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GBU Mountain News

GBU Mountain News

November 14, 2013 XXXIII

independent - unbiased – professional
November 14, 2013 XXXIII

2013 Veterans Day Celebration in Frazier Park


GBU Mountain News
November 14, 2013 XXXIII


2013 Veterans Day Celebration in Frazier Park
GBU Mountain News - Clarification
“Stop Bullying” Community Roundtable a Success
News from the El Tejon Unified School District
o Board Meeting on Thursday (Nov 14)
o Frazier Mountain High School
 Sports
o Frazier Park School
All Things Local
o The Cane Masters Program comes to Frazier Park by Miki Knutson
o Lebec County Water District: Notice of Vacancy on the Board of Directors
o Frazier Park Public Utility District (FFPUD) Board meets on Thursday (Nov 14)
o People
Law Enforcement Corner
o Kern County Sheriff’s Office
 Incidents Nov 6 - 11
o Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department
o California Highway Patrol
Animals Matter
Our Library
Incidents & Accidents in our Region
Business Affairs
o Customer Service: A Tale of Two Hotels
Kern County
o New President & CEO for the embattled Kern Medical Center
o Board of Supervisors Meetings
o San Joaquin Valley achieves Historic Clean-Air Mark for Smog by San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control
Frazier Park Weather Forecast
Upcoming Events
Safety & Disaster Preparedness
o Earthquake Preparedness
 Why Drop, Cover, and Hold On?
Business Directory

Frazier Park Weather:
Thursday, Nov 14:
Friday, Nov 15:

high 70°F low 48°F
high 52°F low 37°F


GBU Mountain News
November 14, 2013 XXXIII

donated their $50 prize money back to the Post to
the Buddy Poppy program.

11-11 at 11am Veterans
Celebration in Frazier Park


“We MUST work to keep their honor by our
determination to see to it that no man or woman who
has served our country be homeless, go hungry or be
unemployed. If we truly want to honor fallen heroes,
then we must help the living”
Terrence Alexis

On Monday (Nov 11) at 11am more than 120 people
celebrated Veterans Day at the Cody Prosser
Veterans Memorial in Frazier Mountain Park. The
event was hosted by VFW (Veterans of Foreign
Wars) Post 9791 under the leadership of Don
Turner. Kern County Fire Station 55 came from
“down the hill” at Laval Road with a 100-feet
Ladder truck and displayed a huge flag. Frazier
Park’s Fire engine 57 also attended the event.
The festivity started with the Post Color Guard,
followed by a welcome from Commander Don
Turner, the National Anthem (beautifully sung by
Jack Lelah), and the opening prayer by local Pastor
Fred Rose. This introduction was followed by
speeches from Terrence Alexis, Manager at the
National Cement Plant, and Richard Sheffield,
Executive Director at Veterans For Trees.
Afterwards five children read essays about “what
Veterans Day means to me.” The readers were
winners of an essay competition, including Lyssa St
Cyr from El Tejon School, Alvaro Molina from
Gorman School, Katelyn Bernard from Frazier Park
Elementary School, as well as Derek Heisig and
Tavin Heisig from Peak to Peak Charter school in
Pine Mountain Club. Remarkably, Derek and Tavin

Two other winners from Frazier Park School,
Andrea Farringer and Nathanael Kimbrough, were
presented with certificates in their classroom by the
leaders of VFW Post 9791.
Music was sung and played throughout the morning,
and at the end another beautiful Veterans memorial
tree was planted in the park.
After the closing and a group photo with the
Veterans, VFW Post 9791 and the Sheffield family
provided a delicious hot dog BBQ. This gave the
Veterans, families, and many members of the
community a great opportunity to mingle and enjoy
each other’s companionship under sunny blue skies.
Dozens of local veterans and their families were in
attendance, including a few that fought in World
War II from 1941-1945 (i.e., Richard Hoegh who
was a 23-year-old lieutenant when landed in
Normandy on June 12, 1944, the sixth day of the
Operation Overlord that began on D-Day ), the
Koran War from 1950 -1953, the Vietnam War from
1964-1975, the more recent Gulf War/Operation
Desert Storm in 1991, the war in Iraq from 20032011, and the since 2001 ongoing war in
It can certainly be said that many in the mountain
community came together to celebrate and honor
Veteran's Day in a most enjoyable way. It is also
remarkable that military service runs oftentimes
through many generations of local families. DiAnn
Dever even mentioned that her family can trace
military service back to the revolutionary wars and


