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Christmas together...
Leaves are falling and the days
are getting shorter which means
Christmas is nearly here. Get
ready for it with candles, cosy
blankets and board games
(but not fights over the remote
control!). As we all know, it’s
the thought that counts, and
thoughtful gifts are what
Tiger does best. Gifts to
make you laugh, creative
gifts, gifts to make your
home beautiful, presents
that provide practical
Gift in the tree

solutions and gadgets

Usually presents go under the tree, but here you can put them inside this Christmas
tree-shaped gift box. Exclusive to Tiger. £3

you have never ever
seen before. But at

Tiger we do more than just gifts, we have all the lights, baubles
and decorations that you and your family need for the tree and
your home, plus lots of festive treats for the Christmas table.
Tiger is a Danish retailer with 18 outlets in the South East. Please
visit our website for all our store addresses, and we’ll look
forward to welcoming you into one of our bustling shops soon.
Please visit for all our store addresses, to subscribe
to our monthly newsletter and “like” us on Facebook.

Offer valid from 26.10.2012 while stocks last. Prices correct at time of going to press and are subject to change. © Tiger 2012.

Do not consume

These gingerbread men and women look
good enough to eat but being made of
felt it is probably best not to. Two of each,
complete with a loop, £1 each.

Run as fast as you can!

Pack all the toys and gifts that you can fit in for Christmas in a suitcase, this one comes
with a moose or gingerbread design. £3

It’s a wrap

With these boxes nobody will be able to
guess what’s inside. The large ones come in
3 sizes for £2, the small ones are 3 for £2

Generation game

Edible edifice

The size is right

Can’t catch me…

Christmas puzzles

Goody tins

These biscuit tins are for 3 generations of
gingerbread people. The largest tin for fully
grown ones is £2, the other two are for
juniors, £1

These fairy lights are made up of a
290cm long string of ten gingerbread
women. They will cast a warm light over
any room. £4

Build a house from scratch using
gingerbread and decorate it with icing and
sweets. Try and show it off for a while
before you give in and eat it. £3

Hone your fine motor skills by getting
the balls into the holes in these Tigerdesigned festive-themed puzzles. Four
different designs, £1 each.

Get those gingerbreadmen in shape! It’s
never been easier to trim off excess and
look good (using these cookie cutters in
M, L, XL and XXL). Set of 4, £3

Make your own sweets this Christmas, and
give them away in these Tiger-designed
tins. When the sweets are finished you can
ask for your tin back! £1 each.


Get the party started

There’s no holding back once
Klezmofobia’s third album, “Kartushnik”
starts playing. You’ll be dancing like crazy
before you know it. £4

Canned Christmas

This tin is 20cm high, red and green, and says Christmas all over it. Use it for storing
ginger cookies or mince pies, or some other special festive treat. £4

In the frame

Fill your home with original art when you
frame the early works of your talented
offspring or make the most of your own
paintings. A4 black plastic frame, £3

Bend the rules

Games on the go

Take the strain

Ready, headset, go!

Stick a pin in it

Shake it baby

Is it a ruler or is it a tape measure? Does it
matter? There is half a metre of measuring
equipment folded on this key ring.
In several colours. £1

Just the thing for making calls over
the internet. Catch up with friends and
relatives who live overseas using this
headset with microphone. £8


Magnetic games are great to play on even
the bumpiest of journeys. Backgammon,
ludo, Chinese checkers, draughts and chess
available. £1 each.

Don’t spill tears over it, this voodoo doll
complete with 6 pins will help you get
revenge. Just find the right spot and jab.
In red or green, £4

Fill the strainer with tea leaves, lower it into
the pot, don’t forget to leave the little teapot
dangling outside as a counterweight and fill
with boiling water. £2

Not only does this Santa hat sing but it
also has a noticeable twitch in its tassel.
A must have gift this Christmas, Santa’s
all-singing, all-dancing hat. £7

Conversation piece

Fiscal heavyweight

Turn it up

Flower bed

Keep closed

Play your cards right

Cash deposit

Balancing act

Bring home the bacon

Fore! the Bathroom

Back up

Now you see it

Go retro when you attach this handset to
your smartphone. At last you can slam the
phone down again. Available in black, red
and purple. £10

