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Indicative – Facts and actual situations Subjunctive – Actions that are doubtful, possible, or desirable Imperative – Orders or commands Verb forms: Present Tense Present Participle (happen-ing) ar: -ando er, ir: -iendo Present Progressive – Happening RIGHT NOW – estar + verb (with present participle) Preterite Past Tense INDICATIVE Imperfect –Finished or completed actions –Indicating the beginning or end of a process –Past action with no defined beginning or end –Habitual past actions –Telling time or age in the past Past Participle (happen-ed) Future Tense (also used to express “probably”) Conjugation (ar / er / ir): I You He/She/It We They Can also use: ir – a – infinitive Conditional Tense (would or could) Conjugation (inf. – suffix)


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