GBU Mountain News
November 14, 2013 XXXIII

Richard Sheffield announced that his son has
decided to the USAF either as a rescue diver or

More than 48 million Americans have served in the
military during war and peace since the year 1776,
and there are currently up to 23 million living
Veterans. Two million of those live in California,
the highest population of former servicemen and women in any state. More than 1.3 million of U.S.
veterans have served in multiple wars, according to
the US Census Bureau. About 100,000 participated
in three conflicts -- roughly split between those who
served in the Vietnam War as well as the Gulf War
and Iraq war, and those who took part in World War
II and the Korean and Vietnam wars. About 1.6
million of the nation’s veterans are women.


GBU Mountain News
November 14, 2013 XXXIII

GBU Mountain News – Clarification
Due to some tales that float in the community,
allow me to clarify:
The GBU Mountain News is an independent
electronic newsmedia published by Gunnar J
Kuepper. This electronic paper is in no way
associated or affiliated with any other local paper,
neither the MountainEnterprise nor the
Bakersfield Californian.
I do not, and have not worked for the
MountainEnterprise. I have in the past provided
the MountainEnterprise with photos on a
complimentary (meaning unpaid) basis.
As a photographer, I continue to offer / provide
newsworthy or story-telling photos to other Media
outlets for compensation, including the Bakersfield
However, there is no relationship whatsoever with
the MountainEnterprise, its publishers, or editors.
Gunnar J Kuepper


Roundtable a Success
The “Stop Bullying” Community Roundtable on Tuesday
(Nov 13) brought together a significant group of school
and community leadership. The event was a collaborative
effort of the El Tejon Unified School District with all
three schools, the Frazier Park Library, the Kern County
Sheriff’s Office, and the GBU Mountain News. Marie
Smith, Manager of the Frazier Park Library, welcomed
the participants. Gunnar J Kuepper moderated the forum
with very informative presentations by Sara Haflich,
Principal of the Frazier Mountain High School (FMHS),
Rosalie Jimenez, Principal of the El Tejon School, Keri
St Jeor, Principal of the Frazier Park School, Sue Brown,
Councilor at FMHS, Cody Johnson, FMHS Student
Mediation Team, and Sergeant Mark Brown with the
Kern County Sheriff's Office; more about the topic and
the interesting presentations and discussions in the next
issue of the GBU Mountain News.


GBU Mountain News
November 14, 2013 XXXIII

News from our El
Tejon Unified School
Upcoming Board meeting of the El Tejon Unified
School District on Thursday (Nov 14)
The next meeting of the School Board of Trustees will
take place this Thursday (Nov 14) at 7pm at the Frazier
Mountain High School (FMHS). The meeting is open to
the public. Members of the public, even students, have an
opportunity to address the Board either before or during
the Board’s consideration of each item of business. The
time allotted for a presentation is usually limited to 3
Prior to the meeting itself the five members of the board
are scheduled to attend an Ethics and Interaction Training
by Melissa Brown from Schools Legal Service starting at
5:30pm. That training session is also open to the public.
The agenda for Thursday’s 7pm board meeting includes:
Introduction of Common Core, new State Testing
Program, & Program Improvement by Cathleen Hill,
Director of Curriculum, Kern County Superintendent of
Schools; Reports from the District's Unions
Representatives, the School Principals, the Trustees, and
the Superintendent.
Items for discussion and action include the approval of a
contract with Kern Community College District
regarding Dual Enrollment Course Offerings at the
Frazier Mountain High School.
It is also noteworthy that the Board is currently –in
closed sessions- going through numerous applications for
the position of Superintendent.