Wherever you spread out this 130 x 180cm
flower-covered fleece blanket in the house,
it will feel like a beautiful Spring day.
Perfect for indoor picnics. £5

This leather purse comes in a choice of
colours. It has 2 compartments as well as
a secret one below. The perfect place to
keep your pocket money. £4

Know a golf enthusiast who has everything?
Bet they haven’t got a putting green bath
mat complete with ball, golf club, hole and
door sign. And now they can for £7

Put an end to boom and bust economics
by saving your pennies in this Sumo money
box. When the hard times hit, you can turn
to your savings. £3

This porcelain jar is great for keeping
cookies in, but Santa doesn’t like being
upside down so make sure you close it
immediately. £2

Everything hangs in the balance with
these tiny figures – yet they seem to
always keep theirs. 4 different balancing
figures, £1 each.

Whether you’re hunched over your desk all
day or bent double doing housework, your
back will love this little luminous 3-legged
masseur. It takes 3 AAA batteries. £4

These headphones are for music purists
– so no microphone as interruptions won’t
be tolerated. Also available in black, white,
blue, pink or purple. £6

This deck of giant playing cards is great
for playing old-fashioned card games or
making buildings, but hard to keep up
your sleeve. £5

And save it in this tiny, shiny piggy bank.
You may well need more than one, they’re
available in pink, red, green and gold, so
why not start a collection? £1

Now you don’t! When you use this money
box, your money becomes invisible – but
don’t worry, it’s all there, you just can’t see
it. Magic moneybox, £1


Photography in motion

Smooth as silk

A bright idea

Heart of glass

Underwater photos

The sands of time

Keep it clean

Wired for sound

Sock it to ‘em

Almost 1700 photographers from across
the world entered Tiger’s competition to
capture movement in a photograph. The
51 winning entries are all in this book. £5

Keep the flames of passion alive when you
light a tealight in this holder with heart
motif, or create a warm atmosphere during
the long, cold Winter nights. £1

Relax in a long hot bath on a cold winter’s
night. This gift box contains everything
you need: bath salts, body lotion,
shower gel, body scrub and a
bath fizzer. £7

This silk scarf is 50 x 180cm. It can be
worn in your hair, round your neck or
waist and it is versatile enough that it will
go with most colours. £7

See your loved ones in a completely
different way when you put their photo
in this frame with water. Shake it and see
bubbles, while your photo stays dry. £1

Enjoy music without disturbing others.
These headphones have a mini-jack and
microphone (so you can still chat), and
are also available in pink, blue
and black. £5

Camera-themed keyring for your car keys
with a clever torch, so that it is easy to
find where to unlock your car on a dark
night. £1

Keep time the traditional way with a threeminute hourglass, available with white, red,
black, blue, purple or green sand. Useful in
the kitchen, and for games. £1 each.

Sneak around the house without being
heard, but more importantly these soft
socks come in purple, brown and green
and will keep your toes cosy. £2 a pair.

Let it shine

Pretend to be the Lady with the Lamp,
with these gold or silver tea-light lanterns.
Alternatively, use them to create a warm
atmosphere in your home. £3 each.

Soft as kittens

These furry mittens will keep your hands
warm in the coldest of winters, and are
also great to stroke. They come in brown,
violet and grey and cost £5 a pair.

Mmmm nice,Tigerjazz times ten

Santa sparkle

It’s a gas

Hipster lip wig

Smash and grab

Head’s up

Warm ears

Toasty toes

Cover up

Hands up

Mirror mirror

Boxing day

The Benjamin Koppel Jazz Journey 1-10
is the title of Tiger’s jazz CD. The music
is composed by Danes and played by
renowned international jazz musicians. £4

If you’re finding it a struggle to grow one
for charity, or need to go incognito in a
hurry, these moustaches are right for you.
7 moustaches in 7 colours for £2

These hats are lined and, better still, have
ear flaps that can be let down on very cold
days ensuring that your ears are toasty and
warm. £7

Keep your jewellery to hand when you
display it on this elegant velvety soft hand,
available in black or red. The fingers on
this stand stretch 21cm into the air. £2

Fed up with the bog-standard Santa suit?
Discover your inner-disco Santa. This
sequined Santa hat also comes in green,
gold and silver for £1 each.

