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Title: Press Pack
Author: Mark Browell

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Press  Pack  


Bursting  on  to  the  London  scene  in  2007,  Bloodloss  have  been  determined  to  bring  metal  back  to  
it’s   raw   basics   that   we   all   love   so   much.   Combining   bruising   breakdowns   and   hook-­‐laden  
choruses  influenced  by  the  likes  of  Unearth  and  As  I  Lay  Dying;  Bloodloss's  neck  breaking  aural  
assault  simultaneously  draws  influence  from  the  grooves  and  raw  attitude  of  early  Machine  Head  
and   Pantera.   Having   already   racked   up   some   impressive   high   profile   shows   including   dates   with  
TRC,  Romeo  Must  Die,  Exit  Ten,  Breed  77  and  Ill  Nino,  they  are  set  to  destroy  the  UK  metal  scene  
in  2012  with  their  crushing  debut  mini  album  ‘The  Struggle’.  


Contact  Details  
Mark  Browell  07912374189  





“This  is  a  colossal  first  effort.  It’s  very  re-­‐assuring  to  know  that  if  Machine  Head  ever  feel  like  
hanging  up  their  instruments,  Bloodloss  are  here  to  fill  that  huge  void.”  4/5  

Big  Cheese  

“Clearly  accomplished  musicians  and  metallers,  this  is  a  promising  start  that  shows  their  
struggle  should  be  worth  it.”  3/5  


“The  UK’s  answer  to  acts  like  Shadows  Fall  and  All  That  Remains;  This  lot  are  dripping  with  
promise  and  potential.”  8/10    


“For  a  debut  album,  ‘The  Struggle’  really  is  a  jaw  dropping  musical  experience  packed  full  of  
brilliant  musicianship  and  awesome  songs.”  8/10    

Cack  Blabbath  

“Make  no  mistake,  this  is  a  top  quality  first  offering.  Expect  to  see  them  grace  venue  and  festival  
stages  higher  and  higher  up  the  bill  in  no  time  at  all.”  9/10  

Metal  Junkie  

“This  is  metalcore  at  its  finest,  each  song  brings  something  fresh  to  the  table,  and  they  all  had  the  
relentless  energy  that  would  make  them  a  live  behemoth.”  8/10    

Bigger  Than  Satan  

“’The  Struggle’  is  simply  already  one  of  the  best  and  most  impressive  releases  from  not  only  a  
new  band  but  of  any  albums  of  EPs  already  on  the  Market.”  

Neil  Mach  

“Bloodloss  live  was  a  mesmerizing  and  absolutely  exhilarating  experience  and  I  thoroughly  
recommend  this  act  to  any  metal  fan.”  

Issue  Punkzine  

“Delicious  riffs,  throbbing  bass  and  hypnotic  beats  mesh  perfectly  with  the  vocals,  at  times  
brutal,  at  times  verging  on  melodic.”  