Frazier Mountain High
Falcons Defeated Cal City, 26-13 on Thursday (Nov 7)
and will play at Kern Valley Friday (Nov 15) in First
Round of Playoffs.
By Jerry Quick
The FMHS Falcon varsity football team defeated
California City last Thursday (Nov 7) by a score of 2613. The win gave the Falcons a 6-4 record overall. The
Falcons were first scheduled to play top-seeded Lindsay
in the first round of the Central Section, Division 5
playoffs, but when Sierra High School dropped out, it
gave Lindsay a bye, and put the Falcons in line to play
league rival Kern Valley. The Falcons will travel to Lake
Isabella on Friday (Nov 15) to play the Broncs who were
the High Desert League champs this season.
The Falcon Volleyball team defeated Cal City last
Thursday (Nov 7) to lock up another High Desert League
title. They played Cal City again in the first round of the
playoffs this Tuesday (Nov 12) at Falcon Gym.

Frazier Park School

The August 22, 2013 School Board meeting can be viewed at
The September 12, 2013 School Board meeting can be viewed at
The September 26, 2013 School Board meeting can be viewed at
The October 9, 2013 School Board meeting can be viewed at
The October 23, 2013 School Board meeting can be viewed at
Photos from thev 2013 FMHS Homecoming can be seen on Facebook at


GBU Mountain News
November 14, 2013 XXXIII

All Things Local

The Cane Masters Program comes to
Frazier Park on Friday, Nov 15!
By Miki Knutson, Family Resource Center
The Mountain Communities Family Resource Center
(MCFRC) in partnership with the Southwest Health Care
District are excited to announce that we will be hosting
Grand Master Mark Shuey, Sr. from Cane Masters, Inc.
in Lake Tahoe, California on November 15, 2013 from
2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at In the Wings Dance Studio
located at 3524 Mt. Pinos Way, Frazier Park, CA. Mr.
Shuey will be introducing the art of the Cane-Fu Program
which is geared towards teaching self-defense techniques
to Senior and Disabled individuals. Mark Shuey, Sr. has
combined his love for martial arts and that of wood
working into a unique and fun program that will awe and
inspire you like no other. The Cane Masters Program has
received National Media Recognition from AARP, Wall
Street Journal, Fox News, Colbert Report, PBS, and CBS
Early Show. Mark Shuey, Sr. has also received
individual recognition as the Weapons Instructor of the
Some of Frazier Park’s senior and disabled residents
have expressed a need to feel safer and more empowered.
What better way to do that than to provide individuals
with an original, fun, and interesting way to build
confidence and promote safety. The Cane-Fu program
uses handcrafted canes by Mark Shuey, Sr. to introduce
two Cane Masters techniques. First, Cane-Fu which
addresses those who need to use a cane for ambulation,
featuring a curriculum for exercise and general health as
well as offering basic self-defense techniques, all of
which are designed for folks with limited mobility.
Second, is Cane-Ja which was created for people who
want to learn highly efficient and effective self-defense
techniques, tactics and strategies for the street, based on
the use of the cane in a "no nonsense" manner. Mr.
Shuey will combine elements of these two techniques to

provide seniors and disabled individuals with an overall
self-defense instruction course.
All interested individuals 21 years of age and older can
register. There is limited availability so please RSVP by
Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 661-245-4303. For
reservations and questions you can contact Miki
Knutson, Adult Advocate at MCFRC, located at 3015
Mount Pinos Way, Suite 201, Monday through
Wednesday 8:30am – 3:15pm.

Board Vacancies at the Lebec County
Water District
According to -yet- unconfirmed reports two of the five
members of the board resigned during the Oct 12
meeting. One is supposedly President Julie McWhorter.
We will bring more information to you soon.
The board members for all public agencies in our
communities (i.e., Frazier Park Public Utility District, El
Tejon Unified School District) are volunteers, donating
their time, treasure, and talent to the community.

Frazier Park Public Utility District (FFPUD)
Board meets on Thursday (Nov 14)
The FPPUD board will held its next meeting on
Thursday (Nov 14) at 6pm at the district's office building
in Frazier Park.On the agenda are the Manager's Report,
and, again, a discussion and possible vote on a rental
agreement with the Chamber of Commerce regarding the
two brandnew, and for months idling, advertisement
signs. Linda Robredo with the non-profit Green Dragon
Farms will ask the FPPUD for support on developing a
community garden in the Frazier Mountain Park.

Lebec Resident and retired aerospace photographer
Charles Noble published recently an article "Wildlife
photography on RV trip to Grand Teton, Yellowstone".


