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‘Kill for Her’ is starring:
Dana Alan Ferguson (JAKE)

Originally from a small town
Michigan, Dana first got
Michigan University. While
plays as "M.A.S.H," "Three
"An Interview with F. Scott

in the Upper Peninsula of
involved with acting at Northern
at NMU he performed in such
Sisters," "The Laramie Project,"
Fitzgerald" as well as many

Afterwards, Dana changed
screen, and his since had the
variety of acting roles.
challenge, Dana revels in the
that push him as an actor
Dana also has written and
well as composed the music

his focus from the stage to the
opportunity of taking on a wide
Always looking for the next
opportunity to take on roles
and an artist. Aside from acting
directed multiple short films, as
for two projects.

He is extremely honored to be a part of the "Kill for Her" team, and is very proud to be involved with a
project dedicated to pushing the extremely powerful message against suicide.


Beauty. Brains. Talent. And that indescribable “it” factor. April Washko brings all of that, and so much
more. With experience and wisdom beyond her years, she has a way of reaching deep into a character,
making it part of her; and that unique ability has quickly made her a very in-demand actress both in her
native Midwest and around the United States.