Gig  History    

2006  -­‐  2007  
5th  November  -­‐  12  Bar,  London  
17th  March  -­‐  The  Old  Kings  Head,  London  
26th  March  -­‐  The  Star  Inn,  Guildford  
31st  March  -­‐  The  Dome,  London  
1st  May  -­‐  Lark  in  the  Park,  London  
12th  May  -­‐  The  Turks,  Reading  
24th  May  -­‐  Lark  in  the  Park,  London  
26th  May  -­‐  The  Tubman,  Hastings  
9th  June  -­‐  Rock  up  and  play,  Download  
28th  July  -­‐  The  Tubman,  Hastings  
29th  July  -­‐  Rockoff  Festival,  The  Dome,  London  
20th  August  -­‐  The  Woodman,  London  
26th  August  -­‐  The  Day  of  Metal,  Hastings  
26th  October  -­‐  The  Tubman,  Hastings  
4th  November  -­‐  The  Dome,  London  
17th  November  -­‐  The  Star  Inn,  Guildford  
19th  November  -­‐  The  Iguana,  Egham  
14th  December  -­‐  The  Railway  Inn,  Egham  
15th  December  -­‐  The  Devonshire  Arms,  London  
19th  December  -­‐  The  Peel,  Kingston  
31st  December  -­‐  The  Railway  Inn,  Egham  
5th  January  -­‐  The  Tubman,  Hastings  
7th  January  -­‐  The  Drayman,  London  
28th  January  -­‐  The  Drayman,  London  
17th  March  -­‐  The  Drayman,  Landon  
3rd  May  -­‐  ME1,  Maidstone  
18th  May  -­‐  The  Phoenix,  Staines  
19th  May  The  Drayman,  London  
17th  August  -­‐  The  Hobgoblin,  Staines  
19th  August  -­‐  RSVP,  Woking  
24th  August  -­‐  The  Phoenix,  Staines  
8th  September  -­‐  OHM  Bar,  London  
11th  September  -­‐  The  Hobgoblin,  Staines  
16th  September  -­‐  RSVP,  Woking  
20th  September  -­‐  The  Crypt,  Hastings  
27th  September  -­‐  The  Drama  Club,  Bracknell  
5th  October  -­‐  The  Phoenix,  Staines  
10th  October  -­‐  The  Star  Inn,  Guildford  
31st  October  -­‐  The  Hobgoblin,  Staines  
23rd  November  -­‐  The  Hobgoblin,  Staines  
13th  December  -­‐  The  Carlisle,  Hastings  
14th  December  -­‐  RSVP,  Woking  
19th  December  -­‐  Astoria  2,  London  
21st  December  -­‐  The  Phoenix,  Staines  
31st  December  -­‐  The  Hobgoblin,  Staines  
8th  January  -­‐  The  Boileroom,  Guildford  
16th  January  -­‐  The  Red  Lion,  Gravesend  
18th  January  -­‐  The  Bridgehouse  2,  London  
25th  January  -­‐  The  Bang  Bar,  Basingstoke  
4th  Febuary  -­‐  The  Purple  Turtle,  London  
26th  Febuary  -­‐  The  Star  Inn,  Guildford  
14th  March  -­‐  Quake  Nightclub,  Woking  
15  March  -­‐  The  Camden  Underworld,  London  
27th  March  -­‐  The  Red  Lion,  Gravesend  
28th  March  -­‐  Bang  Bar,  Basingstoke  
2nd  April  -­‐  Sno!  Bar,  Xscape,  Milton  Keynes  
12th  April  -­‐  The  Hobgoblin,  Staines  
16th  April  -­‐  HFPC,  Langley  
30th  April  -­‐  Bar  Monsta,  London  
7th  May  -­‐  The  Hobgoblin,  Staines  
8th  May  -­‐  Pig  In  Paradise,  Hastings  
10th  May  -­‐  The  Bull  and  Gate,  London  
15th  May  -­‐  The  Flag,  Watford  
21st  May  -­‐  The  Unicorn,  London  
24th  May  -­‐  The  Bridge  House  2,  London  
26th  May  -­‐  Hobgoblin,  Maidenhead  
28th  May  -­‐  The  Fiddlers  Elbow,  London  
31st  May  -­‐  The  Bridge  House  2,  London  
4th  June  -­‐  The  Racehorse  
6th  June  -­‐  Club  Revolution  
8th  June  -­‐  Boileroom,  Guildrord  
18th  June  -­‐  Sno!  Bar,  Xscape,  Milton  Keynes  
28th  June  -­‐  The  Facebar,  Reading  
5th  July  -­‐  The  Unicorn,  London  
17th  July  -­‐  The  Phoenix,  Staines  
31st  July  -­‐  Quake  Nightclub,  Woking  

