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Author: Katarzyna Siergiej

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Pimp My Build:
Undaunted Edition

Class: Psionicist
Guild: Husaria
Server: ZAK
Role: CC/DD

Hello dear Sarnautians!
I am Tsitlucco,
Tsitlucco Arisen Occultist
from ZAK server. This is my first
and the most beloved character in
Allods Online. It's been over a year
now since I started playing this
game and I must say I am not bored
of Psionicist class
at all.
However you need to remember,
it's not class for everyone.
Requires patience and most of all
knowledge to be able to be
really good as Psio.

My character level is 46
<quite close to 47>,
I've mastered two proffesions so far
<disassembling and alchemy>
and I am proud member
and senior officer of polish guild,

R ecent

patch hasn't brought many changes to this class.
From all of them ony two were actullay crucial for my
playing style and made me do some changes in my build.

Experienced Manipulator now reduces cooldown time of
Telekinetic Pull by 15/30/50% correspondingly.
Once affected by Telekinetic Pull, target becomes immune
to it for 20 seconds. Range of this ability has been fixed.


facts are making
Telekinetic Pull rank 3 pointless,
if you invest into rubies.
Cooldown time of Telekinetic
Pull rank 1 with Experienced
Manipulator rank 3 is already
slightly shorter than immune
effect. It is no longer worth to
spend 6 skill points on Telekinetic
Pull unless you want to be mass
PvP specialised.

Build skills

Skills I've taken might seem chaotic, but they are not, trust

me. Since I could release few talent points from Telekinetic
Pull I've decided to move them to Mental Assasin. This
skill along with self-healing from Mental Cleansing and
Mental Twin (only rank 1, for certain reason though) are
meant to make PvP more fun.
fun And more fun means no more
PvE only with Psychokinessis or Wall of Blades spamming
(this strategy was very efficent of course, but I seek
something new and challanging).
Some choices I made only
due to the fact, that I had
to spend some points on
particuar line before I
could take any skill from
one below. I wish I could
have enough talent points
to max Mental Calm
(mental overload in PvP is
real pain in the as*...), but
for now it works quite
fine. Oh, and my stats are:
luck – around 60% is enough
int – the higher the better
perc – not higher than 20%
wis – 15k mp on lvl 46 seems fine

Build psychic shock rubie grid
R ubies from this grid are crucial for our single target dps.

deliberately skipped Surge of Intelligence because I've
tried playing with such build and I didn't feel comfortable
with it – it just doesn't fit my playing style.

In my opinion so called must-have-rubies here are: Sadistic
Touch (rank 3), Psychotic Urges (rank 3), Unending (rank 3)
and Demonic (rank 2) Knowledge, Loop of Time,
Ectoplasmatic Excellence (rank 2) and Stress Resistance,
in this build is only rank 1,
but if I had some spare
rubies I'd definatelly go at
least rank 2. My selfhealling skill (Mental
Cleansing) and aoe dmg
dealing one (Wall of
Blades) generates a lot of
Mental Overload which
is something I don't want
to have or I want to get rid
of it asap.

Build mental link rubie grid

I decided to make some changes. I used to go for
Analitic Thoughts and Potent Telekinesis in this grid, but
considerng my current gear I don't need them anymore. I
took instead Clone Mastery (rank 3) and Dominating Mind
(rank 2, heading for rank 3 when I get an extra ruby). I'm
going to use Mental Twin and Spectral Assassin now so I
definatelly need them to take less damage plus decreased
cooldown of Spectral Assassin will let me cast it more often.


Master (rank 3)
increases damage dealt to
targets affected by Will
Supression making this skill
even better than Mental
Link (especially 'cause it's
instant spell).


decided not to take
Enlightened Path this time
for the same reason I skipped
Analitic Thoughts – my gear
is good enough to do so with
no harm.

Build pain transfer rubie grid
My favourite! This grid has rubies for all your most
important Crowd Control and area of effect spells.

Mind Bender, Experienced Manipulator, Shattering Pulse,
Stinging Blades and Astral Blight (all rank 3) allows
Psionicist to become outstanding aoe dmg dealer. I've heard
that we cannot act as aoe dps – nothing more wrong! I'm
able to outdamage any class in PvE on group of cc-able


of course comes the
question, what about ccimmune targets? It's not my
concern anymore since I've
decided to explore new areas
in game activity. There is
none permanent cc-immune
players, so all I have to do
now is to survive (Cleansing
Thoughts rank 3 – make
Mental Cleansing instant
spell) when they become
immune and keep having cc
fun with them later. ;)

Playing style

shown you my build, but without telling you how I
actually play this build might be useless.