GBU Mountain News
November 14, 2013 XXXIII


GBU Mountain News
November 14, 2013 XXXIII


GBU Mountain News
November 14, 2013 XXXIII

Law Enforcement Corner
Kern County Sheriff’s
Sergeant Mark Brown from the Kern County Sheriff’s
Substation in Frazier Park released the following
information about law enforcement related incidents and
activities between Nov 6th and Nov 11th: *
1) On November 6, 2013, at about 11:40 AM, a deputy
contacted SH at a market on the 630 block of Laguna
Trail in Frazier Park. The deputy located controlled
substance paraphernalia in H’s possession, and cited
him for suspicion of possessing drug paraphernalia.
2) On November 7, 2013, at about 2:55 PM, a deputy
was dispatched to a home on the 600 block of San
Gabriel Trail in Frazier Park to investigate a vehicle
theft. Unknown person(s) stole a Kawasaki 450
motorcycle. Later that day, the deputy located the
motorcycle in a garage at a vacant home on the 3600
block of Los Padres Drive and returned it to the
3) On November 8, 2013, at about 8:30 AM, a deputy
was dispatched to a home on the 2700 block of
Gibson Drive in Lebec to investigate a burglary.
Unknown person(s) entered the home and stole a
toolbox containing miscellaneous hand tools and a
plastic box containing wooden stakes.
4) On November 9, 2013, at about 10:20 AM, a deputy
was dispatched to a restaurant on the 3500 block of
Mt. Pinos Way in Frazier Park to investigate a theft.
Four unknown white, young men ate and left without
paying for their food.
5) On November 10, 2013, at about 2:30 PM, a deputy
was dispatched to a church on the 6700 block of
Lakewood Drive in LOW to investigate an attempted
burglary. Unknown person(s) removed several
window screens and attempted to enter the church,
but were unable to make entry.
6) On November 10, 2013, at about 6:00 PM, a deputy
was dispatched to call a Lebec resident to investigate
a theft. Unknown person(s) stole a credit card from a
woman’s purse and used it to make at least one
fraudulent purchase.
7) On November 11, 2013, at about 7:20 PM, a deputy
stopped a vehicle displaying an expired registration

10 | P a g e

GBU Mountain News
November 14, 2013 XXXIII

tag at Frazier Mountain Park Road and Woods Drive
in LOW. The driver, MM, was cited for expired
registration. The passenger, CJ, was cited on two
misdemeanor drug related warrants. The vehicle was
Anyone having information about any of the above
incidents is asked to contact the Kern County Sheriff’s
Office at (661) 861-3110, contact Secret Witness at (661)
322-4040 or send an anonymous text to TIP411
(847411). Type the key word, “KCSO,” prior to the

Our Library (bibliotekë)
Friday’s Grand Opening

* You will notice that the names of arrestees and suspects are not
published here. The presumption of innocence means that one is to be
considered innocent until proven guilty in a fair and open court of law.
Individuals that have been arrested, but not convicted and that do not
pose a risk for others should not be subject to public humiliation. That’s
what I believe in, and this publication will act accordingly.

Article on Phone Scams
If you would like to receive the information compiled by
Sergeant Mark Brown, Frazier Park Sheriff’s Substation
as a .pdf file, please send an e-mail to

Library Staff & Friends of the Library celebrating the extended opening
times (every Friday from 9 to 5pm): from left to right: Judy Brunk ,
Marie Smith, Eric Rand, Bethel Billesbach, Bill Hopper, Steve Berry



11:30 am Family Storytime with
Christine Kearns-Brown
3:30 pm Chess Everyone is welcome.
Chess Coach, Bill Hopper available to
teach beginners.
11:30 am Personal Computer Coach.
Call to make an appointment: 245-1267
9-9:30 am Free Beginning Piano by
Karen Anthony. Call to sign up 661245-1267
10-2:00 pm Quilt & Chat: Everyone is
3-5:00 pm NEW TIME Reading of the
Classics by local actors and community;
all are welcome.

New Library Hours!!