13th  August  -­‐  The  Unicorn,  Camden  
3rd  September  -­‐  The  Hobgoblin,  Staines  
15th  September  -­‐  The  Purple  Turtle,  Camden  
8th  October  -­‐  The  Phoenix,  Staines  
15  June  -­‐  The  Nags  Head,  High  Wycombe  
21st  June  -­‐  Bridgehouse  2,  London  
27th  June  -­‐  The  Gaff,  London  
6th  August  -­‐  The  Fighting  Cocks,  Kingston  
7th  August  -­‐  The  Star  Inn,  Guildford  
20th  August  -­‐  The  Rising  Sun,  Reading  
21st  August  -­‐  The  Carlisle,  Hastings  
29th  August  -­‐  Bridgehouse  2,  London  
17th  September  -­‐  100  Club,  London  
14th  October  -­‐  Scream  Lounge,  Crydon  
26th  October  -­‐  Boileroom,  Guildford  
29th  October  -­‐  The  Star,  Guildford  
30th  October  -­‐  The  Hobgoblin,  Staines  
9th  November  -­‐  The  Attic,  Kent  Uni,  Canterbury  
18th  November  -­‐  The  Fiddlers  Elbow,  London  
1st  December  -­‐  New  Cross  Inn,  London  
17th  December  -­‐  New  Cross  Inn,  London  
30th  December  -­‐  Scream,  Croydon  
22nd  January  -­‐  Woodys  Bar,  Kent  Uni,  Canterbury  
28th  January  -­‐  The  Star  Inn,  Guildford  
5th  March  -­‐  The  Hobgoblin,  Staines  
11th  March  -­‐  The  Bridge  House  2,  Canning  Town,  London  
12th  March  -­‐  Kick  Out  The  Jams  Festival,  London  
13th  March  -­‐  The  Face  Bar,  Reading  
24th  March  -­‐  Scream,  Croydon  
2nd  April  -­‐  The  Hydrant,  Brighton  
21st  April  -­‐  Scream  Fest,  Croydon  
23rd  April  -­‐  The  Fighting  Cocks,  Kingston  
28th  April  -­‐  The  Black  Sheep,  Croydon  
29th  April  -­‐  Ag  Fest,  Camberley  
30th  April  -­‐  The  Hobgoblin,  Staines  
1st  May  -­‐  Nags  Head,  High  Wycombe  
11th  May  -­‐  O2  Academy,  Islington  
12th  May  -­‐  The  Rose,  Hounslow  
20th  May  -­‐  The  100  Club,  London  
21st  May  -­‐  The  Peel,  Kingston  
24th  May  -­‐  Backline,  Guildford  
29th  May  -­‐  The  Bridge  House  2,  Canning  Town,  London  
9th  June  -­‐  Scream  Lounge,  Croydon  
30th  July  -­‐  Scream  Lounge,  Croydon  
9th  September  -­‐  The  Hobgoblin,  Staines  
31st  October  -­‐  Finns,  Waymouth  
23rd  November  -­‐  Boston  Music  Rooms,  Tufnell  Park,  London  
2nd  December  -­‐  The  Attic,  Kent  Uni,  Canterbury  
23rd  December  -­‐  The  Peel,  Kingston  
16th  February  -­‐  The  Hobgoblin,  Staines  
17th  February  -­‐  The  Snooty  Fox,  Wakefield      
25th  February  -­‐  West  End  Center,  Aldershot  
1st  March  -­‐  The  Bell,  Bicester  
2nd  March  -­‐  The  Wheatsheaf,  Banbury  
3rd  March  -­‐  The  White  Swan,  Aylesbury  
7th  March  -­‐  The  Sanctuary,  Basingstoke  
8th  March  -­‐  The  Hydrant,  Brighton    
9th  March  -­‐  Scream  Lounge,  Croydon  
4th  April  -­‐  The  Star,  Guildford  
7th  April  -­‐  The  Peel,  Kingston  
20th  April  -­‐  The  Corn  Exchange,  Hertford  
26th  April  -­‐  The  Bell,  Bicester  
27th  April  -­‐  The  Wheatsheaf,  Banbury  
17th  May  -­‐  The  Star,  Guildford  
3rd  June  -­‐  The  Hobgoblin,  Staines  
20th  June  -­‐  Surya,  London    
12th  July  -­‐  Carpe  Diem,  Leeds  
28th  July  -­‐  Brutal  Punishment  Fest  2,  Oxford  
2nd  August  -­‐  The  Bell,  Bicester  
4th  August  -­‐  The  White  Swan,  Aylesbury  
24th  August  -­‐  The  Peel,  Kingston    
26th  August  -­‐  Infestation  Festival,  Hertfordshire  
27th  August  -­‐  Black  Sheep  Bar,  Croydon      

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