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Unlike · Comment · Follow Post · Share · Yesterday at 8:14am near New Delhi

Manish Sachdeva Totally unjustified...Can u tell me the name of
the firms?
Yesterday at 8:23am via mobile · Like

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Neha Nirmal
There is a question to all cs professionals especially for THOSE WHO ARE
IN PRACTISE, some of my friends are undergoing training under a PCS
firm, and there they are doing work like servants as in preparing and
serving tea to the clients of their boss, their boss say to clean their desk ,
pc themselves. And in the past , they shifted their office , in which one of
the trainee helped to shift all the furnitures, computers etc . If their is a
male trainee in your office then will he do all this work instead of learning
work in his training period . and FEMALE TRAINEE making tea , serving
lunch , cleaning their table .. are THESE THINGS JUSTIFIABLE for the
Upcoming CS who are gonna step out in corporate world.And the last and
the foremost thing,stipend given to them is just 2500 Rs. and some of
them are NOT PAID EVEN A SINGLE PENNY in their initial period (like 23months is their initial period) . MY question is to all the CS is this FAIr ,
this is how professionals treat their trainees ???

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Sandeep Garg Trainee shud say no. Doing work in this hell like
condition will not tke u anyway so its better to sit idle at home.
Rather thn doing work under these types of people who treat u just
servant not cs. And make their complaint in institute
Yesterday at 8:25am via mobile · Like · 4
Rohan Mota neha absolutely not fair but dnt work under people
who treat trainees as peon really '
Yesterday at 8:26am · Like · 2
Rohan Mota deepu @ there are promblems faced by students and
hve to righht to share them with the group
Yesterday at 8:37am · Like


Nagendra Reddy R shame, it will create adverse impact on CS
profession, pl. reveal those firms & names of professionals..
Yesterday at 8:37am · Like · 1
Rajeev Sharma I personally, disagree with the above mentioned
situation. I have also been trainee, and many other gals trainee was
there but not even for a single time any of the trainee had been called
for such a stupid work in the whole of 15 mnths & also stipened hav
been made on time for all the months. but the above mentioned words
are true then its really disgusting.
Yesterday at 8:42am · Edited · Like
Rohan Mota @deepu i think to share and help cs students this
group is made no one forcing anyone to join or share promblem....
Yesterday at 8:42am · Like
Anshu Tiwari Dear Deepu
Are u know the difference between the servants and professionals.
Yesterday at 8:42am via mobile · Like
Rohan Mota @ rajeev there might some pcs doing that
Yesterday at 8:42am · Like

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Rohan Mota @ deepu are u pcs >:???
Yesterday at 8:43am · Like · 1
Gurpreet Singh yyeah same here nly gtng rs 1000
Yesterday at 8:52am · Like
Rajeev Sharma @rohan: I agree there may b this kind of bizarre
situation, and there is no scarcity of person with sick mentality. but
this type of problems cant be sort out, its also the truth. training is a
situation where u cant be demanding, BEGGARS ARE NOT CHOOSERS.
they will have to face any how, if n only if this kind of situation is there.
and some how it can be tackled on personal level.
Yesterday at 8:54am · Like · 2
Rajeev Sharma Deepu Pathak:- deepu, pls. be cool, its not imp.
here to focus on wots the ultimate purpose of this forum, but in any
way it relates to our profession, and as being senior its our duty to guide
them in wot ever possible way, just think if we are not ready to even
listen them who the other are there for them. and U must be aware abt.
the officials of ICSI,
Yesterday at 8:57am · Like
Deepu Pathak yes Rajeev G.... Bt this is not the right way to say
anything...other person also visit in this site,,,khair jab khud Practice
karenge aakal aa jayegi.
Yesterday at 9:00am · Like
Rajeev Sharma Gurpreet Singh:- pls. dont make issue of amount