So few tips (just few to let you explore this class on your
own – it's really fun!) here how to use Psionicists potential,
how to co-operate with one in party, how to grind and most
of all, how to have fun playing this class.
Common thruths

Buy better computer! (I am serious to death now – Psio is
all about timing, if you are late with Pull or Pulse or
triggering Astral Blight you may lose your chance to win
the fight, it's very important especially in PvP – my laptop
definatelly doesn't meet Psio requirements, but I'm going to accept
challenge and train hard to become very skilled PvP Psio)

Always have Pyrokinesis (or Psychokinesis) precasted
Always have Aura of Fortitude up (30% hp and mp more)
Keep Premonition up (warns you about aproaching enemy)
Remember to do everything to trigger damage from Astral
Blight effect – it can be up to around 40%-50% of your
total damage.

Psionicist solo PvE
My solo grinding/farming looks more or less like that:

Choosing pack of mobs (or gathering them with Psychic
Shock and/or running around)
Making tight pack by dragging all of them in one spot

Throwing the group away with Pulse

Casting Wall of Blades

If anything goes wrong I

Watching them dying or
finishing with Psycho or
Psychic Shock

have Ectoplasmatic Form and my
instant self-healing spell ready to be used. Mental Cleansing
in the meantime allows me to get
rid of the overload and start same
rotation with same efficency. For
extremities there's always Loop
of Time, ready to restore my
hp/mp immidately.

Psio in party PvE
In Party we have few roles:

first of all, cc (if cc-able creatures) – you have to watch if
other dmg dealers or healers aren't being attacked and
protect them, if you see that tank is taking to much
damage – let him take a breath but dragging or throwing
mobs away with Pull or Pulse and so on

second of all, dd – rotation on packs of mobs depends if
they are cc-immune or not; for cc-immune I simply go with
Wall of Blades getting rid of Mental Overload with
Mental Calm; for cc-able there's more fun, I go like:
Wall of blades before tank charges into mobs
Telekinetic Pull – to gather them and trigger
Astral Blight effect
Pulse before knockdown from Pull fades
It is important to control ourselves with Pulse, unless we
want to see raged tank, warriors and mages, who wasted
an aoe skill due to the fact we thrown mobs away from
area of range (sometimes it's funny though... :D)
For single cc-immune targets we go crazy with Will
Superssion followed by Pyro/Psycho along with Temporal
Acceleration, restoring mp with Loop of Time when
Acceleration fades.

Psio in party PvE
For cc-able single targets we add to standard dmg dealing
(will+psycho) Spectral Assassin and puling/pulsing to
trigger Astral Blight effect. Typical roation:

thrid of all,
all mana giving – telepathic gift is a bit
underestimated, but can save all party from dying if we are
able to restore mana to healer, mage or summoner who
need it badly to heal or do finishing an enemy damage; as
we have Superficial Trance we are able to restore whole mp
in only 5 seconds, so we should be always ready to pass
some mana points to another party member instead of
trying to show our awesomeness by dealing highest dps (it
will mean nothing, if whole party is dead...)
Tips for ppl partying with psio:

Try don't attack same, especially cc-able
target as psio – you may kill target with
Wall of Blades applied on it – means no
more aoe dmg from it
Try not to use cc spells – our pull can't
overcome your conflagrate for example and
target won't be dragged with rest to certain
Watch our mp – we do need it to save you

Psionicist in PvP

I wish I could tell you more about it, but I'm still learnin g.
This is the area of this game I've been avoiding so far, but
now it seems more fun and I really want to try it.


thing is we have great PvP potential. Mental Twin,
Spectral Assassin, all Crowd Control spells, self-healing,
Ectoplasmatic Form, Loop of Time... I've also found very
usefull feature about Wall of Blades. You may think its cast
time is too long for PvP, but I'm sure not many of you know,
that Psio doesn't have to see the target to be able to cast
WoB on it... :)

Crucial here is experience, which I need to gain myself. The
more duels and battles with enemies, the highest chance I'll
learn tactics and tricks usefull against particular classes. I
will need to reconsider stats balance again as well, since
PvP will require more perception and less wisdom.
(And I need to change that historic laptop for something faster... ;D)

If you have any further questions or you just want to chat in-game call for Tsitlucco
on world or telepathy channel or send message on Guild Portal – I'm always willing
to help :)

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