Every Friday 9am – 5pm

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GBU Mountain News
November 14, 2013 XXXIII

Incidents & Accidents in our Region

Art - Music - Theater
Business Affairs
Customer Service: A Tale of Two Hotels
By Lucien Canton, Crisis Manager, San Francisco
My wife and I were recently guests at a four star hotel
and spa. The rooms were comfortable, the views
stunning, and the food excellent. We won't be going
The reasons are minor. We arrived too late for any spa
treatments but were offered the use of the steam and
sauna rooms and an outdoor jacuzzi for a nominal fee.
However, by the time we reached the jacuzzi, the
temperature was a tepid 94 degrees. Eventually we were
told that they heated the jacuzzi in the morning but since
it was later in the day (3 PM!) the water was cooler.
Apparently reprogramming the unit to heat on demand
was either too much trouble or the increased heating
costs were unacceptable.
The same attitude carried into the restaurant. The food
was excellent and served moderately well. However, at
the end of the meal we were left abandoned for over a
half hour and had to hunt down someone to take our
money. Later, when I tried to arrange a wake up call, no
one answered at the front desk.
Contrast that with our next hotel. The view was not as
spectacular, there was no spa, and the rooms were not the
best. As I switched on the overhead light, the bulb blew
out. Not a problem as we prefer the bedside lamps
anyway but on our way to dinner I thought I'd mention it
to the young lady at the front desk. She thanked me for
letting her know and since changing the bulb would take
some time (it involved finding a maintenance man and
locating a tall ladder), she offered to switch our room.
She wanted to make sure that nothing as trivial as a bulb
would affect our stay.
That helpful attitude was echoed by every other staff
member with whom we had contact. Our dinner guests
were delayed, so the restaurant staff had to stay a bit later
than usual. You would never have guessed it from the
gracious and unhurried way they served the excellent
meal. We look forward to our next visit.
Why would we prefer the older hotel over the modern
hotel spa? Obviously, It was the service. We were treated
as guests at the older hotel. The staff tried to see

everything from our perspective and to anticipate needs
rather giving priority to their own convenience. It was the
little things that made the difference.
So do you view things from the perspective of those your
serve or only consider your own needs? It doesn't take
much to convince people that you truly care about them just a slight change of perspective. As in the hotel
business, it's the little things that count, not the grand
May this be a reason, perhaps even be the main reason
why some businesses on the hill fail, or change
management/ownership every few months? Buy Local is
a nice slogan, but customer service should be more
important than location, shouldn’t it?

Kern County
New President & CEO for the embattled Kern
Medical Center
Kern County announced that the Board of Supervisors
appointed on Tuesday (Nov 12) Mercy Hospital
President and Chief Executive Officer Russell Judd to
head the Kern Medical Center. He is expected to start
working at KMC on December 16.
Judd was a member of KMC's administrative team from
1991 to 1996. He will take the position of KMC’s Chief
Executive Officer under a 5-year management contract.
The contract currently negotiated with the County will be
with the firm KMC Management Inc. owned by Russell
Judd and two other hospital administrators.
Judd started working at the Bakersfield Mercy Hospital
in 2004 when the downtown facility faced financial
hardships and closure. He restored the fiscal health of
Mercy Downtown Hospital while expanding Mercy
Southwest Hospital to one of Kern County's premier
Prior to his leadership at Mercy, Judd served as CEO at
three hospitals in Community Health Systems, one of the
nation's largest for-profit hospital groups. Board of
Supervisors Chairman Mike Maggard said that the board
believes a management company will provide the
greatest opportunity for KMC to be sufficiently flexible
and responsive to enable it to thrive under Health Care
Reform. He praised Judd's record of success as a key
factor in the Board's decision. "As a former KMC
administrator who has extensive experience in private
and nonprofit hospitals, he understands what it will take
to place Kern Medical Center back on solid financial
ground in a rapidly changing health care environment.
He also shares the Board’s commitment to delivering the