Deposit any change that you have in this
moneybox, then if you have a late night
snack attack you’ll always have money to
hand. £3

Come home, have a bath, put on warm
pyjamas and slip your feet into these warm
slippers. Available in S-M or M-L they are
lined for extra cosiness. £7

You are the fairest of them all. Check out
your good looks on the move with this
hand mirror, but don’t be put off if it laughs
raucously. Laughing mirror £2

Touch the glass ball and see the plasma
threads come together. It may look like
science fiction or even magic, but it’s
electrified gas under low pressure. £10

These ceramic animal head coat hooks are
available in several colours. Choose from
a rhino, duck or cow’s head on which to
hang your hat. £3 each.

Sometimes even a mobile phone needs to
look good. These stickers can smarten up
even the dullest of smartphones. With 4 to
choose from, they are £2 each.

Wrapping parcels can be easy with these
shiny black boxes with silver lids, available in
three sizes. Now all you need to worry about
is what to write in the card. £1 each.


Weave your magic

Christmas boxes

Big game hunting

Light house

Chalk up the savings

Write off

Stick it to Christmas

Pocket party

Santa’s me time

Come on team!

Thick and thin

Christmas playing cards

Weave some clothes for this clown and
robot as they don’t have any, and it is
pretty cold outside. Cardboard figures with
costumes that you weave from paper. £2

These little huts and cottages hold tea
lights and will look magical on the
window sill at Christmas. Choose from 6,
only £1 each.

Create your own Christmas display in the
living room window or on the mirror in the
bathroom. Sheets of 37 x 29cm will stick
to smooth surfaces. £2

Can you fix it? You can with this cement
mixer. Construction is child’s play with this
set including a nifty multi-tool to keep your
equipment in good working order. £3


These smart porcelain boxes with hinged
lids feature an angel, tree or Santa Claus.
Use one to keep tiny precious items in,
such as lost teeth. £2

This piggybank doubles as a blackboard.
Use chalk to keep note of the contents
or to make sure everyone knows who it
belongs to. Chalk included. £3

Create a party atmosphere instantly when
you and your guests bring out hand-held
disco balls that change colour. A portable
essential for all your Christmas parties. £3

These felt tips are thick or thin depending
on which way up you are holding them.
They come in 10 colours and are great
fun. £1

Hours of fun can be had playing with the
big lion, zebra, tiger and rhino, £3 each.
The smaller animals are just as good, 6 in
a box for £2

Get rid of your mistakes, large and small,
and start again. 300 grams in weight and
15cm in length, an eraser that can’t be
messed with. £2

When he’s not wrapping or delivering
presents, you’ll find Santa out and about,
singing, on his faithful reindeer. Singing
Santa, £4

Get these special playing cards for games
after lunch on Christmas Day. Choose
from Santa, Christmas Tree and snowman
cards. £1


Just my type

Back in the day, before computerss came along and changed everything, printing was a long process that involved assembling words
using hot metal or wooden type. These letters would be kept in a printer’s tray: a box that is divided into many compartments to store all
the letters of the alphabet. Now that computers are used for setting up print, these trays can be adapted for other things. This one from
Tiger has been made with 11 compartments that can hold all your trinkets. £10



At last a sport to keep fingers busy. It is a game that can be played at your desk at lunchtime, after dinner at the table or in the
playground. The foldable pitch will fit in your pocket, along with two pairs of finger feet, two goalposts, four corner cones and the
ball, of course. Just be careful not to stick two fingers up to the Ref. £2

Nimble fingers

And relax!

Slam dunk!

Hippo hippo erase!