Company secretary vacancies

here wot r u getting, ok. focus on training & learning, its only for the
15 mnths not for life time.
Yesterday at 9:00am · Like · 1
Rajeev Sharma Deepu Pathak:- i knew, but they cant match their
understanding wid ours at this stage. its also true that its not one
way prob. some how our esteemed upcoming professionals have large
exceptions. thats also one of the reason. but this kind of pathetic
situation, I cant also imagine.
Yesterday at 9:05am · Like
Piyyush Kabra kya status daala h yaar neha...tumse too dosti
banti h....jai ho PCS ki too... ....
Yesterday at 9:09am via mobile · Like
Praveen Choudhary Answer is simple. join any firm do work of
trainee.. and have guts to say NO to such work at first instance.. it
ur fault that u agree to do such work...
Yesterday at 9:10am · Like · 6
Mehul Baxi at intial stage of training we are not considered as cs
but a servant only and even i disagree with above and if any one
doing it better leave that firm and join some where and elso and put the
money issue behind just learn for what u have join with a good firm or a
company and to earn respect sometime we have to do what our boss
says as its our starting period never say no to anything but do that work
in limit , know your self respect and focus on assignments.
Yesterday at 9:12am · Like
Rajeev Sharma Neha Nirmal:- neha, if there is really such situation
being faced by someone, you can make complain to ICSI, if not then
you will have to tackle it by your self, its just how smart you are? just
have healthy relations wid you mentor. you know wot, wen the new
student dont get training that time they make a no. of unwanted/ silly
promises to get training but later on these silly promises become the
collar bone. no more bendings are required at the time of getting
Yesterday at 9:12am · Like · 1
Mehul Baxi agreed Rajeev Sharma
Yesterday at 9:14am · Like · 1
Rohan Mota @ rajeev i knw few pcs and i work in company as
trainee and as employees but this kind of harassment is pathetic to
students given by few pcs stipend low is understood aleast dnt make
student y cs ? it was not worth ...
Yesterday at 9:15am · Like · 1
Acs Mangal Katakdhond yes...i agree with you....its happening in
some PCS Firm...
Yesterday at 9:18am · Like · 3
Uma Adhikari it is true
Yesterday at 9:21am · Like
Mehul Baxi best option if u r not comfortable leave that firm and
join somewhere else or sit at home complete cs and then apply at
good place
Yesterday at 9:23am · Like · 4
Karthik Sekar it doesn't happen at all firms though there are only
few firms in India compared to CA firms.
Yesterday at 9:34am · Like · 1
Rahul Khanna Professionals are getting selfish day by day They
exploit trainees only for their purposes they are not ready to think at
least for once about the future of trainees..
Yesterday at 10:31am · Edited · Like
Tushar Baba i think u never read it in Professional Ethics bt Some
people follow this Custom in Hope to get fevourable treatement after
some time or For getting Good JOB & some hav follow because THEY
DOT HV OTHER OPTION ...........................>>> .........
Yesterday at 10:42am · Like
Sakshi Agarwal Mittal seriously a shame
Yesterday at 11:18am · Like
Mukul Mehra seems you have never seen how lawyer trainee
works and they are professionals too you will more happy to see the
situation of a CS trainee and mind you i am not supporting by any means
the behavior of learned PCS out there if its such as you mentioned
Yesterday at 11:31am · Like
Mukul Mehra certainly you or your friend had an experience with a
bad unethical firm
Yesterday at 11:35am · Like
Fatima Sayyed sad truth....but who cares....??
our CS hardly effects them.
Yesterday at 11:50am via mobile · Edited · Like · 1
Rimee Biswas Sarkar Plz lodge a complaint with training and
placement department... And then our respected seniors complaint
about our professionalism and that the freshers doesnt know how to
write CV s and all.... What the hell r they teaching the students.....
Shame on such professionals...
Yesterday at 11:55am via mobile · Like · 1
Pawan Singh Runwal stragal sometime after the good time yr
Yesterday at 12:56pm via mobile · Like
Hemant Kumar sorry state
23 hours ago · Like
Sudha Soni One should complain................. ,,, Always raise
voice against unjustice.........................,,,,