12 | P a g e

GBU Mountain News
November 14, 2013 XXXIII

highest quality health care at Kern Medical Center.”
District 4 Supervisor David Couch stated: “Russell Judd
is a quality person with tremendous ability and a great
track record. I have every confidence in him and I look
forward to working with him.” It is anticipated that the
Board of Supervisors will approve a management
contract with KMC Management Inc. on December 3.
Board of Supervisors Meetings
The Kern County Board of Supervisors meets every
Tuesday (i.e., Nov 5, 12, 19, and 26) at 9:00 am and 2:00
pm in the County Administrative Building at 1115
Truxtun Ave. in Bakersfield.
At each meeting Members of the Public can address the
Board on any matter even if it is not on this agenda but
under the jurisdiction of the Board. Board members may
respond briefly to statements made or questions posed by
the public. They may ask a question for clarification,
make a referral to staff for factual information or request
staff to report back to the Board at a later meeting. Also,
the Board may take action to direct the staff to place a
matter of business on a future agenda. Speakers are
limited to two minutes and asked to state and spell their
names (for the record) before making a presentation.
If you are interested to receive the agenda(s) for
upcoming or the minutes for previous Board meetings,

San Joaquin Valley achieves Historic Clean-Air Mark
for Smog
By San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District
The San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District
announced today that for the first time in recorded
history, the San Joaquin Valley in 2013 had zero

violations of the hourly ozone standard established under
the federal Clean Air Act. With the conclusion of the
official ozone season that runs from March through
October, the District will now submit a formal request to
the EPA to declare the Valley in attainment of the key
standard and lift the $29 million penalty mandate which
Valley residents have been paying since late 2010.
Reaching this milestone has been the key focus of the
Valley’s air quality-management strategies for more than
two decades. In 2004, EPA classified the Valley as
“Extreme” non-attainment for this standard, meaning that
reaching the standard, at that time, was deemed
impossible. “Becoming the first and only region in the
nation with ‘Extreme’ classification to meet the standard
is an achievement the entire Valley should be very proud
of,” said Skip Barwick, chair of the Valley Air District’s
Governing Board.
In 1996, the Valley experienced 281 violations of this
hourly standard throughout the eight-county region. The
number of violations dropped to only seven in 2012 and
zero in 2013.
Despite significant progress, Valley leaders were
frustrated in 2010 when, under federal law, Valley
residents and businesses became subject to an annual $29
million penalty. At the time, the Air District crafted an
alternative approach that kept these penalties from going
to federal coffers. Under the alternative approach that
was approved by EPA, the Valley was able to retain
those dollars and invest them in the Valley’s local
economy to fund clean-air projects in the eight-county
region. This alternative approach, however, is the subject
of a lawsuit filed by a Bay Area environmental law firm
seeking to impose additional penalties on Valley
businesses. “This historic achievement will moot
frivolous lawsuits, and returns full local control to the
Valley over the need and the manner of expenditure of
public funds for air pollution control,” Barwick said.
The members of the Air District’s Governing Board were
unanimous in their appreciation of the enormity of this
achievement, and in expressing their gratitude to Valley
businesses and residents for their investments and
“Achieving this historic milestone provides a measurable
return on the great investment and sacrifice that Valley
businesses and residents have made. The return comes in
the form of improved public health and quality of life for
all Valley residents,” said Hubert Walsh, Vice Chair of
the District board and Merced County supervisor. “Our
families now enjoy air quality that is 80 percent better
than when the district was formed in 1992. Our journey

13 | P a g e

GBU Mountain News
November 14, 2013 XXXIII

to cleaner air continues, but today marks a tremendous
The Valley Air District ( covers eight
counties including San Joaquin, Stanislaus, Merced,
Madera, Fresno, Kings, Tulare and the Valley air basin
portion of Kern. Visit to learn more.

 Teens
Gas Prices in our Region
As of Thursday, November 14:
cash price for regular (many gas stations
charge a higher price for credit cards!)
USA Average: 3.194
California Average: 3.402
Bakersfield Average: 0.000
0.39 9/10 Fastrip, Lamont 10301 Main
St & Gail Marie Dr
3.89 9/10 Chevron I-5 at Laval Road
4.26 9/10 Valero at I-5, Grapevine
4.29 9/10 Shell at I-5, Grapevine Road
3.89 9/10 Chevron, Gorman
3.87 9/10 Shell, Gorman
0.00 9/10 76, Lebec
0.00 9/10 Shell, Lebec
3.75 9/10 Chevron, Lebec
3.59 9/10 Flying J
3.59 9/10 Midway Gas, Lake of the Woods
3.58 9/10 Don's Liquor, Frazier Park

GBU Mountain News currently reaches 2,000+
residents, businesses, and organizations in the
Mountain Communities as well as nearly 200
public and elected officials throughout the KernLos Angeles-Ventura Counties area.
The electronic format allows the readership to be
always informed in a timely fashion.