Car maker

Santa’s Winter collection

Facial hair fun

Stellar cartography

First impressions

Surf the net to find out the best tricks for
this fingerboard. This set comes with extra
wheels, tools and a decal. Plasters can be
bought separately. Fingerboard set is £1

This hippo eraser is available in blue, green
or pink for all your mistakes large and
small. Looks so good you’ll want to keep
him handy on your desk. £2

Give the man a head full of hair, a bushy
beard or a thick moustache. Use the pen,
your imagination and play around with
the magnetic hair. £3

10 · TIGER

Watch this reclining rabbit and it will
calm you down. It will change colours
throughout the night, and reassure you
if you wake up. Bunny night light £2

Have the satisfaction of building your own
vehicle, whether it is a car, aeroplane or
helicopter, with this budding mechanic’s
set. Tools included. £3

Save money and learn about the 88
constellations that fill our skies, such as
Pegasus named after the Ancient Greek
mythological winged horse. Money box £3

Getting itchy fingers sitting behind your
desk all day? Set the mini-basketball net up
on the wall and practise your dunk when
the boss is out. £2

The Santa Claus we know and love has
only looked the way he does since the turn
of the 20th Century, but we would still say
this hat is a classic. £1

This box is perfect for saving impressions
of something important. Thousands of tiny
pins take on the shape of whatever you
want, a child’s hand perhaps? £4



”Come on Peter! Everyone’s waiting
for you. Don’t be shy now!”. Make
the rabbit come out of the hat.
Don’t pull him by his ears, he likes
to come out on his own – but you
might need to give him a hand.
17cm hand puppet. £7


Four calling birds

Put the fun in fungi

Sport the pixie look this Christmas with
these glass toadstool decorations that can
hang from your tree or clip on to almost
anything. Pack of 3 for £2

There are 24 of these toadstools with steel
wire for easy attachment. Use them to
decorate presents, or a Christmas wreath
or even wear one in a buttonhole. £2

Apples of your eye


Stars of wonder

Let there be light

Glowing lights

Christmas table

Christmas cottage

Tree decorations

Christmas lights

These red birds have real feathers and clips
that mean that they can be attached to a
tree or a house plant or something else.
Let them out of their box. 4 for £1

These gold and red glittering apples will
always look good on your Christmas tree.
Just remember, these ones are not for
human consumption. 9 apples for £3

Light up the dark with 2 slim candles for
£1, a church candle that will burn for 50
hours for a £2 or one for 100 hours for a
£3. All-paraffin candles in lots of colours.

No mantelpiece is complete without this
8cm high ceramic cottage with a light in it.
There are 2 different ones to choose from.
£1 each.

12 · TIGER

This Christmas wreath has a diameter
of 27cm and will not drop its needles
everywhere. It comes with cones and
apples and hangs on your door. £3

The glass tealight holders with Christmas
motifs also come in purple, blue, silver and
gold. The small ones are 2 for £1 and the
large ones are £1 each.

These tree decorations are to decorate
your Christmas tree. They are ceramic, easy
to hang and are lit up by multi-coloured
LED lights. £1 each.

Mushrooming toadstools

These pretty stars come in red, purple
and gold, and will transform any
Christmas tree instantly. They come
in boxes of 8, £2

These red and green napkins are perfect to
keep the Christmas table festive. There are
plenty of other designs to choose from too.
30 napkins for £1

Take an hour out of your day and relax
with these starry Santa tea light holders,
in 2 designs, on the table. Breathe in,
and breathe out. £2

Three little birds

Knitted decorations

Put your foot in it

Hold on

Hold your horses!

Wooden horse

Festive pegs

Angelic delights

Your one little Christmas tree need
never stand alone with these fabric
birds, in 3 different designs, for
company. £1 each.

Wooden sign holders can be used to hold
up photos, leave messages around the
house or as placeholders at the Christmas
table. £1 each.

Santa pegs are ideal to peg Christmas
cards to and then string them across
the room so that they can be seen by
everyone. 6 pegs for £1

These decorations come complete with
sweaters to battle the elements if you
want to dress an outdoor tree. Christmas
baubles in knitwear are £1 each.