Company secretary vacancies

22 hours ago · Like
Rajat Samar Neha Nirmal .. It not only the PCS who is culprit bt
also the Trainee who dnt even had the guts to say NO for an
unjustified thing....
22 hours ago · Like · 1
Sushil Kumar I think if you have talent, then you can learn a lot. A
PCS what looks is how capable you are. When you have knowledge
and calibre to learn then A PCS will definitely give the work in which you
can surpass. Last but not the least you should always be optimistic and
have faith in god rather than complaining. Whatever task we are
assigned we should do that dedicately. It is true that we have struggle a
lot during initial period right from training and 2-3 years after getting
membership. I think we should do always good thing and ask God
whatever we want. God will always listen to us instead of complaining.
21 hours ago · Like · 1
Gourav Sharma fully agree with neha nirmal........
21 hours ago · Like
Ankita Mehra No Neha its not correct in all cases........
21 hours ago · Like
Gourav Sharma ankit ji depend karta hai apnay apnay experience
pay.....ab apka experience acha raha hae to it means kya sabhi
articles ka acha experience raha hoga.....
21 hours ago · Like
Omkar Deosthale First question about the kind of assignment is
right? and it is not not fair....Why second question? I think second
comes as a chocolate wrapped beautifully in the prior one. Take care
21 hours ago · Like
Govind Bhandari !!!!! Sachhh ka samna !!!!!
21 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
Govind Bhandari Sudha soni - feee bhadhaii tiii tabbb sabbb ne
kuch na kuch aawajjj uthhai thiii, kuch nai honee ka...yaaarrrr even
icsi dept.mee phon pe btt dhang se nai karta koi...huuuh
21 hours ago via mobile · Like
Pradeep Suryavanshi lmao...
19 hours ago via mobile · Like
Piyyush Kabra kya baat h....karte rahoo page
banaa k campaign chaalu karoo.....!!
18 hours ago via mobile · Like
Piyyush Kabra Nehaa ji....lagtaa h aap ne bahut hi julm sahe h....
18 hours ago via mobile · Like
Anjana Manseta sorry to tell you all... Plzzz dont discuss all this
things in social site..No one have rite to say any thing to any body
who run their practice like this.... students have their own choice to
select their boss.. if any body having problem den they can sit vd their
boss and shud discuss abt all dis.. if problem sehne walo ko problem face
karne me mazaa aa rha he den why all of us discussin all dis on this public
18 hours ago · Like
Anjana Manseta ma frnds m sorry dont take me wrong... this is
our profession v shud respect to all of us wther its pcs members , cs
or students..
18 hours ago · Like
Anjana Manseta dear students.... wtvr work ur boss asign do it vd
full of dedication... koi kaam chota ya bada nahi hota.. your
dedication only realize them that what u deserve and u made for what..
thanks ... all the best for future..
18 hours ago · Like
Rohan Mota @ anjana just want to add smthing to ur comments u
shuld do all work but related to proffesion not peon jobs because ur
boss wants it very simple to tell do all work as boss says but impossible
to pratice
18 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
Rohan Mota After reading comments I really feel I was lucky my
boss was to good lady really
18 hours ago via mobile · Like
Dhiraj Nimwal Jb tak aap na chaho, koi aapko chu bi ni skta, to kam
to dur ki bat h. . . .
17 hours ago via mobile · Like · 1
Govind Bhandari Samaj nai aa rha hai cs tranniee cs hai ya
p.s.hai....hehehe omg
8 hours ago via mobile · Like
Radz Rajan Anjana Manseta agree that students have their choice,
but here it is not the question of washing dirty linen in public.. the
comment is not about the profession, but the so called professionals who
give unprofessional training! chota ya bada kaam ki baath nahi hai.. jab
koi trainee saman shift kartha hai ya.. chay banatha hai.. there is
nothing belittling about the work..but it affects the productive time that
he/she would've used to enhance his/her professional knowledge.
4 hours ago · Like · 1
Girish Manik I also did my training with a pcs and trust me it was
trurly professional firm. It is upto you to decide if you can really have
guts to say no. Wish you all the best.
3 hours ago via mobile · Like
Anupam Agr It is depend upon firm to which you are associate.
There are many good firms where only professional work is practice.


Company secretary vacancies

3 hours ago · Like
Sudha Soni It not about right v/s wrong................ Its all about
professional dignity........ and some unethical mindset messing
it............. If one will not respect his profession,,,,PROFESSION will not
13 minutes ago · Like
Sudha Soni And sorry Anjana Mam i m daring to oppose u......... Its
only our profession which allow to speak openly about wrong and
10 minutes ago · Like
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