If you are interested in receiving GBU
Mountain News regularly, just send an email to
Previous issues of the GBU Mountain News can be downloaded free of
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GBU Mountain News
November 14, 2013 XXXIII
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S3 – 2013 Fiesta Days from Aug 6, 2013:
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Frazier Park Weather Forecast:
Thursday, Nov 14:
Friday, Nov 15:
Saturday, Nov 16:
Sunday, Nov 17:
Monday, Nov 18:
Tuesday, Nov 19:
Wednesday, Nov 20:

high 70°F
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low 48°F
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What to do – Where to Go
Upcoming Events

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GBU Mountain News
November 14, 2013 XXXIII

Important Phone Numbers
Sheriff or CHP
Frazier Park Sheriff Station
Frazier Park Public Utility/Water District
Lebec County Water Company
Southern California Edison
Southern California Gas
Pacific Gas & Electric (PGE)
El Tejon Unified School District 661-248-6247
Frazier Mountain High School
Frazier Park Library
Pine Mountain Club Patrol
Supervisor David Couch
Fire Station 56 (Lebec)
The Photographer (fires, accidents, weddings, & all other disasters)

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GBU Mountain News
November 14, 2013 XXXIII

Safety & Disaster Preparedness

lives. And that safe place should be within a few steps to
avoid injury from flying debris.

Earthquake Preparedness

Business Directory
Automobile Dealer
 Sky Motors Company, Frazier Park, Tel 661-2452769
Why Drop, Cover, and Hold On?
Why is it important to do a Drop, Cover, and Hold On
drill? To react quickly you must practice often. You may
only have seconds to protect yourself in an earthquake,
before strong shaking knocks you down--or drops
something on you. Practicing helps you be ready to
If you are inside a building, move no more than a few
steps, then Drop, Cover and Hold On:
 DROP to the ground (before the earthquake drops
 Take COVER by getting under a sturdy desk or
table, and
 HOLD ON to it until the shaking stops.
Stay indoors till the shaking stops and you are sure it is
safe to exit. In most buildings you are safer if you stay
where you are until the shaking stops.
If you are outdoors when the shaking starts, you should
find a clear spot away from buildings, trees, streetlights,
and power lines, then Drop, Cover and Hold On. Stay
there until the shaking stops.
If you are driving, pull over to a clear location, stop and
stay there with your seatbelt fastened until the shaking
stops. Once the shaking stops, proceed with caution and
avoid bridges or ramps that might have been damaged.
Ground shaking during an earthquake is seldom the cause
of injury. Most earthquake-related injuries and deaths are
caused by collapsing walls and roofs, flying glass and
falling objects. It is extremely important for a person to
move as little as possible to reach the place of safety he
or she has identified because most injuries occur when
people try to move more than a short distance during the
Look around you now, before an earthquake. Identify
safe places such as under a sturdy piece of furniture or
against an interior wall in your home, office or school so
that when the shaking starts you can respond quickly. An
immediate response to move to the safe place can save

Automobile Repair & Service
 DunnRight, 3811 Mount Pinos, Frazier Park, Tel
Candy Shop
 Sweet Galley, 3604 Arroyo Trail, Frazier Park
 Isabel’s Clothing, next to the Sheriff’s Station,
Frazier Park
Grocery Stores
 Trader Joe’s Bakersfield, 8200 Stockdale Highway,
Tel 661-837-8863
 Trader Joe’s Santa Clarita, 26517 Bouquet Canyon
Rd, Santa Clarita, Tel 661-263-3796
Hair Salon
 Get a Haircut at Flying J, Lebec, Tel 661-248-2888
 State Farm, Mitch Wood, 3015 Mt Pinos Way,
Frazier Park, Tel 661-245-3728
Pet Food & Supplies
 Walgreens Castaic, 27983 Sloan Canyon Rd, Tel
 Rite Aid Castaic, 31910 Castaic Rd, Tel 661-2950966

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GBU Mountain News
November 14, 2013 XXXIII

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GBU Mountain News
November 14, 2013 XXXIII

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GBU Mountain News
November 14, 2013 XXXIII

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