Don’t stress! You will find all the Christmas
decorations that you could possibly need
at Tiger. For example, these 4 felt rocking
horses on a string for £1

Hang your Christmas stocking over the
fireplace so that Santa can get warm
before delivering presents to all the other
good children. Christmas stocking, £3

Little horses that can hang on your
Christmas tree or front door. Hear the bell
when you brush against them or the door
opens. 2 horses with a bell each for £1

9cm angels with blond straw hair,
tummies full of rice and felt wings are
always smiling and will cheer up the most
miserable Scrooge. £1 each.

Long and lovely

Elf services

Little wooden elves who are shooting
up in height, 17cm to be precise.
These girls and lady elves in felt hats
are £1 each.

Christmas guests

These dolls are only 12cm tall, so
they won’t take up much space but
they will bring a great deal of
Christmas cheer. £1 each.

These teenage
pixies have got the
right look.
All wrapped up
with woollen
jumpers and knitted
legwarmers. Each
doll is 28cm and
costs £2

Long john silver (OK, grey or red)

With these long johns you need never feel the cold again. They come in small, medium and large in a choice
of red, with the word kærlighed (Danish for love) on the elastic, or grey with a hipster ’tache motif. £6 a pair.

Bottoms up!

TIGER · 15

The language of love is charged with
emotion. And it can’t always be expressed
in words. It is what remains unsaid when
you give a thoughtful gift, or the easy
way you break into hearty laughter
The heart of the matter

This notebook with 80 pages is perfect for
writing down your romantic thoughts It even
has a bookmark so that you can easily find
your page. Also comes in pink. £2

when you’re surrounded by loved ones.
The heart can desire, it misses and it only
wants to be loved. It is the heart that

makes sure that you can go on, even after you think it has
broken. A heart can be heavy, or worn on a sleeve, it can be
made of stone or even gold. In Tiger you will find hearts
everywhere: the ones that are in the right place as
well as those that can clean your nails, massage your
shoulders or even decorate your Christmas tree. In short,
everything the heart desires, well almost.

Soft hearted

Give your house a traditional or country
Christmas feel with these soft, padded,
fabric buttoned heart decorations.
£1 each.

16 · TIGER

The final countdown

These 24 wooden pegs with hearts can
be pegged on a string and removed as
Christmas approaches or used to hang small
countdown to Christmas gifts. £1 per pack.

Cool and calculating

This heart-shaped pocket calculator, for
practical romantics, also comes in pink.
You can’t put a price on love, but you can
put a price on this calculator. £2

Take heart

Heart-shaped fridge magnets to remind
you that this is the season when you are
nothing but kind and generous to everyone.
Or use them as stocking fillers! 6 for £1

All heart

Show the world how big hearted you are
by displaying it in your window! They are
15cm wide and come in glossy or matt red,
gold or purple and are £2 each.

Fill your heart

Fill this heart shaped tin with sweets and
give to the one you love and watch their
face light up as they peep through the
window and see what’s inside. £2


Set the Christmas table with this china with hearts in all the right places. Plate 20cm in diameter, bowl 14cm high, mug or coaster.
£1 each.

A hearty drink

I want candy



All over massage

Loving those nails

Great for all hot drinks, but for those who
like to drink a hearty soup from a mug it
is just the thing! It will change colour and
reveal lots of tiny hearts. Magic mug, £4

These plasters not only cover any cuts
that you might have, but also feature
hearts to cheer you up. 30 hearty
plasters, £2

Old fashioned peppermint candy canes
that will transform your Christmas tree.
Put them up high so small hands can’t
reach up and eat them. 8 for £1

Slip your hand under the elastic band
and use the heart-shaped massager to
soothe any tense places, feel your
troubles ebb away. £3

For the love of your life, here is a
heart full of marshmallows. Isn’t that
the sweetest thing? Get one for your
sweetheart. £2

Look after your nails and scrub them til
they sparkle with this heart-shaped nail
brush. Also available in pale pink and
lavender. £1

TIGER · 17

”From here th

’re so small th

ey look like an

”I think yo





re a

ts ”

Stand up!

The giraffe is the tallest animal. Their calfs are two meters high when born, and males can
grow up to between five and six metres tall. Our giraffes need a little help from you to
stand up. A small push under the plinth should do it. That’s it – now they’re walking tall.
£2 each.

