova created
the DISCarrier
Caddy Pack so
you can always
have a seat at
the ready. We integrated our
already proven Back Saver
straps with a sturdy, lightweight aluminum seat to simplify your gear.
“All the latest Moos and more”

Upcoming Stories

Disc Golf in the Prison System

TNT A Season Preview

My Fondest Disc Golf Memory

Featured MOODGolf Member
and Bob‟s Course Review.

Gordon Holton Accolade



































What’s up and coming for May/June

Sun 1st

PDGA C/B –Tier

Spring Hyzer #8 Toledo / Ottawa Park
Sat 7th Spring Fling ‘n Wings
Ontario Christian Church Course Fundraiser
Sat 7th




Sat/Sun 4-5 PDGA NT / A –Tier
15th Annual BHMO Brent Hambrick
Memorial DGC (Hoover) Columbus, OH

Fri /Sun 10th-12th PDGA Major

Discraft Westside Challenge




Hoover Reservoir Columbus, OH

Milford, MI


Sat/Sun 18-19 B-Tier

Day Of Flight

Reservoir Park, Upper Sandusky, OH

Gordon Holton Accolade - Delaware, OH

Benefiting Angeline Industries
Sat 21st Epic Longs @Flatrocks Open
Keller Kern Park - Lancaster, OH

Delaware State Park

Sat/Sun 25-26


Discraft Shoot the Breeze Ashtabula, OH

Sat 28th PDGA C-Tier
Black Diamond Open Hillsboro, OH

Be certain to check out the COMPLETE schedule at for more OH events.

How Can U Help?...
Ur Local course After the Winter
U want to make a difference at
Ur local course?

Here’s How U Can Help…

Contact Ur local Course Pro
or Tournament Organizer
before U start any course
changing project. Let them
know Ur idea and ask for
guidance. If it is simple such as
clean up of grounds (limbs,
trash, etc.) do that during your
rounds. Great impact with
little effort. Any leads on
groups that need community
service time? These groups
are great for larger scale clean

up with the opportunity to
teach after. Let‟s get together
and realize the results.
Find volunteer information on
the regional forums such as:

A lot goes into being a
volunteer. First U have to be
committed to the entire task
or project. Either pick a
project or work with someone
on an existing one. Be sure
the project will be beneficial to

the course and approved by the
proper course leaders and park
staff prior to any work or
modifications are done.
Remember too, that Follow thru
is the success of any project.
Every lead person at a course
knows first hand how important
it is to have a great person or
group take ownership of a
evolving course and it‟s ever
demanding players base. No
single person can do it
alone...Neither can U.
Thanks for Ur consideration to
help with course evolution.

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