Heady stuff

Japanese dolls can knit without using
their hands, they use their heads instead.
Wooden knitting doll comes with needle,
instructions and coloured wool. £3

Save the animals!

These animals are in pieces. It’s up to you
to put them back together. 3 wooden
puzzles: a mouse, a rabbit and a cat, for
little hands. £1

Brain gym


Old school

Right up your alley

Brain training

Spring Mikado

Tip these brightly coloured pieces onto
the table and then time your child or
yourself to see how quickly you can put
them back. £1

Take aim and send the ball rolling towards
the 10 pins. If you knock over all the pins
you score a strike, but watch out for that
groove. Set is £3

18 · TIGER

These plywood animals need to be
put together with your help. Choose
from 5 different beasts. 2 for £1

Work that brain hard and improve your
fitness with puzzles that also require a
degree of deftness. These brain teasers
cost £1 each.

Start a new document with a single
movement, no keyboard necessary. No it
isn’t a tablet or smartphone, it’s a portable
blackboard with a sponge and chalk for £3

In normal Mikado you have to remove
a stick without moving anything else, in
this version pieces are fixed with a spring.
Hence the name. Good idea, eh? £3

Toy soldier

Christmas tree pegs


Keep an eye on it

Magic facecloth

Key to it all

Fun with animals

On the farm

Pen on canvas

Stamp your name on it

If you give the little wooden soldier a
friendly push, he may loosen up and even
start to wave his arms and do a salsa.
Comes in several colours at £2 each.

If you buy a bagful of 50 eyes from Tiger,
this shouldn’t be hard. These rolling eyes
are great to use on pictures, presents and
cards and bring them to life. £2

Cardboard is one thing, but legs and paws
should be attached to the body. Will you
help put the animals together, so they can
feel whole again? Assembly kit, £1 each.

All great artists started off somewhere,
so get started with these paper canvases
stretched on small frames. With a choice
of 4 Tiger pictures. 4 pens included, £1

Who nose?

Santa uses these for his washing, but you
can use them to hang Christmas cards
on a string across the room, or for your
washing. 4 for £1

These facecloths are only 5 x 5cm, until
you get them wet. Once they’ve expanded
wipe the chocolate from those grubby
Christmas fingers and faces. £1 each.

Tractors are a favourite toy for children,
regardless of whether they live in towns or
the countryside. These metal tractors come
in red and green. £3

26 wooden stamps for every letter of the
alphabet. Use them to make your own name
tags, warning signs, exit and other signs.
Black and red stamp pad is included. £3

Why Rudolph’s of course! Hand out Christmas presents dressed in a Rudolph
costume complete with antlers, bells, ears and a nose. £2

A family favourite and perfect stocking
filler. Play this game by removing pieces
one by one, in straight lines, until there is
only one piece left. £3

These flexible animal key rings are great
for kids to customise their schoolbags, or
to make your keys stand out. With 19 to
choose from, they are 2 for £1

Night watch

Table football?

Personalised pairs

Game of chance

Ears to you

Ello tape



Bags of laughter

Written large

Felt good

Toadstool magic

This wise old owl keeps its eyes and ears
open while you’re happily snoring the
night away. Why? Because it’s nocturnal,
of course! Cuddly owl, 15cm tall, £2

Use these 12 acrylic dice in 6 transparent
colours to make decisions or to replace
lost dice in other games. Take a chance
for £2

Bounce up, bounce down, bounce all
around. It will bounce high, it will bounce
far, that’s why it’s called a bouncy ball.
Bouncy ball with stripes, £1

This pencil is so big all we can manage
to show you is the tip. It is 35cm long,
3cm wide and is available in red, yellow
and blue. £2

20 · TIGER

Make two table legs your goal, mark up your
field and blow you whistle. The mini football
may be soft, but you might want to move the
expensive vase out of the way first. £1

Whether you are going door to door
singing Christmas carols, or just playing
around outside, wear these reindeer or
Santa earmuffs to keep you warm. £2

However you look at it, you’ll see beautiful
patterns through this beautifully patterned
kaleidoscope. A children’s favourite for
generations. £3 each

Everything you need to make your own
hand puppet, including patterns, wool,
a needle and accessories for a penguin,
a gingerbread man and a snowman. £3

Make your own memory game with these
22 pairs of cards for you to draw on. It
could be pairs of cupcakes, dogs, socks or
anything you choose. £2

This elephant tape dispenser is
indispensable when it comes to wrapping
presents. Pull the elephant by the trunk
and away you go. Tape included. £1

Ha ha ha, hee hee hee. Never feel glum
again with this bagful of belly laughs to
cheer up even the most miserable misery
guts. £2

This toadstool pencil sharpener can restore
your pencil to optimum sharpness, it also
doubles as an eraser so you can rub out
any silly mistakes you make. £1

Chip off the old block

Body building

These 9 blocks can be used to make different people. Have fun mixing up the parts, so you could have a gentleman in fishnet
tights or a sheriff wearing no trousers. Otherwise you can create the people you think they were supposed to be. Just make
sure you keep these out of your parents’ sight as the next thing you know they’ll be on display in the living room.
ou can only get this great set from Tiger, and it costs £2

TIGER · 21

Hanging out

Bounce back

Extreme makeover

Magic worm


Dreams come true

Party pen

Handsome mug

House rules

Scrapbook challenge

Tea for four

Away with the fairies

This snowman likes to hang out on the
Christmas tree. Just unfold him, pop him
up, and he’s away. Fold out snowman,
£1 each.

Wow your friends when they see your new
pet slinking all over you (they won’t see
the almost invisible nylon string that you
control it with). £1

When you’ve tired of writing Christmas
cards you can shake the pen and play
along to your favourite party tunes.
Available in blue, pink and green. £2

People collect all sorts of scraps from
magazines for all sorts of reasons. With
this 20 page album from Tiger you’ll have
somewhere to keep all yours. £4

22 · TIGER

Do you bounce back from anything?
Don’t worry if you don’t, this ball can.
Transparent bouncy ball with liquid
glitter inside that moves. £2 each.

This mini-palette with mini-paintbrush is
handy and can go everywhere with your
budding young mini-artist. Just don’t
forget to bring paper and wipes. £1

Give a unique Christmas gift by painting
this Christmassy DIY mug yourself.
Comes complete with paints and
paintbrush for £3

Remember as you sit down to tea with
Teddy and all his friends, never discuss
politics, religion or money. It only ever
ends in an argument. £4

Fed up with looking at the same old walls
in the kids’ bedrooms? Transform them with
these 3-d stickers. Choose from a sheet of
butterflies, fish, robots or fairies. £2

This Wish Pearl will tell you if success,
love or wisdom is on the cards. The pearl
hidden in the shell, inside the box, changes
colour. It comes with a necklace. £5

Use this house-shaped notebook for house
rules, shopping lists and recipes. Get the
family involved with colouring the house on
front. A5 pad with 120 pages. £2

If you’re ever asked to describe the
tooth fairy, you can always produce one
of these 8 fairy figurines to give a clearer
idea. £1 each.

Snap it up

Animal markers



Ups and downs

Tiger originals

Is it nearly Christmas?

Festive felt tips

Chain reaction

Mini cards

Bag an animal

Don’t pick your nose!

Divide the cards between you. Each of you
turns over one card at a time. When you
have identical cards, the winner is the one
who first shouts “Snap!”. £2

Love to give presents but hate wrapping?
Put a small gift in this 10cm squared box
and you’re away. A gift within a gift in
pink, blue or purple. £2

This Tiger colouring book has 60 sheets in
it, so why not colour a page a day each day
from 1 November onwards. You’ll be almost
done by Christmas. £1

Perfect for poker with pixies, these tiny
playing cards at 4.5 x 3cm would also
make great fillers for Christmas crackers
that you make yourself. £2

These 4 animal colouring pens are great for
small hands. Once the colouring is finished,
they are so versatile that they can be part of
another game altogether. 4 for £3

Not only can you do all the usual clever
tricks with this yo yo, but it also lights up
whilst you’re doing them. Available in red,
blue and green. £2

These 12 colouring pens are great for small
hands with a great creative drive. Get them
started on home made Christmas cards for
friends and family. £1

These elephant and frog bags can be
used as party bags, lucky dips or for gifts.
Just stick the head, arms and legs on and
away you go. £1

Make your own Christmas decorations for
your home or for cards with this glittering
foam that comes in green, purple, gold,
white and red. 2 sheets for £2

This ceramic Santa and Christmas house will
be one-off originals. Guaranteed. How do
we know? You’ll be painting them yourself.
Ceramic figurine and 4 water pens, £2

These hearts and stars can be clipped
together to make chains and necklaces,
they are also collectible and fun to trade
with friends. £1

Get your own back on all
those grown ups who told you
not to pick your nose with this
nose-shaped pencil sharpener. £1

Bake off

Stand out

Chocolate creations

Well bread

Eat your heart out


Be transparent

Help yourself

Sweeties, darling

Chic chocs

Chocolate beans

Get cracking

Make your own Christmas Cake in the
shape of a Christmas tree with the help of
this shaped baking tin, with a non-stick
surface. £2

This basket is 27cm long and is ideal for
bread rolls, buns and baked goods. The red
and white gingham lining ensure that the
table remains crumb free. £3

If you have to know what’s going on
inside, these glass jars with metallic red,
purple, green or blue screw-top lids are for
you. They are 12.5cm high. £3 each.

Silicone moulds for creating your own
chocolate handbags, shoes, fans or flowers
that will melt in your mouth and have you
reaching for more. £3

24 · TIGER

Make sure your selection of Christmas
cakes and pastries looks its best and
display them on this cake stand. Available
in red, purple or clear glass. £5

Run down to your nearest Tiger store to
get your hands on one of these 375g tin of
gingerbread cookie hearts. Then eat some
on the way back. £2

This glass cake stand comes in clear, red
and purple versions. It’s a great way to
display your homemade cupcakes and
cookies, muffins and buns. £4

If you love coffee and you love chocolate,
these Tiger Mocha Beans are just the
ticket. Enjoy after dinner. With a coffee.
150g bag. £3

These cases help you to create perfect
confectionery, something that always
goes down a treat at Christmas.
40 heart-shaped or round cases. £1

A favourite amongst children in the
Netherlands, this bag of mini treacle
waffles will be gone before you can say:
“Stroopwafel!” £2

This glass bowl with a lid is the best
way to keep small sticky hands away
from your sweets, but still have them
to hand. £2

Having filled the Christmas stocking with
nuts, don’t forget to have a nutcracker
to hand for Christmas Day. This wooden
nutcracker is only £3

Tiger glögg
Get into the Christmas spirit the Scandinavian
way with Tiger glögg. Next time you open
a bottle of red wine and don’t finish it,
keep the remaining wine and pour it into a cooking pot. Add a
generous amount of the glögg spices that you picked up from
Tiger and then slowly heat up the mixture. When the wine and
spices start to bubble, turn the heat off. Now for the hard part.
You have to let the mixture sit for at least 4 hours, or better still
overnight. Then sieve the mixture to get rid of the spices and there
you have it! The famous taste that makes red wine change its name
to glögg. All that remains to be done is to add raisins, chopped
almonds and any schnapps or cognac that you think will improve it.
Skål! and Merry Christmas! Oh yes, the glögg spice mix is £1 at Tiger.

TIGER · 25

Wrap school

Make sure you have lots of space. Clear
the table or move the furniture and use
the floor. Lay out all your materials within
easy reach. Now you’re all set. Grab a shiny
gift bag or cut some wrapping paper – the
hologram pattern is cool – wrap it round
the gift, and use the magic tape as it is
almost invisible. Choose one of the many
ribbons: shiny, gingham, red satin or jute to
tie the parcel up. Finally add the Christmas
touch with Santas, self-adhesive bows,
hearts and birds or make your own gift
decorations using glittering pipe cleaners,
origami paper, metallic card and glitter
glue. What else? Oh yes, cards and gift
tags. It all comes in £1 and £2 packages.
Happy Christmas preparations at Tiger.

Yule be
a star!

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